GeneralsJoes continues the 2016 Con Set reviews with the COBRA ADDERS!

Ah, G.I. Joe and COBRA, they really loved their acronyms.  It seemed like every other vehicle in the A Real American Hero line sported a cool name made up of other words.  Well in that way the COBRA A.D.D.E.R.S. fit right in.  The Aerial Deployment Daredevil Elite Recon Squadron is made up of some great characters and 90s troops, including my personal favorites – the Air Commandos.

Today I’m reviewing all five members of the COBRA A.D.D.E.R. team from the boxed set.  You can check out the review at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or the link below.  I also have done a video review which you can see embedded below.


The Full Force Series 3 Episode 3 – Roll Out Roll Call is HERE!

Only a few short days before Roll Out Roll Call 2016 hits London, and The Full Force Podcast is talking all about it.

Not only that, but the guys talk JoeCon and cover all the latest G.I. Joe and Action Force news and info.  Head on over to the What’s on Joe Mind Podbean page to download the latest episode, or you can listen to the embedded feed below.

Also, make sure to check out the Full Force Facebook Page for all the show notes and goodies from this episode.



What’s on Joe Mind – JoeCon Barrage!

Along with their exclusive interview with Derryl and Mark, the What’s on Joe Mind folks posted a ton of content from JoeCon including several One Shots and of course the live show to wrap up Con this year.

All of the audio has been posted to the Podbean site and can be checked out below.  Hours upon hours of G.I. Joe audio sex!

G.I. Joe Con 2016 Live Panel

G.I. Joe Con 2016 One Shot – Friday Afternoon

G.I. Joe Con 2016 One Shot – Friday Night

G.I. Joe Con 2016 One Shot – Saturday Wrap Up


Official Press Images for newly announced Hasbro G.I. Joe Product

With the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention now over, Hasbro has released some official press images for upcoming product, which provides a nice clear look at how these figures are expected to look once we get them in our greedy little mitts in November.

Check out all these press images below.

GeneralsJoes Coverage of Hasbro Team Panel from GIJoeCon 2016

Derryl DePriest and Mark Weber were onsite at the G.I. Joe Convention in Loveland and ran the Hasbro Team panel, bringing us all the exciting news on product for 2016!

The focus of 2016 will be figures over vehicles, broken down into 2 Packs and 3 Packs.  These will be offered at Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth.  The two packs will be shipped in cases of 10 allowing for evenly packed offerings, so no more short pack figures!  The roster is as follows:

Two Packs

  • Arashikage Duel

Two Pack of carry forward figures for Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes and Renegades Storm Shadow


  • Sinister Allies

What looks to be carry forward versions of the PoC Cobra Viper and 25th Anniversary Iron Grenadier


  • Zombie Patrol

A two pack of carry forward 30th Anniversary Zombie Vipers!


  • Heavy Conflict

A new build for Heavy Duty with Kindle Worlds fan vote Stiletto!


  • Mission Accepted

Duke faces off against a BRAND NEW character in Tombstone.  Hasbro felt strongly that featuring an unmasked Cobra character (and an African American at that) would be a great way to develop the Cobra roster.


Squad Three Packs

  • COBRA Legion

A Cobra B.A.T., new looking Cobra SAW Viper, both led by a female Cobra Officer!  The Cobra Officer will be unmasked and with blonde hair.


  • Special Forces

Dark colored Outback, dark colored Falcon, and the first ever appearance of SHOOTER the mysterious 14th original G.I. Joe member.  Shooter will be based off her appearance in the Devil’s Due comics!

And that’s what we’ve got this year (well, besides the SDCC Convention Set we already know about).  Keep following along, more images from the Hasbro booth are sure to come!

Oh, and so I don’t forget… here’s the final crossword puzzle solution.  Big thanks to Phil at YoJoe for all the pics and thanks to Terry for the live stream!


G.I. Joe Convention Day Three – Here is where it all happens

You wouldn’t know it from the absolute flood of news stories I posted this morning, but Saturday is typically when things really start moving at JoeCon.

The Hasbro Team panel happens today at 11:00am Mountain Time (1:00pm Eastern) and Mark Weber has promised some very cool things to excite G.I. Joe fans.  The Crossword puzzle has been driving us all crazy for a couple of weeks now, it will be awesome to see it filled in right before our eyes.  You can bet even though I couldn’t be in Loveland, I’ll be right here spinning out updates as I can catch them, and greatly looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us for the remainder of 2016.

Then at 3:00pm Mountain time (5:00pm Eastern) the G.I. Joe Collectors Club will be holding their roundtable where they will likely reveal the line up for the very last Figure Subscription Service and perhaps shed some more light on the upcoming Transformers/G.I. Joe 5 Pack.

It’s a bittersweet day, where the news is fast and furious, but you blink a couple of times and it’s all over.  Saturday is no doubt my favorite day at JoeCon with the absolute flurry of activity (plus the after hours events always tend to end strong) and while it will be painful to be watching from the sidelines, I’m excited to see what’s to come.

From the sounds of things, we’ve got some great stuff to look forward to this year, and as G.I. Joe seems to be preparing for the next stage in its eventual evolution, we should all recognize and embrace the greatness of the Real American Hero and marvel at its longevity.  It’s tough to tell what might come next, so hopefully we can take some time to appreciate the three decades of stuff we’ve enjoyed and all the great times we’ve all shared at JoeCon over the years.


G.I. Joe Convention Update – Friday

While package pickup was late last night, the first official day of the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention is today!  Already we’ve seen the parachute drop and panels by Adam Riches and James Kavanaugh, Jr., and some great updates are over at the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook.  Dave Tree’s Action Man panel is hot on their heels.

Hot ticket item for the Con this year appears to be the carded Pythona, which was apparently sold without limits and burned through very quickly in the Club store.

G.I. Joe Con attendees will be getting their first sneak preview at the sales floor today at 2:00pm Mountain time, which includes the Hasbro booth, but don’t be alarmed if there isn’t much to look at there yet.  Generally Hasbro puts out most (if not all) of their new product AFTER their panel, which happens tomorrow morning at 11:00am Mountain time.

It does look like someone got an advanced sneak peek at the Hasbro booth, and so far they’re just showing the SDCC set (priced at $99.99) but as I said, we can anticipate seeing much more than that tomorrow after their panel.

Stay tuned!

G.I. Joe Convention 2016 Attendee and Convention Exclusives (with prices!)

It’s Con Set pick up day!  That means a first look at all of the various Convention exclusives (aside from the boxed set items).  Several different folks on the G.I. Joe Discussion Facebook page have posted images from the pick up line, and the extra exclusives are as follows:

  • G.I. Joe Glider 2 Pack w/ Cloudburst and Skymate ($75.00)
  • COBRA Heli-Viper 3 Pack ($85.00)
  • Sky Patrol JUMP 6 Pack ($55.00)
  • COBRA JUMP 6 Pack ($55.00)
  • Sky Patrol Sky Sweeper ($68.00)
  • COBRA  Hydra w/ Aero-Viper ($85.00)
  • Sky Patrol Skystriker ($160.00)
  • Paradrop Freefall figure (loose $35.00 and carded $45.00)
  • Pythona Carded ($38.00)
  • Free Attendee Air Raid

The Skystriker and Sky Sweeper are in the familiar Sky Patrol metallic colors, while the majority of the other items are reminiscent of their vintage look and feel.  Interestingly the Aero-Viper is very similar to the version released during the Rise of Cobra line, but with some different parts to remove the Neo-Viper-esque ties.  Check out all of the images below.

Welcome to JoeCon 2016!

If there’s any advantage to not making the trip to Loveland this year (and really, this is about the only advantage I can think of) it’s that I can at least try and sit back and offer some coverage of the JoeCon excitement.  With this being only the third Convention I haven’t been able to attend in thirteen years, you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit melancholy and a little unaccustomed to the coverage from this perspective.

Today is Wednesday, which means it’s Golden Ticket pickup!  There will be no special attendee exclusives revealed today, HOWEVER Golden Ticket holders will be getting their Convention Comic, and within the pages of that convention comic should be the details about the rest of the convention exclusives!

Golden Ticket pickup is at 8:30pm mountain time tonight, which should be around 10:30pm eastern.  It’ll be here before you know it.

Check out my post from last year to see how this tends to look, and while we won’t get a specific idea of many of the individual characters or how they look, the list of exclusives will shed some light.

Even though I’m not in Colorado, I do have some “boots on the ground” and will endeavor to get the information relayed as fast as humanly possible…  although I would much rather be in Loveland enjoying my favorite weekend of the year, there are still plenty of exciting things to come over the next several days, I hope you’ll join me in this year’s JoeCon coverage!




G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts JoeCon Schedule

As the arrival of the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention draws nearer (2 weeks away… is it possible?!?) the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has released the schedule of events.  It has an outline of all the panels and when those panels are happening, so mark those times in your appointment book.  As usual, there are some key days/times you should keep in mind:

Wednesday Evening

Golden Ticket holders will be able to pick up their packages Wednesday night, and those packages include the exclusive convention comic!  Within the convention comic is usually a rundown of what attendee exclusives are available, so news will be hitting probably around 9:00pm Mountain time!

Thursday Evening

Package pick up for everyone is Thursday, and the official reveals of all of the convention exclusives will happen then!  Pictures and details of the extra items should start spreading like wildfire tonight.


The Club store opens and the sales floor has its sneak preview starting at 2:00pm Mountain!  It’s not clear whether or not Hasbro will have anything new to show at first, but it sounds like they will reveal their real good stuff on Saturday after their panel.  More on that later.

Friday also has a great assortment of panelists including Adam Riches, James Kavanaugh and Dave Tree talking about IDW, Real American Hero, and Action Man himself.


Obviously the big draw on Saturday is the Hasbro panel at 11:00am Mountain (1:00pm Eastern) where Hasbro will reveal 2016 G.I. Joe items!  That’s right boys and girls, confirmation that we will see some product this year.  This will obviously be a pretty huge draw for fans both at the Convention and sitting at home!  After this panel, they will be putting prototype figures in their display booths, so expect a flurry of fans rushing to get pictures of these toys.  WATCH YOUR COMPUTER SCREENS.

The Kindle Worlds panel is at 2:00pm moderated by Derryl DePriest, with the Collectors Club roundtable happening at 3:00pm (all times Mountain).  The GIJCC round table will no doubt outline what’s left for us to see this year, including FSS 5.0 and perhaps more details on the G.I. Joe/Transformers 5-Pack and perhaps even some surprises.  Always a good panel to pay attention to, and considering it’s the last one (ever!) you won’t want to miss it.

Other great panels with Kirk Bozigian, Larry Hama and Gregg Berger are happening this day as well!


The most bittersweet day at JoeCon where the tired masses are trying to recover from the craziness in the days previous, all while getting ready to leave for the last time.  This will be an emotional day in Loveland, Colorado, but folks have to brave the tears for a few more panels.

JoeDeClassified will do their panel at 10:00am Mountain with the always entertaining Joe Colton during her cosplay panel at 11:00am.  You’ll want to check that out, and see if she’s wearing her “Tequila sunglasses”…

Larry Hama will be doing another panel after that, and then bringing up the rear is no other than What’s on Joe Mind themselves, manning the live broadcast for what is literally the last Fun Pub Convention G.I. Joe panel ever.  Landmark occasion capped off by the WOJM street team.

Obviously if you want to check out the full schedule you can click here, but for folks stuck at home, these are the high level events that you may want to keep your eyes on.