Project CanvHISS injects art with a G.I. Joe flair

Announced on Facebook a short while ago, the canvHISS Project promised to be a very intriguing experiment by long time collector and G.I. Joe fan Kevin Watts.  Always having a fascination with the HISS Tanks, basing many of his custom vehicles around it, Kevin has now brought it more into the art spectrum.

Working alongside a few collaborators, Kevin presented the first ever demonstration of the CanvHISS Project, which takes the HISS Tank template and uses it to create unique forms of art.  Sometimes that art is a custom vehicle, but sometimes it is something completely different.  John from JoeCustoms submitted a very unique Wizard of Oz project, while Nova presented a fantastic homage to Knight Rider, with a real strobing red headlight.

Your imagination is really your only limit, and the exhibit is quite fascinating.  It premiered at JoeCon, and you can see the gallery below.  The next time this awesome experiment will be debuted will be at New Jersey Collectors’ Convention April 28, 2013.  Check out more details on this great project at the CanvHISS Project Facebook Page, and some images are mirrored below.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 67 is online you FOC’s!

Any episode that features Chuck and Kevin talking about tasteful nudity is bound to be a legendary one, and this episode delivers.  The guys talk to Jim Sorenson, author of the fantastic G.I. Joe Field Manual, and then proceed to put him through a miserable 2 hours of off topic rambling, Gangnam Style free-style rapping, and yes, tasteful nudity.

Jim took it like a champ, and the episode ends up running the gamut, talking about the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Kevin’s excellent Metalhead figure, as well as the G.I. Joe Field Manual and the latest and greatest G.I. Joe news.

Hit up our Podbean page, or listen via the embedded players below.  Don’t forget to check the show notes after the jump.



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From the archives – awesome concept art from unproduced G.I. Joe transport

Kevin Watts has gotten a lot of love from GeneralsJoes, mostly due to his excellent custom work, but not only does Kevin do great customs, but he’s also been a fan of the property and collecting for a long time, and he has a lot of items in his personal collection that have never seen the light of day.  He collects pre-production items, concept art, and has a veritable museum of incredible collectibles.

Thankfully, he has gotten his own website rolling, the 788th Armored Division, and has used it as a platform to showcase a fantastic piece of concept art for a vehicle that has never been released.  Designed apparently as an armored transport, this vehicle looks like it was slated to be released in 1986 and has some shared concepts with the Rolling Thunder, which was released in 1988.

Out of respect for Kevin, I’m not mirroring the images here, but you should definitely check out the 788th Armored Division to see these images.  They are worth your time.

UPDATE – Kevin has kindly given me permission to mirror a few images, so check them out below.  More are available at his site.  Thanks, Kevin!

Kick Ass Custom and Diorama – NJCC Hazard Tank and Compound Z Lab!

This past weekend the always entertaining NJCC (New Jersey Collectors’ Con) tore up New Jersey, and just like last year, the immortal Kevin Watts provided door prizes in the form of modified HISS Tanks.  This year, they focused on tanks for the 30th Anniversary Hazard Vipers, and they came out very nicely.

But as cool as the HAZARD Tanks are, this is where Kevin really knocked it out of the park.  As part of the show, Kevin build a diorama for the Compound Z Lab.  Using existing G.I. Joe playset parts, he assembled a very professional looking lab that fits the theme perfectly.

Check out the thread on and I’ve also mirrored a few images below.  Kevin does some fantastic work, I’m one of his biggest fans, and I think this is an example of some of the great stuff he can do.  Bad enough his customs are tearing it up, now he’s gotta depress me with his awesome diorama work, too.  Ah, well…

Amazing vintage collection that needs to be seen to be believed

I’m not sure how many folks who read this site know of Kevin Watts…he’s a vintage collector who has been around the block for a long time, and has a most impressive vintage collection.  From time to time he’s posted some pictures of his vintage collection, though we haven’t seen any in a while.

Well, Kevin, who posts under KrymsynGardImmoral in various places also moonlights at a fantastic opinion and blog site, and he is taking an opportunity to really give a great showcase of his amazing  vintage collection.  Various links within his latest  blog entry point to several images in various Photobucket accounts which ends up being an exhaustive look.  It’s not just the quantity of the items, it’s the quality of them, the way they’re organized and the mixture of some flawless customs as well.

One of the best collections I’ve seen in my nearly three decades of toy collecting.  I’ve mirrored a few of the images below, but you should definitely check out as well to see all of the links in their entirety.  They are incredible.