Kick Ass Custom and Diorama – NJCC Hazard Tank and Compound Z Lab!

This past weekend the always entertaining NJCC (New Jersey Collectors’ Con) tore up New Jersey, and just like last year, the immortal Kevin Watts provided door prizes in the form of modified HISS Tanks.  This year, they focused on tanks for the 30th Anniversary Hazard Vipers, and they came out very nicely.

But as cool as the HAZARD Tanks are, this is where Kevin really knocked it out of the park.  As part of the show, Kevin build a diorama for the Compound Z Lab.  Using existing G.I. Joe playset parts, he assembled a very professional looking lab that fits the theme perfectly.

Check out the thread on and I’ve also mirrored a few images below.  Kevin does some fantastic work, I’m one of his biggest fans, and I think this is an example of some of the great stuff he can do.  Bad enough his customs are tearing it up, now he’s gotta depress me with his awesome diorama work, too.  Ah, well…

GeneralsJoes Kick Ass Custom – the Return!

Well, we’ll see how long the return is for.  It’s been a long time since I added a kick ass custom to the front page, but I had some time to kill before my training this morning, so I figured I would throw something up here, especially work that is so well deserved.

Over at, member Wry1 has been doing both fan art and customs that have absolutely blown me away.  I’m not sure why I haven’t featured them on the site sooner, but I could hold off no longer.  It’s hard to just pick out one good piece, so I figured I’d just link his latest thread which features his takes on Scarlett, Ripcord, and Rock n Roll.  They are amazing.  If G.I. Joe was real world, current day military, this is what I’d want them to look like.

He goes in better detail over on the site, but for now, I’ve also mirrored a few of the images below.  They’re worth checking out.

Kick Ass Custom – The COBRA Re-Color Project

You know, you really don’t see much in the way of o-ring style customs these days, so when I see them, I take notice.  Over on Facebook, Tom posted a link to the Cobra Re-Color project, which is an ambitious undertaking, essentially creating cohesive design and color schemes for the different Cobra divisions.  It’s a fascinating idea, made only cooler by the execution of it.

You can find the website right here, and I’ve hosted just a few images below.  You don’t really think about what a difference cohesive military color schemes make until you see some of these customs.  Great stuff, thanks to Tom for pointing it out.

GeneralsJoes Kick Ass custom – Jin Saotome’s Heavy B.A.T.

You know, to be honest, I could put nearly every one of Jin’s customs on this page and not feel guilty about it.  Dude does some amazing work.  But once in a great while…  holy wow.

This time he took one of the recently released Iron Man 2 Combat Drones, smashed it together with a 25th Anniversary B.A.T., added some paint and flair, and…again…  holy wow.  Showcased on, this is one nasty version of the Cobra Battle Android Trooper, and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t even like the B.A.T.s all that much.

Check out Jin’s page right here, and some mirrored images below.

GeneralsJoes Kick Ass Custom – Pursuit of Cobra Kamakura

Ya know, I haven’t posted one of these in a while…  I’ve seen plenty of awesome customs around, but just didn’t get a chance to post them up.  But this PoC Kamakura from HissTank member Mythic has prompted me to change that tune.

My recent review of the Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Assault Snake Eyes left me thinking that there were absolutely zero redeeming qualities about that battle-action Snake Eyes figure.  Well, Mythic has proven me completely and totally wrong.  This Kamakura is amazing.

Check it out here and some of the images are mirrored below.

Kick Ass Custom – JBL thinks “Outside the Box”

The guys over at JoeBattleLines recently held a custom contest encouraging folks to think “outside the box”.  The rules were a bit different…folks signed up for the contest, and THEN were told which character they were doing a custom of.  The results were unique to say the least, though every entry was fantastic.

As part of the prize for winning the contest, I promised to feature the first place winner here on GeneralsJoes, and I’m happy to do it.

The winner of the contest is Yoho Joe, with his entry the “Wild West Storm Shadow” and it certainly exemplifies thinking “outside the box”.  Check out the mirrored images below:

To see some more information on this great custom, definitely check out YoHo Joe’s Workshop, and to see all the great “Outside the Box” contest entries, hit up

Kick Ass Custom – Tribute to 1991 Snake Eyes

As a kid the ’91 version of Snake Eyes was one of my favorites.  Sure, he had the cheesy orange weapons, and bright sky blue on his uniform, but I just loved the figure.  And the best part of this custom is that kingphilbert doesn’t translate it to an exact replication of the 1991 version, but the homage is clear.

Paint is awesome, parts choices are awesome.  I just really, really love this figure.

Nice work, kingphilbert!  Found the custom at

Kick Ass Customs – Mysterious Stranger’s Rise of Sigma 6!

This is Mysterious Stranger’s second time in the Kick Ass Customs feature, and I think most folks will understand why this particular project appeals to me so much.  I really love the similarities between Sigma 6 and the Rise of Cobra, and Stranger brings them all together quite well here.  Not only that, but he comes up with a very cool story as well.

For the full skinny, check out his post on JoeBattleLines, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.

GeneralsJoes latest Kick Ass Custom – Peanut Butter and Chocolate!

Two great tastes that taste great together…  Resolute and Sigma 6!  The perfect marraige.

All credit goes to Jsalwen from JoeBattleLines, who stepped up and took to the sewing machine to blend the Sigma 6 universe and the Resolute universe in a way I’ve only dreamed of…and produced this amazing Sigma 6 Resolute Destro!  Check out the thread here, and drool over the hand-sewn greatness below.

Kick ass custom of the week – Custom packaging by BennyBroca

Wow.  Some amazing stuff here.  You don’t always have to work with plastic to get the “kick ass custom” moniker here.  ;)

BennyBroca over on HissTank has posted some very impressive customized box art and package art and really manages to capture the vintage style.  My personal favorite is the customized box for the MASS Device, which has two images I’ve mirrored below.  Definitely check out the thread to see the other pics, though, they’re all awesome.