Kick Ass Custom – JBL thinks “Outside the Box”

The guys over at JoeBattleLines recently held a custom contest encouraging folks to think “outside the box”.  The rules were a bit different…folks signed up for the contest, and THEN were told which character they were doing a custom of.  The results were unique to say the least, though every entry was fantastic.

As part of the prize for winning the contest, I promised to feature the first place winner here on GeneralsJoes, and I’m happy to do it.

The winner of the contest is Yoho Joe, with his entry the “Wild West Storm Shadow” and it certainly exemplifies thinking “outside the box”.  Check out the mirrored images below:

To see some more information on this great custom, definitely check out YoHo Joe’s Workshop, and to see all the great “Outside the Box” contest entries, hit up

JoeBattleLines “Outside the Box” Custom Contest! Join now!

There have been plenty of customization contests out there, but the folks over at JoeBattleLines are throwing a few new wrinkles into the equation.

Check out the JBL Forums for the full details on their new “Outside the Box” custom contest!  It looks like a whole lot of fun, with some great prizes, to boot.  Check it out at the links below:

Registration is open until next week.  The winner will be featured on the “Kick Ass Customs” section here at GeneralsJoes as well.

Toy Fair has begun…what to expect from GeneralsJoes tomorrow

So officially Toy Fair begins today, even though Hasbro’s showcase for collectors doesn’t happen until tomorrow afternoon.  However, as of tomorrow around 12:30pm, Hasbro will be having a special event for collectors and fansites, and giving them a show for their upcoming product lines for 2010, including (of course) G.I. Joe.  Yes, I will be in attendance.

Just as an FYI, though, my normal plans for the Toy Fair trip have somewhat fallen through this year, so it’ll be a whirlwind trip down and back, including a few train stops, and about 8 hours worth of driving.

I’m going to make every effort to stop at a Hot Spot in the city to upload pics and get some info out there, but I can’t make any promises.  The timeline is going to be tight.  I will promise, though, that by Sunday afternoon, I should have a heaping helping of pictures, details, and information, and will make every effort to get the Pursuit of Cobra Superpage updated and give you the information you’ve come to expect.  I’m also going to be working with GeneralsJoes friends The Terror Drome, JoeBattleLines, and YoJoe to keep the info flowing as freely as possible.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend!

GeneralsJoes latest Kick Ass Custom – Peanut Butter and Chocolate!

Two great tastes that taste great together…  Resolute and Sigma 6!  The perfect marraige.

All credit goes to Jsalwen from JoeBattleLines, who stepped up and took to the sewing machine to blend the Sigma 6 universe and the Resolute universe in a way I’ve only dreamed of…and produced this amazing Sigma 6 Resolute Destro!  Check out the thread here, and drool over the hand-sewn greatness below.

Some great Hall of Heroes comparison pics at JoeBattleLines

MaxPower over at the JBL forums received his Hall of Heroes figures in the mail, and did a very good comparison/review of the recently released Hall of Heroes single-carded figures.  He breaks them down piece-by-piece and compares them to their equivolent releases already in the Anniversary line.

The in depth thread is here, and images are mirrored below.  Thanks to MaxPower at JBL for the pics!