Another cool action figure Kickstarter wants you to play with them too

It seems like more and more often, Kickstarter is becoming a hub for exciting new action figure and action figure company concepts, and I have absolutely no problem with that. The retail world is changing, and I like this adaption to that change.

The latest project making the Kickstarter push is a toyline called Lost Protectors from a company called Play With This Too, made up of former Hasbro employees who are going out on their own in a pretty exciting direction.

These figures have some really crazy design aesthetics and stand at the 6″ scale, pulling from science fiction robots, fantasy warriors, and all sorts of other cool themes. With a unique modular construction, you can swap parts around, plus use the great looking head sculpts on other 6″ scale figures. It’s a really cool, unique look.

Sitting at around $65,000, they have a little ways to go to make their goal, and only 10 short days to do it, so if you’re on the fence, toss some support their way and see if you can push them past that limit. Anything we can do to encourage new toy makes to enter the industry is a great thing.

Check them out on Kickstarter now.

Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Kickstarter Final Days

The infamous Four Horsemen first revealed their Mythic Legions figures at last year’s Toy Fair, and early word was that they would be at a 1:18 scale, and I was thrilled. Boss Fight Studio was on the verge of launching their own Virtuvian HACKS Kickstarter campaign, and the thought of integrating two great looking 4″ action figure lines was something I was quite excited about, even if the fantasy and mythology ties were pretty different than the military aesthetic I’ve grown up with.

But when the Mythic Legions Kickstarter launched this year, it was revealed the figures would actually be 6″, not 4″, and my hopes (and interest faded). Interestingly, though, in recent weeks, I’ve become captivated again by Masters of the Universe Classics, so now as this Kickstarter nears its final bell, I’m conflicted about whether or not I should jump in.

To their credit, the Four Horsemen are making the choice even more difficult with recent additions. Asterionn the Minotaur is a spectacular looking figure, and now the Horsemen have revealed they are adding an Ork army to the options here, with 6 ork troopers for only $110! That seems ridiculously tempting, and one can’t help but think how those orks would look mixed in with Masters of the Universe.

With five days left to go, the time to make these decisions is growing narrow, but hit up the Mythic Legions Kickstarter and check out some of these new additions for yourself. If I have to struggle with these choices (especially a month before JoeCon!) so do the rest of you.

Eagle Force Soldier for upcoming Eagle Force resurgence revealed!

The next potential big thing in Kickstarter appears to be Eagle Force, and today we get another exciting reveal from the upcoming toy line.

Over at they have shown off concept art of the Eagle Force Soldier, a good guy troop builder!  Fresh Monkey Fiction promises to have four different army builders available with the new campaign, and if they all look this cool, we could be in for a world of hurt (on our wallets).

With design work by Boss Fight Studio, this new Eagle Force iteration should have a strong fanbase to build from, and actually seems to be hitting a lot of G.I. Joe high notes.

In related news, Fresh Monkey Fiction also posted a panel from an upcoming comic story featuring some back story to Eagle Force’s big return. 

Should make for some interesting storylines to lead off 2015.

Check out the two images below.



Episode 96 of What’s on Joe Mind is now online!

Yes, the recording schedule has been a bit hap hazard, especially with no real news to talk about, but that’s changed over the past few weeks as the news for G.I. Joe has had a resurgence, especially with the 50th Anniversary line being released to retail! We also talk about our favorite Marvel Comics Covers and talk Coil Con.

Not only that, but we talk to Carson of 3D Joes about his exciting 3D Joes Poster Kickstarter Campaign!

Check out our Podbean Page or the embedded player below for the latest episode and the Show Notes are after the jump.

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Eight hours left! Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter – NEW STRETCH GOALS ADDED!

We all asked, and Boss Fight Studio answered!

With just eight short hours to go in this already landmark action figure Kickstarter campaign, the folks from Boss Fight Studio have unleashed three more vicious blows to our wallets! As we blew past the initial top mark of $325,000, four extra stretch goals were added, and as we approach blowing past the final one of those, they have hit us with three more!

That’s right, HACKS fans… we’ve got three more exciting stretch goals – the “Conjured Wraith” at $360K, the “Blood Red Armor” at $375K, and last, but certainly not least, the Underworld Queen at $400K!!

Can we get this thing to $400,000? This amazing Kickstarter event has already broken records for action figure Kickstarters, the only question now is, how far can this go? If you haven’t pledged yet, take this opportunity to jump on board! If you have pledged and want to add glow in the dark skeletons to your pledge, DO IT NOW. Let’s ride this train fast right until the end! Eight hours left. The “All In” pledge can now get over FORTY figures for just over $10 apiece! That is INSANE.

Also, don’t forget to attend the exciting virtual Boss Fight Studio “After Party” tonight on FacebookTwitter, and even in their Kickstarter Comments page. This is going to be a very exciting ride. Check out the images of these latest stretch goals below.

Help fund a new backdrop for the G.I. Joe Convention

If you attended the G.I. Joe Convention in Dallas this year, you likely took a picture in front of the special “explosion” backdrop that was featured there. What folks may not realize is that this backdrop was fully paid for by a devoted G.I. Joe fan, and the reaction it received has encouraged him to try something new and exciting for JoeCon next year!

The only catch? It’s an expensive proposition and he needs your help to fund it.

Ted has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the next Photographic Backdrop for the G.I. Joe Convention! All of the details are on this YoJoe thread, and you can find the Kickstarter campaign right here. He’s not asking for much, so let’s see what we can do to help this get off the ground.


Another cool looking toy product on Kickstarter – BMOG Attacks!

While it’s not strictly G.I. Joe related a fun looking new toy concept has emerged on Kickstarter, and in fairness has been up there for a while, and it has some very cool ties to another Hasbro brand, Transformers.

Some fine collector and designer folks from the online community have created a proof of concept for a new idea called Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts, or BMOG.  These really cool looking collectible toys are essentially weapons that can combine together into creatures in many different fascinating ways.  The really cool thing is that the peg system is based around a 5mm standard that is compatible with many old school toys including Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even Starcom.

They are really close to their funding limit, only needing less than $3,000 more, and just figured I’d spread the word.  Some of the folks behind it have also worked alongside Fun Publications and the G.I. Joe/Transformers Collectors Club.

Anyway, check out the project right here, it looks like a lot of fun, and could use some of our support to push it through to the finish line.  The way the retail toy world works we need to support these independent projects any chance we can get!


Go Go Dynamo launches Kickstarter for awesomely customizable Modibot action figures

I’ve been singing the praises of these guys long before I even heard of “Go Go Dynamo” and I’m more than happy to continue doing so.  Wayne Losey worked alongside Tucker Johnson at Hasbro, helping develop the Sigma 6 action figure line (as well as doing some design elements for the later Direct To Consumer offerings, not to mention the fantastic and terribly unheralded Xevoz toyline from Hasbro).  Eventually they grew into their own firm, Go Go Dynamo.  They first went the Kickstarter route with the Hero Project, but since then, Wayne and Tucker have focused much of their energy on the “Modibot” customizable figure line through BotShop and Shapeways.

I purchased one of these Modibots several months ago, and frankly, I love it.  Anyone who enjoys Xevoz, Stikfas, or just customizing in general will find a lot to love with these things.  Insanely poseable and surprisingly well constructed, there is a wealth of opportunities with the Modibot platform.  With connection points pretty much everywhere on the figure, you can make almost anything your mind can dream of.  There are countless joints as well, offering the most flexibility of any figure I’ve seen, yet they still manage to maintain stiff joints to hold the pose.  Limbs and such are easily swapped out, yet once they hook together, they stay together remarkably well.  There are weapons offerings and many different themes.

So now the Modibot has evolved somewhat from just a Shapeways product to a full blown Kickstarter for production on a larger scale, instead of the build-to-order system they were doing.  This makes me very happy.  They have tons of customization options available, from different colors to different characters and different accessories.  Much less ambitious than the Hero Project, this is toy customizing and building at its most base level, where your imagination is the biggest roadblock to making a cool toy.

Yes, I am a humongous fan of the work these guys do, and for whatever reason I end up loving almost everything they touch, but I’ve had a Modibot in hand, and it is a lot of fun.  I think the opportunities are really endless for folks to mix and match and just make up their own great Modibot universe in their head.  Check out their Kickstarter Page, and I’ve also embedded the video below, and have a gallery of my own Modibot after that.  Retail stores are so filled with licensed stuff right now, I think us toy fans deserve a toy that exists simply for the sake of being a toy.  No media tie-in, no mass market hooplah, just a very fun, very buildable toy with a great design aesthetic.  Let’s support ’em on this!

Only we can help Cobra Commander rebuild Cobra Island

Now, come on… if Veronica Mars can take in $47 million dollars or some ridiculous amount like that, certainly Cobra Commander can get some love from the people of the World?

That’s right, after G.I. Joe’s latest operation destroyed Cobra Island, Cobra Commander is taking a different approach to rebuilding.  No more pyramid schemes….no more ransom demands with weather control devices.  This is straight up crowd-funding.

Cobra Commander has gone to Kickstarter.

I dunno… I think I’m in for about 90 grand.  How about you?  Thanks to Kevin for the heads up!

Legendary Monsters on Kickstarter has some cool G.I. Joe ties

We’ve seen a few action figure projects show up on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, and it always amazes me that some of them have these unique G.I. Joe connections.  The Legendary Monsters campaign is no different.  Richard Broadwater has a long and impressive resume in toy design, working for Hasbro, Mattel, Playmates, and Kenner.  He did some work on G.I. Joe itself a number of years ago.

That’s all well and good, but the really cool thing here, in my opinion, is the actual project he’s got on Kickstarter.  This idea of Legendary Monsters is a very cool one, and the toy sculpting (as well as the articulation) looks quite impressive.  He’s got a bit left to go before hitting his goal, and has a little less than a week to do it, so if you like what you see here, now is the time to help out.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign, and for more information about Legendary Monsters hit