2015 Assembly Required November 7th – with a JoeCustoms Customs Class!

For the first time ever this year at Assembly Required, G.I. Joe customizing super site JoeCustoms.com will be having a custom class!  But that’s not all…not only will they be showcasing custom figures and vehicles as well as the skills required to make them, they will also have some exclusive pieces available at the show!  Check out the details below:

“The 5th annual Assembly Required convention November 7th in Des Moines Iowa will also be the site of the FIRST EVER JoeCustoms.com Vehicle Customizing Class! Throughout the day of the show JoeCustoms will be on hand to share their knowledge and guide you through the build of a custom vehicle using paint, kitbashing, and an EXCLUSIVE set of add-on parts produced by http://www.Hypnoshield.com There are a limited number of kits available, so round up your base vehicle now, any variation of the VAMP, VAMP2, or Stinger, vintage or modern will work, and start planning your trip today! Stay tuned for more details in the coming days, head to https://www.facebook.com/CodenameIowa/ for more info on the show and we’ll see you in Des Moines!”

This is an exciting event and Assembly Required has quickly become a highlight G.I. Joe gathering for the year.  Keep watching JoeCustoms and Codename Iowa for the latest details.


JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 2)

Yesterday I kicked off my small part of the JoeCustoms Custom Celebration with a look at Sigma 6 Duke.

The second figure in this Sigma 6 custom project is Snake Eyes

I kept the theme of PoC Beachhead for the torso and upper arms, going with Retaliation Snake Eyes for the forearms and the legs.  Those arms and legs kept the sleek feel for the Sigma Suit, but were more “ninja-like”.  I built his tonfa sword using a Renegades Cobra Trooper nightstick and random katana.

Joining her two male compatriots is Scarlett.


Scarlett provided the most challenge for me, because I couldn’t find a look that really matched her cartoon appearance.  Ultimately I used Agent Helix’s head with the hair from a 25th Anniversary Baroness and two inner thigh pads from the modern figures for her goggles.  Resolute Scarlett made up the torso and legs, though I’ll be honest, I don’t quite recall what the lower arms where.  Perhaps they were Helix as well?  From there it was some creative painting to get the feeling of the Sigma Suit, though I also managed to trace the pattern of the uniform, too.  I ended up pretty happy with this one.

JoeCustoms Custom Celebration – The GeneralsJoes Sigma 6 Project (Day 1)

How’s that for a post title?

Every year the fine folks over at JoeCustoms.com take a week and devote it to a JoeCustoms Custom Celebration.  This year is the landmark ninth year of this event, and it continues to go strong.  I love the folks at JoeCustoms and consider many of them some of my closest friends, so when they asked me to feature a project with them, I could hardly say no.

I’m not what you’d call a prolific customizer, but I get in the mood to do some customs sometimes, and I’ll dive into a project for several weeks in a row.

So was the case with this particular project.

I think most folks know how much of a Sigma 6 fan I am, but even as much as I love that era of G.I. Joe, I also realize the stylistic and scale differences, and sometimes lament the fact that they didn’t integrate with our larger 4” G.I. Joe universe.

With this latest project, I decided to see if I could work around that.

In some ways I tried to stay true to the look and feel of Sigma 6, but I also tried to bring more Pursuit of Cobra elements into it as well.  Essentially a “what if” Sigma 6 8” universe and the Pursuit of Cobra 4” universe slammed into each other kind of thing.

By and large, I’m pleased with the project.  In looking at these images there is a LOT of clean up that has to be done, but I wanted to get these posted for the JoeCustoms Custom Celebration, so here we go.  I’ll be posting the figures all throughout this week.  Some of them will be one a day, sometimes two.

Of course, we’ll start with Duke.

Duke’s inspiration came from the PoC Beachhead torso (which ended up being the crux of my own “Sigma Suit” technology) and the Resolute Duke head sculpt.

I will say one thing I’m not a big fan of with this figure is the vest.  It’s too bulky and doesn’t flow with the rest of the figure, but it does look somewhat consistent with the larger version, I suppose.

It’s also evident the work I did to make up his customized weapon system, and it looks pretty sloppy.  You can see the glue lines and change in texture.  All that being said, he has the look and feel for the character, and I think makes for a good jumping off point.

More to come.

G.I. Joe “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed t-shirt available for pre-order

It’s not an official product, but that doesn’t take away from its awesomeness! Over on JoeCustoms t-shirt maker J_Man (from D & J Toys) has mocked up a fantastic looking G.I. Joe themed “ugly Christmas sweater” t-shirt featuring some familiar looking Real American Hero designs.

Check it out on JoeCustoms.com and not only get yourself a neat shirt, but help support G.I. Joe’s premier customizing community while you’re at it!


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 91 is online!

Yes, the What’s on Joe Mind crew went radio silent for a little while, but now we’ve come roaring back, even if we are missing our trusty producer Gary.

While Gary continues to take a little bit of a break, we spent this issue talking customs with the awesome folks from the JoeCustoms Podcast.  The episode ends up being a very informal kind of “chew the G.I. Joe fat” round table, where we ask some customizing questions, they ask us some questions, and we just hash it all out.  We did take some time for news and mailbag questions, though!

Check out the latest episode on Podbean, or also embedded below.  Show Notes are, as always, after the jump.

Continue reading

JoeCustoms “Custom Celebration VII” takes customs to a whole new level!

Are you a fan of G.I. Joe custom figures?  Do you like making customs or just looking at them?  Regardless of your thoughts on the customizing community and the wonderful product they turn out on a regular basis, you need to hit up JoeCustoms.com and check out their seventh annual Custom Celebration!

Customizer interviews, custom showcases, and nominations for the JCA awards are all hitting the site throughout this week.

Don’t feel left out, go hit up JoeCustoms.com to join in the Custom Celebration!

JoeCustoms.com is ten years old today!

And they’re throwing a party!

JoeCustoms initially entered the online G.I. Joe community as the Bivouac over 10 years ago, but the official movement to “JoeCustoms.com” was 10 years ago and they’ve never looked back.  P-Luv has started a thread over on JoeCustoms to discuss its awesome 10 year history, and probably the coolest part of this whole celebration is a conversation with camper and Beav, two past admins for the site.  Camper was the guy who started the whole thing way back when, and Beav was running the show himself for many years until P-Luv recently took over.

Without a doubt the site that spearheaded the G.I. Joe customizing community this is an awesome look at the past 10 years, plus there are some chances to win some good prizes as well.

Check it out right here!

Kick Ass Customs – Oreobuilder’s Dino Hunters!

Ohhh wow.  Too often I feel like G.I. Joe fans do not fully embrace the almost ridiculous nature of the G.I. Joe universe.  I love the real world military element as much as the next guy, but there were some far out concepts in the Joe universe that I thought really gave is some of that kid-based charm.  As collectors many of us shrug that stuff off, which is why I was really excited when I saw the latest JoeCustoms Group Project was for the Dino-Hunters.

With only two figures a part of this Hasbro theme, I loved the idea of expanding the whole Dino-Hunters concept.  Well, last week, JoeCustoms unveiled the Dino-Hunters, and it was good.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a huge turn out this time around, but quality rules over quantity in my mind.  Chief among this idea was the masterful work of Oreobuilder.

He took the whole Dino-Hunter concept and ran with it.  Sooooo cool!

Link Talbot for the win.  And look at that Dino-Viper!  Love it!

Awesome work by Oreobuilder, and by everyone who submitted to this Group Project.  If you’re ever in the need of a custom fix, definitely check out the JoeCustoms Group Projects.  Some very impressive stuff there, and if you go back far enough, you can even see some of my work.  ;)

JoeCustoms.com Custom Celebration VI is under way!

Every year JoeCustoms.com unveils a special “Custom Celebration” which, as the name indicates, celebrates the ideas and techniques of G.I. Joe customization.  Hot on the heels of Toy Fair 2012, this seems like a great time to explore some of the creativity behind our favorite action figures.

In JoeCustom’s own words:

For those who have never been a part of one of our Custom Celebration, well, you’re in for a a treat. This is a two week event that puts the spotlight completely on customs, customizers and customizing. To do that, we have brought in a collection of contributors to write about various aspects of customizing, collecting, and creativity. In addition, there will be multiple chances for everyone at JoeCustoms to share their unique thoughts and ideas.

So what can you expect to see and read this year? We are going to be flooding the site with brand new “how to” articles and videos. We will be presenting a multitude of interviews with customizers who are an influential part of the hobby. There will be virtual customizing and discussion of collecting in general. All that, plus a ton of surprises. A day can’t handle that many items. Even a week is too small. Only a two week celebration can truly hold all of this excitement! 

What can you do? Join in the fun! Check out the new Custom Celebration forum. Each day will have several new features. You’ll have a chance to comment on each piece in this special forum for the event. In addition, there will be a few special threads with specific topics where you will help determine what is discussed.

If nothing else, we hope that the Custom Celebration gets you excited about customizing again. Has it been a while since you have made a custom figure/vehicle/playset/dioramma? Have you hung out on the site and never made a custom? What are you waiting for? Custom Celebration will give you tons of ideas, tips, and encouragement to tackle that first project.

JoeCustoms is proud to start off your week with Custom Celebration VI – a celebration of customs, customizers and customizing!

Check out the Custom Celebration right here!

JoeCustoms.com 6th annual Custom Celebration February 13th-26th

The JoeCustoms.com Custom Celebration is a two week event where the site is flooded with customizing and collecting content. Past Custom Celebrations have included interviews with the best customizers and influential members of the community, customizing tips and techniques through tutorials in our wiki, in-depth articles about customizing and collecting, forum discussion topics, and diorama and customizing challenges.

JoeCustoms.com is an independently run fan site for G.I. Joe hobbyists, enthusiasts and collectors. The site offers the largest archive of customized GI Joe figures, vehicles and playsets, as well as commentary from the artistic minds behind them. The site is supported by its users – including the artists themselves – who share their thoughts and insights on any number of topics through the site’s forums.

For more information on JoeCustoms.com’s Custom Celebration VI, please feel free to email Contact@joecustoms.com.  The schedule of events will be updated daily.