Okay, so what is going on with G.I. Joe 3?

Okay, now things are getting a little weird.

A few days ago the word spread throughout a Twitter conversation that G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M Chu, who was recently tapped to direct a live action Jem and the Holograms film, was going to do that film first, and push the third G.I. Joe film back.  This news threw G.I. Joe fans for a loop, as news like that does, and suddenly people were certain that the third Joe film was never ever going to happen.

I tried to take a bit more measured approach.

Now, though, on a promotional tour for Hercules, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been asked about the third G.I. Joe film, and through a series of pretty odd questions and answers seems to say they’re waiting for Chu while at the same time still keeping options open for a new director:

Question: Have you guys talked about when another G.I. Joe might happen, because I know Jon Chu’s doing some other things now.

Johnson: Yeah, yeah. Well, the idea is that we would start shooting G.I. Joe in January, in the first quarter of next year. That’s the idea. Look, I love Jon, and I think he did a great job. I get it. He had to go on and do something else. By the way, maybe…

Question: He could still be done by then.

Johnson: Could be, right?


And then later…

Question: So do you guys have a G.I. Joe 3 director yet? Are you still looking?

Johnson: We’re still looking, yeah.

Yeah, I don’t particularly get it either.  The interview happened with IGN.com, and the quotes from Johnson are pretty clear, especially at the end, but the interview itself seems oddly structured.

Anyway, hopefully more news on this as it comes about.  I think it’s quite possible that with Chu taking the helm on Jem that perhaps a new director is being sought for the third Joe film, but I also suspect that  Chu could still be done with Jem and end up back in the driver’s seat.  Whatever happens, I suppose it wouldn’t be a G.I. Joe film without some measure of drama to it, right?

Stay tuned!

G.I. Joe 3 falls behind Jem and the Holograms – script being “perfected”

So when word emerged of the new “Jem and the Holograms” film being developed by G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon Chu (among others), some Joe fans perked up their ears.  Isn’t the third G.I. Joe film underway?  What’s up with that?

Well, Chu had a conversation with good friend of GeneralsJoes Brian Truitt from USA Today, and made some startling revelations that fell under the radar a bit (until /Film picked up on them).

According to Chu, The G.I. Joe 3 script is still getting finalized, so he was able to fit Jem into his schedule.  But that does beg the question, with the length of time it takes to make a film, how “little” a window of time will this be, and how far does it push back the third Joe film?

Already some fans are calling the move catastrophic and saying it’s a clear sign that there is no faith in the third Joe film.  I will be taking a more measured approach myself.  You can check out the Twitter conversation with Brian Truitt below, and I am reaching out to Mr. Chu myself for some hopeful clarification.  I’ll pass on whatever I can get.


The Ten biggest G.I. Joe news stories of 2013

The dichotomy between 2013 and this upcoming new year couldn’t have been more stark than it was when I was researching the Top 10 biggest news stories for the past year.  We went from anticipating a new film, lots of new Hasbro release toys, the emergence of Kre-O, and many other potential new G.I. Joe events from the upcoming year to a year of total uncertainty.

Today marks the beginning of the 50th Anniversary of the G.I. Joe brand, a brand steeped in history and cultural relevance, and it seems to be a real shame that such an event would go mostly ignored by Hasbro, who wouldn’t exist as an entity today without G.I. Joe’s presence throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  A damn shame that nearly four full decades of success relegates a once remarkable brand to the potential dustbins of history and pop culture insignificance.  G.I. Joe as a brand helped build you, Hasbro.  It would be nice if you would at least spend some efforts trying to return the favor.

Rant over.  :)

Click the “Continue Reading” link below to see my list of the Top 10 biggest G.I. Joe news stories of 2013, let’s all cross our fingers that there are enough reasons to be writing up a similar list this time next year!

Continue reading

Jon Chu puts a halt on Duke rumors…and filming begins next year!

As many of us suspected, the rampant rumors of a Channing Tatum “Duke” revival were taken somewhat out of context during an interview with upcoming G.I. Joe 3 director Jon Chu. In speaking with Coming Soon, he elaborates on his comments a bit:

CS: I’ve heard rumors that you’re trying to figure out how to bring Channing Tatum to “G.I. Joe,” which may be tough, considering he’s dead.

Chu: It all gets carried away again. They asked me about Channing and I don’t know. You never know in these movies, and that’s all I said, and suddenly it became “Channing Tatum might be back.” To me, every possibility is open and we’re writing the script right now and we’re figuring everything out. It’s an extremely low possibility when you kill somebody like that, it’s pretty much it, but you never know with “G.I. Joe.” We did that with Storm Shadow, too.

So as we can all see, don’t necessarily anticipate a big Tatum return.

Perhaps the more interesting discussion about G.I. Joe 3, though, revolves around filming for the upcoming motion picture:

CS: Is that something you might be far enough along on that you’ll be shooting next year? Or is it too early to tell?

Chu: I think we’re going to be shooting next year. We’re pretty motivated to get that up.

So, a mere 2 years after filming for the second film we’re going to be immersed in the process of filming G.I. Joe 3? Yeah, I’ll take it!

Check out ComingSoon.com for the full interview.

First little tidbits of info from the G.I. Joe 3 script writer

I’d come across this story a number of days ago, but didn’t really report on it, because it didn’t seem like he was revealing any unusual amount of information, but I’ve seen some other outlets grabbing onto it, so figured I’d talk about it a bit, too.

Screen writer Evan Dougherty spoke with Rama’s Screen quite a while ago, and the conversation naturally turned to the progress of the G.I. Joe 3 script.  Dougherty talks about how the cartoon and comic continuity differ, and how for the third film they are looking to pull some more comic influences.  I’m not sure this comes as much of a surprise, considering Jon Chu has already proclaimed his love for the comic (to the point where he put a 10 minute homage to the Silent Issue in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation) and even spoke about diving into the Cobra Island saga for the third film.

From my perspective, that comic-influenced formula is something that Chu already committed to and the nearly $400 million worldwide take from Retaliation would appear to agree with that philosophy.  Still, it is the first little nugget of news from the third G.I. Joe film, so as fans we’re going to grab it and hold it tight.

Thanks to Rama’s Screen and Comic Book Movie for the intel.


Some peeks into the behind the scenes featurettes from G.I. Joe: Retaliation

As we get closer to the retail release for G.I. Joe: Retaliation (less than a week to go!) more behind the scenes clips are emerging that showcase some of the extra features that are on the Blu-Ray. Keep in mind that these video clips are just excerpts from the special features and there are several more minutes of great stuff on the Blu-Ray itself.

You can see my review of the Blu-Ray right here.

Over on Crave Online, they look at some of the martial arts training that Ray Park and others had to go through in preparation for the movie.

Meanwhile, USA Today has posted a very cool look at the Ninja Mountain battle with some great behind the scenes commentary from director Jon Chu.

These are both some excellent features, giving a great perspective to the development of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and just a small part of the awesome Blu-Ray offering of the film. Check ’em out…I’ve also embedded them below.



Will we be getting a G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Extended Cut” after all?

One of the chief complaints coming after pre-orders were listed for the G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD and Blu-Ray was that while deleted scenes were listed as part of the special features, there was no real indication of a “Director’s Cut”.

Well, an astute GeneralsJoes reader from Germany noticed an interesting entry on Amazon’s German site:

It’s listed with a running time of 123 minutes (where the theatrical release clocked in at 110).

Currently I cannot find evidence of this anywhere on the American Amazon.com site, but I’m crossing my fingers that something will show up soon.  Thanks very much to GeneralsJoes reader Kai for this interesting tidbit!

Jon Chu set to return to helm G.I. Joe 3

Well, that’s the rumor mill buzz, anyway, and considering Chu himself liked the post on Facebook with the comment “Let’s do this” I think we can consider it confirmed.

Deadline reports that Chu will indeed return to helm the third installment of the G.I. Joe film franchise.  Considering all of the obstacles the second film went through, and it still went on to gross over $360 million worldwide, I think this was a great decision by the powers at be at Paramount.  The article also goes on to say that there is a “short list” of four writers and a decision will be made shortly in that regard as well.

Check out the news at Deadline.com, and you can be sure GeneralsJoes will be right on top of this story.

What’s On Joe Mind Special Edition #27 – Retaliation Recap!

Good morning, G.I. Joe fans!

A short while ago, a few of us on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast were fortunate enough to get Dave Tree on our show.  Dave had the distinction of being able to get to a screening of G.I. Joe: Retaliation nearly two weeks before official release, and was right on the show with a terrific report about the film.

Unfortunately, the information was embargoed, so the Podcast couldn’t launch until March 27th.  The special edition went live on that day thanks to the heroic efforts of Gary, but with my work and web schedule I hadn’t had a chance to post an update about it until now.  This was a fantastic special edition with Dave breaking down the film piece-by-piece.


Dave literally goes through the entire film and talks about events in the movie.  So for folks who don’t want spoilers, you’re gonna want to avoid this one.  Still some terrific insight.  Check it out on Podbean, or the embedded players below.



Podcast Powered By Podbean


First off…


We’re not kidding.  If you listen to this and you don’t like spoilers BEFORE you see the movie, then its YOUR fault.  We recorded this a few weeks ago just hours after our man in the UK, Dave Tree, got to see an advance preview of GI Joe Retaliation.  While the details were fresh in his mind, he joined Justin and Gary to give his full, no holds barred report of the film.  You patiently waited THREE years since Rise of Cobra AND on top of that, ANOTHER NINE MONTH delay so they can convert it to 3D.  Now it is OUR time and OUR turn.  Is everything better in 3D?  Find out next, in this monumental and landmark special edition of WOJM!  Oh, and thanks to Jon Chu for the intro!

What’s On Joe Mind and GeneralsJoes London Premiere Coverage

What’s on Joe Mind London Correspondents

HUGE thanks as always to Dave and Russ for their tireless work in covering these events for us!!

Nearly 14 minute Behind the Scenes video for G.I. Joe: Retaliation

This morning brings us even more exciting video from the production of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, this time in the form of a 14 minute long behind the scenes video.  Mingled among this video is plenty of scenes from the film itself.  I would warn against watching this too much for folks who are avoiding spoilers, but for folks like me who are just sucking these things up, it’s a pretty excellent 14 minute experience.

Thanks to chorvacommander of HissTank.com for digging this up.  Check it out on YouTube or embedded below.