G.I. Joe Resurgence returns with a vengeance

By far one of my favorite customizing events is G.I. Joe: Resurgence, a very elaborate and well thought out group of customs posted to Oreo Builder’s blog as well as elsewhere throughout the Internet.  Billed as a refreshed and new concept G.I. Joe for the next generation, the figures are all at once great homages to the past as well as some really fresh, new ideas.

The third installment of Resurgence kicks off today with three great initial entries, including Croc Master, Swamp Fox, and Underbrush.  A great story is woven together among the customs with some really interesting filecards as well.

Keep following Oreo Builder to see the latest installments, and meanwhile, I’m going to go drool over that awesome Croc Master some more!

Oreobuilder brings the custom lumber for G.I. Joe’s 50th Anniversary

I’ve talked about Oreobuilder’s projects here before, specifically his awesome Battle Corps theme month where he tackled many of the various Battle Corps characters in one month long customization barrage that had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one to show up.

Well, now, appropriately, he is celebrating 2014 with a new month long custom event, this time the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary!

Already 7 figures into it, you can check out his thread over on JoeCustoms.com and see new figures emerging on a regular basis.  He’s already tackled many awesome classic figures, and he shows off the original 12″ versions, too, if only to prove how great an accurate modern 4″ line based off the old school 12″ stuff could be.  I know lots of folks have wished for a modern Adventure Team, but Oreobuilder is showing that some of these tribute figures would work in the old military aesthetic, too.

Really impressive stuff.  Keep watching JoeCustoms.com for each new entry.  I’ve mirrored just a couple of images below.

Looking for custom commissions? I’ve got a guy for you.

I’ve dabbled in customizing myself throughout the years with some mixed success.  I was able to get myself a President Zartan and movie accurate Cobra Commander for my G.I. Joe: Retaliation display, and I’ve filled out some classic/Pursuit of Cobra ranks as well with a Lt. Stone, Barrel Roll, and Sneak Peek.  Nothing mind blowing, and no major sculpting involved, just some part swaps, paint, and the tiniest bit of creativity. (Check out these customs below):

I have nothing but the utmost respect for customizers, and when Luke dropped me a line over on Facebook, offering to make me a commission piece if I’d promote his commission service, I said sure.

Then I saw the commission piece… and immediately requested three more, paying the requisite commission fees without hesitation.  He filled my requests very quickly, had all of the necessary parts on hand already, and was extremely communicative, friendly, and got the work done exceptionally fast.  I was beyond impressed.  He operates out of the UK, but still managed to get me photo samples, get my stamp of approval, and exceeded all of my expectations with the end result.

Commission fees are about 55 pounds, which equals approximately 88 dollars, and when he puts out pretty much one of a kind product (that likely takes him several hours) it feels very worth it to me.  Especially when a small investment completes my G.I. Joe: Renegades team so nicely.  :)

He didn’t ask for any parts for any of these items, he had them all in hand and did some great parts combinations, sculpting, and paint work, making these figures blend quite nicely with the existing Hasbro offerings.  I am a huge G.I. Joe: Renegades nerd and I couldn’t be happier that Luke offered these services and completed them so quickly.

He currently operates out of Facebook, so if you’re on Facebook hit him up with a Friend Request.  If you’re not on Facebook and would like to contact him, let me know and we’ll see if we can set something up.  You will NOT be disappointed in the end result.  I know I wasn’t.

Kick Ass Customs – Oreobuilder’s Dino Hunters!

Ohhh wow.  Too often I feel like G.I. Joe fans do not fully embrace the almost ridiculous nature of the G.I. Joe universe.  I love the real world military element as much as the next guy, but there were some far out concepts in the Joe universe that I thought really gave is some of that kid-based charm.  As collectors many of us shrug that stuff off, which is why I was really excited when I saw the latest JoeCustoms Group Project was for the Dino-Hunters.

With only two figures a part of this Hasbro theme, I loved the idea of expanding the whole Dino-Hunters concept.  Well, last week, JoeCustoms unveiled the Dino-Hunters, and it was good.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a huge turn out this time around, but quality rules over quantity in my mind.  Chief among this idea was the masterful work of Oreobuilder.

He took the whole Dino-Hunter concept and ran with it.  Sooooo cool!

Link Talbot for the win.  And look at that Dino-Viper!  Love it!

Awesome work by Oreobuilder, and by everyone who submitted to this Group Project.  If you’re ever in the need of a custom fix, definitely check out the JoeCustoms Group Projects.  Some very impressive stuff there, and if you go back far enough, you can even see some of my work.  ;)

Kick Ass Customs Update – Project 1990!

I’ve seen many fans lambasting the original G.I. Joe line, and most of their anger is directed towards “the 90’s”.  Invariably, that entire decade gets blamed for the downfall of G.I. Joe, but I’ve often felt like 1990 itself was a fantastic year for G.I. Joe, and almost perfectly exemplified what the fans want.

The figures were all new characters, very cool military colors, tons of original accessories.  Yes, 1990 was awesome.  And amazing customizier extraordinaire “Bad Sociologist” is tackling 1990 head on, with “Project 1990”.

I’m not even that huge a fan of modern figures that perfectly resemble the classics, but holy crap, these just must be seen to be believed.  The original thread is on HissTank.com, check out these amazing mirrored images below.

Holy Crap! Amazing diorama alert!

Yeah, I don’t even think I can really say anything that does justice to this Cobra Command Center of bad-assedness.

Really, it rocks.  There’s blood and everything.

Check it out at customfigurewars.com, and in some of the mirrored images below.  Absolutely insanely cool.  Lots more images available at the site itself:  customfigurewars.com.

Kick Ass Customs – Battleforce: 2000 by Heretic

Who would have thought anything sporting the “Battleforce: 2000” moniker would be considered “kick ass”?  Honestly, even the shameless fanboy that I am, I didn’t find much redeeming about Battleforce: 2000 back in the day.  Well, except for Dodger.  He became a really interesting character after he survived the bombing run that killed the rest of his team, and his figure was definitely the best of the lot, but beyond that, the figures were clunky, the weapons were horrible, and even the face sculpts were doofy looking.  Those plastic empty shell vehicles that formed into the lamest “base” I’d ever seen certainly didn’t help either.

But leave it to a G.I. Joe fan to polish up Battleforce: 2000 and really make it cool.  For whatever reason these designs really did NOT work for me in 1987, but seeing heretics awesome work bringing them to life in the 25th Anniversary format is a totally different story.  These figures look fantastic.  They call back to 1987 perfectly, yet with the larger, somewhat more streamlined figure design these days, they really end up looking better than they did back in the day.  Awesome looking customs and very faithfully represented.

I found these customs on The Terror Drome initially, and you can check out Heretic’s custom page here.

Kick Ass Customs – OreoBuilder’s Robot Rebellion

I don’t think enough fans really appreciate what we had during the “new sculpt” days…as I worked on my Top 15 figures of the past decade feature, I continued to be impressed by the designs we were getting from 2003 – 2006, it was just a bit unfortunate that the sculpting had some proportion and functional issues.  From a pure design standpoint, though, there was some awesome, impressive stuff.

Well, JoeCustoms member OreoBuilder took some of those great designs, as well as some thoughts of what was going to be “Robot Rebellion” (the follow up to Valor Vs. Venom) and produced some absolutely fantastic 25th Anniversary style customs using those designs as inspiration.  Seriously, these figures look SICK.  Quite a departure from your typical look, but amazing looking figures and near production level custom quality.  This is exactly why I’d love to see Hasbro dip into the 2000 – 2006 well when doing some of their 25th and Rise of Cobra style figures.  Even though lots of fans don’t have any attachment to that era, there is lots of great, credible inspiration that can be drawn from there.