Toys “R” Us Exclusive JOErassic Park figures found at retail!

“JOE”rassic Park… ya like that?  Yeah, I gotta give Chuck from What’s on Joe Mind credit for that one.  He claims that was his invention.  If someone saw it somewhere else, it’s not my fault!

According to gijoefrank from the Terror Drome forums, he found these at retail in a Southern California Toys “R” Us and supplied a nice assortment of images as proof as well.  It’s amazing to me that we just heard confirmation of these two days ago and already retail sightings have begun.  Pretty cool.

One step closer to retail release of long thought canceled Jurassic Park G.I. Joe!

With all of those auctions lately and more samples showing up every day, it’s looking more and more likely that the long rumored Jurassic Park toyline featuring many parts from G.I. Joe figures may be one step closer to retail reality.

The next step on this long road is actual packaged pictures of a couple of these offerings, now apparently Toys “R” Us Exclusives celebrating the release of Jurassic Park in 3D.  Courtesy of  DemonCarnotaur from, these packaged images reveal some Jurassic Park figures featuring head sculpts and body tooling that we should all recognize.

Check out the details at and I’ve also mirrored the images below.

Confirmation appears that Hasbro is still working on a Jurassic Park toyline

Over the past several years some pretty cool Jurassic Park toys using G.I. Joe tooling have appeared in the gray market and throughout Asia, indicating to G.I. Joe fans everywhere that some great potential fodder for their collections might be on the horizon.

So the fans waited…and waited…  and waited some more.  Here we are, two years down the line, and with still no Jurassic Park toyline at retail, it almost seemed like these items were destined for the dustbins of history.  Not so fast, my friends.

According to Variety, Hasbro is returning to Jurassic Park to assist Universal in revitalizing the now famous brand.  This news coincides with more auctions and Asian sellers appearing with various G.I. Joe themed Jurassic Park items.  All of this leads one to think that perhaps that G.I. Joe looking Jurassic Park toyline isn’t nearly as dead as we might have thought.

Granted, according to the article, toys won’t be hitting until 2014, so it’s entirely possible something totally new and different might be coming next year, but knowing how much Hasbro likes re-using tooling, I think it’s a safe bet that some of those very cool so-far unproduced Jurassic Park toys may find their way into collector hands.  Check out the full article right here, and for some great intel on the Jurassic Park/G.I. Joe connection, hit up

Latest JoeDeclassified JDSO Podcast is online and fighting dinosaurs!

Without much new merchandise to swoon over, it’s important to get familiar with G.I. Joe’s history as well as some of the cooler offshoots of the G.I. Joe brand, and the latest episode of the JDSO Podcast does that in spades!  We get some awesome insight about the Jurassic Park line that may or may not ever come to pass as well as some great intel about shared parts between G.I. Joe, Stargate, James  Bond Jr, and many other toylines of the 80’s and 90’s.

Also, one of the rarest pieces of the late 90’s comes to light with a great look at the Desert Headquarters exclusive figures that were slated to come out in ’98, but were lost to the “sands of time” so to speak.

Check out the latest episode on the JDSO Podbean page, and make sure you hit to see all the fantastic images to go along with the episode details.  This is one you don’t want to miss!

Mock up packaging reveals HISS Scout vehicle and Jurassic Park AWE Strikers

We’ve heard and seen plenty about the Jurassic Park AWE Strikers in the past months, with no real sign or indication that they will ever see release.  Hasbro in a recent Q & A actually mentioned that the line was canceled.

Canceled or not, we still see some indications that perhaps a release is pending, and the newest indication are some images of packaging mock ups by HissTank member Gyre-Viper.  Along with these Jurassic Park mock ups, we also get a glimpse of the Alpha class HISS Scout vehicle.  We have heard absolutely nothing lately about the release of these vehicles, and it seems pretty curious that we would already see these figures hitting with no word about the vehicles.


Anyway, check out the mirrored images at the HissTank thread, or below.

More awesome Resolute tooling gracing Jurassic Park

A mysterious eBay auction has revealed what appears to be a frankenstein figure using Resolute Roadblock’s body with Duke’s head.  A listing of “JP Gen” in the auction title (not to mention tampos on the figure’s vest itself) seem to indicate that this figure will be a part of the Jurassic Park line, which has already been revealed as using parts from the Resolute Cobra Troopers (as well as AWE Strikers).

Very cool…of course, knowing our luck this awesome figure will come with some super-expensive playset or something.  Time will tell.  Hopefully he’ll be easily accessible, this figure could be a great addition to the Joe team as a new character.

Thanks to JoeMama from for the info.

More detailed images of the upcoming Mech Suits and Jurassic Park

It’s a fairly safe bet these days that if pictures leak out of Asia of some upcoming pre-production items, HissTank member Gyre-Viper will have some more detail in the coming days…and these latest images are no exception.

Gyre-Viper has indeed posted a bevy of new detailed images, over 80 of them to be exact, which I’m mirroring here.

G.I. Joe and Cobra Mech Suits:

These look pretty damn cool.  Of course, the most important question to me is “was the cockpit retooled”.  The old Iron Hammer could fit 3 3/4″ figures, but it was a very tight squeeze, and only worked marginally well.  So, I was hoping there was some new tooling involved with these re-releases.  Well, that certainly appears to be the case.

By carving away the interior cockpit and adding more recessed control arms, there’s now plenty of space for 3 3/4″ (or even the larger new style 4″) figures, which is awesome.  If anyone wants even more detailed pics of the original Iron Hammer, my review is up at Sigma 6 Central, and I also mirrored some images from that below.  This thing is the balls.

Jurassic Park AWE Strikers w/ drivers:

Along with the Mech suits, Gyre-Viper has also posted images of what look to be some upcoming Jurassic Park items using G.I. Joe tooling.  The AWE Strikers are cool enough, with the dinosaur like camouflage, but hot damn…those Firefly/Resolute Trooper figures are absolutely INSANE.  Love the camouflage patterns.  Cool thing is, the green camouflage can make for an awesome jungle look, and even the blue and black mixes in with Cobra’s “Night Watch” color scheme nicely.  Both of these figures will make for some great Cobra troopers, and it only helps that they sport the Resolute gear, too.  Really dig them.

Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suit images – Iron Hammer giddiness ensues!

When it rains, it pours, and today, it’s been pouring a bit…  hot on the heels of the revalation of potential card art for an upcoming G.I. Joe single pack line, The Terror Drome has uncovered some images of upcoming Mech Suits that seem to be slated to hit retail alongside this new line.  I hesitate to continue calling it “Pursuit of Cobra” based on the lack of that moniker on the packaging, but for simplicity sake, I will probably still refer to it by that name.

Now, during JoeCon last year we already saw Hasbro show a slide of the Sigma 6 2.5″ Iron Hammer Mech Suit, so it’s already established that this was a plan for the Pursuit of Cobra line, but now apparently we can expect more than one of these bad boys!  That’s all great news to me…  I’m a totally unabashed and unashamed fan of Sigma 6 in both scales, but I’ve also admitted that the vehicle line would have been MUCH cooler had it been integrated with the more familiar 3 3/4″ scale.  Well, we’re at least kind of getting that wish now, in the form of these very cool looking Iron Hammer mechs.  While I’m not sure how they’ve been modified to fit the larger figures, from a pure size perspective, they fit seamlessly.  Excellent.

While on the topic of image weirdness, we also get to see some new Jurassic Park items (or what appear to be anyway).  I really like what I’m seeing, but at the same time, I feel a bit conflicted.

Obviously Hasbro elected to use some G.I. Joe tooling for these JP items, which is great to see, and the AWE Strikers both look very neat!  But man…why does Jurassic Park get those bad ass Resolute Trooper figures as base troopers, and we all got stuck with the Rise of Cobra stuff for the regular Joe line?  Lord help me, those Jurassic Park figures look pretty sick in those camouflage schemes, and the TRU Firefly base figure is wonderful.  Awesome looking stuff, but I just can’t help but dream of a day where the dozens of Cobra Troopers we got stuck with were all based on the bad ass Resolute tooling rather than the clunky Rise of Cobra stuff.  Ah, well.