GeneralsJoes Wraps up the Hall of Heroes Reviews with Zartan and Snake Eyes

It only makes sense that Snake Eyes has pretty much been the backbone of the G.I. Joe mythology for a long time, and that he would bookend the Hall of Heroes assortment.  At the same time it seems somewhat bizarre that this line, supposedly geared so strongly towards collectors, would include two separate figures of a character who collectors claim to be sick of.

Of course, we’re all aware of the strange life of the Hall of Heroes, and how the fan vote was given before we even knew about other figures coming out, and the production cycle takes so long that the coolest figures within the Hall of Heroes had already been released in other formats before they even got their “deluxe” treatment.

But I digress…  check out my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just scope out the links below:

GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes Crimson Guard and Flint

Next in line for the GeneralsJoes review treatment are the Hall of Heroes Crimson Guard and Flint!  Both of these figures feature mostly cosmetic updates, though Flint suffers from the fact that an even better version was released in a different set around the same time.

A recurring theme?  Check out my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below:

GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes B.A.T. and Storm Shadow

The next two Hall of Heroes figures are up to “B.A.T.” for review today!

Initially marketed as coming with the battle damaged head, the original carded release of the Cobra B.A.T. left collectors disappointed, even as impressive a figure as it was.  Well, the Hall of Heroes version goes all out, and even though the Defense of Cobra Island B.A.T. gave us the same package, it’s nice to get it in single pack form.

Storm Shadow?  Well, that’s another story…

Check out the reviews on the 25th Anniversary Review page or directly at the links below:

GeneralsJoes begins reviewing the 25th Anniversary Hall of Heroes

I don’t think I’ve made it much of a secret that some of the ideas behind the 25th Anniversary line were a bit lost on me.  I can understand and appreciate the history of the Real American Hero, but I’ve never  been one to be taken by nostalgia, and often would prefer the Joe line evolve and move on rather than continually look back.

However, I know a lot of fans out there loved the Anniversary stuff, and I feel for those folks who thought it died before its time.  Now that I have an extensive Anniversary collection, I join many fellow fans in wanting to see certain holes filled in the roster.

But I thought the Hall of Heroes was a pretty big missed opportunity in 2009.   Lots of minor repaints, some strange marketing decisions…  the concept was far more noble than the final result.  That being said, in the past 2 years I have received more demand for the Hall of Heroes reviews than I have for pretty much anything else.  So here they are.  All week long I’ll be reviewing two figures from the 10 figure assortment, and I start off today with:

Also, keep checking the 25th Anniversary Review Page as I prepare to begin listing the other 8 figures as well.  Hopefully this will make some folks happy, and also help kick off the GeneralsJoes “Review Recap” period where I’m going to start grabbing some stuff from past years and trying to fill in some of the gaps in my review archive.  I won’t get ’em all, but hopefully some old favorites will finally earn their place in these pages.


High Res Hall of Heroes images at The Terror Drome

HissCommander from has posted some very nice high resolution images from the Hall of Heroes series.  While the figures don’t excite me much due to the repetition of parts use and character over-abundance, I gotta say the packaging is freaking beautiful.  It’s tempting to drop some green on them just for the cards alone…very nice.

Anyway, check out the pictures here.

Some great Hall of Heroes comparison pics at JoeBattleLines

MaxPower over at the JBL forums received his Hall of Heroes figures in the mail, and did a very good comparison/review of the recently released Hall of Heroes single-carded figures.  He breaks them down piece-by-piece and compares them to their equivolent releases already in the Anniversary line.

The in depth thread is here, and images are mirrored below.  Thanks to MaxPower at JBL for the pics! – * Hall of Heroes now in stock, Rare Funskool items *

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