Awesome Jungle-Viper article in the latest GIJCC Newsletter

I know there has been a lot of recent discussion about the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter, especially with the announcement of Dial Tone as the 2011 incentive figure.  Well, in my mind, even if many fans weren’t wild about Dial Tone, the newsletter is still a pretty cool commodity, and John Warden is a big reason why.

Warden is the lead designer on the G.I. Joe line these days and has a deep impact on the figures you see on store shelves, and over the past few months, he’s contributed to the newsletter with some fantastic articles about recent figures.  He’s already spoken about the SDCC Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter, the upcoming Wave 3 Snake Eyes, and this month, he talks at great length about the awesome Jungle-Viper.  Some of the insights are fantastic.

He mentions that he came up with the figure in a dream, and immediately sketched the basic idea, and yes, the Cobra Night-Vipers were a very strong influence on the overall design.  The red dots scattered throughout his optical “ghille suit” are actually miniature cameras, which give him a great view around him and “eyes in the back of his head”.

Speaking of eyes, many Joe fans have wondered why Jungle Viper’s eyes are white…according to John Warden, the “…eyes are a ghostly white, a side effect from relying on the optics for sight for months on end.”

Insight like this is awesome, and really makes for an interesting read.  The details I mentioned above are just scratching the surface…there are three whole pages of text and great pre-production images that answer a LOT of fan questions about this character…and it sounds like there is plenty more to come!  If you like what you hear, hit up and join up!  It’s worth it.

GeneralsJoes Reviews PoC Wave 2 Jungle-Viper and Zartan!

Well, the two reviews on Friday left a somewhat bad taste in my mouth, so I gotta wash that out with two of the more stellar figures in the second wave of Pursuit of Cobra.  With these two reviews, the entire 2010 run of Pursuit of Cobra figures has been reviewed, and I’ve only got a pair of Alpha vehicles left to cover.

Actually, now that I think about it, I still have the Wolfhound I need to get posted, too, but I haven’t been able to drive myself to get that one done yet.  We’ll see.

Anyway, to check out the reviews of these two figures, you can hit up the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page or just check out the links below to go direct.

You know, I’m still not sure about that Jungle Viper, but…

I’m starting to get sold.  Just a little.

I haven’t been wild about the Jungle Viper since day one, simply because he’s got so much gear, he seems like he might lack some playability.  But the more I see about him, the more I’m getting converted.  A fan of the site Jack Sparrow only further fanned the flames by sending along some great pictures of Jungle Viper “in the wild”.  This figure is looking cooler and cooler.  We’ll see what I think once I get him in hand.  Check out the images below.

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 hitting US retail. No that is not a typo!

Big thanks to “williamzombie” of for letting folks know that he stumbled upon Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 at his local Target.  The thread report is right here, and he provided pictorial proof, which I’ve mirrored below.

Yeesh!  And here I just made a 300 mile trek two days ago and couldn’t even find wave ONE.

Good to know they’ll be out there for someone, though, I’ll stick to e-tailers.

Great new images of upcoming PoC figures – Jungle Viper!

The Terror Drome has been doing a great job getting samples of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures…with Wave 1 slowly making its way to retail and Wave 2 in the wings, they’ve posted two more albums in Scoop’s Dark Room for the upcoming Jungle Assault “Tornado Kick” Snake Eyes and the much dreamed for “Jungle-Viper”.

I know everyone is in love with that Jungle-Viper…and he’s cool and all, but the pictures that excite me the most are the ones without his clunky wing armor.  While that certainly looks flashy, I like my figures able to be posed and “played with” and versatile, and with all of that plastic mess all over him, I don’t see how that’s possible.  Let’s hope with a little streamlining, he still makes for a cool Cobra jungle trooper.  Check out the links and the mirrored images below.

Cobra Jungle-Viper

Jungle Snake Eyes

Diamond Release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2

Thanks to SNAKE EYES of for revealing the release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 as revealed by Diamond Distribution.  But to me, the best news is this crazy high resolution images provided.  Nice!

Good grief I’m in love with the Pursuit of Cobra.  These are all exceedingly awesome looking figures.  Every freaking one of them.  I do hope Jungle-Viper looks okay without his monstrous backpack suit thing, because I’d love to use him as a more generic Cobra jungle operative…and yes, I understand Snake Eyes has “Tornado Action” and that figure looks pretty wonky, but I love it all, anyway.

Check out the mirrored images below.

The release information is as follows:

Pursuit Of Cobra WAVE 2: The evil schemes of Cobra are thwarted throughout the world by the noble soldiers of G.I. Joe, and their battles can be replayed time and again with the G.I. Joe action figures! Each figure stands 3 3/4″ tall and comes with accessories. Fans can choose from Zartan (Version 2)*, Recondo, Destro (Version 2), Jungle Viper, Snake Eyes (Version 2), Dusty, and many more. Blister card packaging.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE BRAVO VEHICLES WAVE 2: Stage your own battles between the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra with the all-new G.I. Joe Bravo Vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure height! Choose from the Vamp 4×4 with Double Clutch, or the Cobra Fury with Alley Viper.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE ALPHA VEHICLES WAVE 2: Take your Joe and Cobra forces into battle with these 1- and 2-man vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure, each with its own exclusive pilot/driver! Collectors can choose from the A.W.E. Striker, which comes with Nightfox, or the Cobra Ice Cutter, which comes with Snow Serpent.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

New carded Pursuit of Cobra images make a good day even better

So I got my new Droid yesterday…and I’m in love with it.  It’s Friday.  My boss bought coffee this morning.  Could the day get any better?

Turns out, yes, yet it can.  Thanks to The Terror Drome for passing along the word that ACToys forum member zartan扎坦 has posted some carded images of the upcoming second wave of Pursuit of Cobra single-packed figures, and of course, they’re freaking gorgeous.  I love these toys.

Check out the mirrored images below.

Yes, Jungle-Viper is as #@*&! awesome as you thought he would be

The convention has been over for less than a week, but Gyre-Viper over at HissTank has not taken a break.  With a constant flood of images and information over the past few days, he’s keeping the Joe fan busy.

Well, his latest indulgement is the sickness known as Jungle-Viper.  This figure captured everyone’s attention at JoeCon last year, but sometimes the actual product doesn’t live up to expectations.  From the looks of these images, this is not something we have to worry about here.

Wow.  Amazing looking figure.  Simply amazing.

Look at that thing.  Damn.  The Pursuit of Cobra is shaping up to be one bad ass iteration of the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra mythos.  Imagine the mail away Cobra Commander with the heavy weapons Destro, Zartan, and Firefly, flanked by a squad of Jungle Vipers and the Cobra Shock Troopers.  Absolutely SICK.  I cannot WAIT to get my hands on these figures.  Fall and 2011 cannot come soon enough.  Kudos, Hasbro…  kudos.