What’s on Joe Mind Episode 99

Honestly, I was feeling okay, I was just tired. My favorite  team had just won the Super Bowl two nights before, but work was hectic and I hadn’t slept a whole lot in a few days, and felt like I really needed to get some rest. So when Gary and Mike offered to have Gary Head sit in for me…well, I agreed pretty quick.

This had happened a few times before. I was grateful that someone like Gary was willing to jump in at the last minute, especially because he’d asked me to be on the JDSO podcast a number of times, and I’d always found some lame excuse why I couldn’t. But the flip side of Gary filling in for me was that we rarely got a chance to record together. That seems especially hard hitting and unfortunate today.

I give Godsoe a lot of credit for sitting through this episode in editing and preparation, I’m sure I couldn’t have done it…I wouldn’t have been strong enough to listen to Goggles’ voice for three hours while deciding where to cut or adjust sound controls. It must have been difficult.

As we lead up to Episode 100, it seems appropriate that the penultimate marathon that brought us here features Gary “Goggles” Head in his last speaking role, and its a testament to his place in the G.I. Joe fandom that he got one last opportunity to voice his opinions before falling forever silent. Meanwhile, I struggle with the fact that I missed being with him on this night, I’m sure it would have been a memorable one.

You can listen to Episode 99 of What’s on Joe Mind, one that’s sure to live on for a long time, over on our Podbean page, or embedded below.

As always, the show notes are after the break.

Rest in Peace, Gary… as painful as it was, it felt good to hear your voice one last time.

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First carded image of Dollar Store Storm Shadow repaint

With the almost infamous Dollar Store G.I. Joe figures only being spotted sporadically throughout the United States at various Dollar General stores, there are a lot of questions about the mysterious repaints that Gyre Viper showed us quite a while ago.  Are these variants of current product?  A second wave?  A Family Dollar exclusive?

Most of these questions we do not know the answers to (but will hopefully find out at JoeCon next week!) but Gyre-Viper has now shared with GeneralsJoes a carded image of the upcoming Storm Shadow repaint.  Obviously taking a page from the T’Ginzu book, this great looking version of Storm Shadow is shown here in packaged form for the first time, revealing that these are being designed and packaged just like the first wave, with no real alterations.

For potential confidentiality reasons, Gyre-Viper will not be sharing the date stamp, or assortment number, considering these are as of yet unreleased items and things could have changed after he got his hands on this sample.  He does mention that the code names are exactly the same, and the back of the card is exactly the same (showing the original paint schemes, not the repaint colors) which seems to indicate that these are indeed variants or running changes, and are not a full fledged second wave of product.

Quite an interesting look at a series of figures that there seems to be more questions than answers about.  I really look forward to talking to Hasbro next week to see if we can get more details.

Speaking of Gyre-Viper and the Convention next week, if you’re going to be in New Orleans make sure you check out the Joe Declassified booth!  If you love unreleased product, pre-production product and just finding out some great hidden details about the entire history of G.I. Joe you won’t find a better place to do that than at the DeClassified booth.  With some awesome figures on display and some genuine fans of the hobby manning the booth it will be a fantastic opportunity to see some cool toys and talk to some cool people.

All of the information about the DeClass booth can be found right here on JoeDeClassified.com.

Make sure you check it out!  Hopefully I’ll see you in New Orleans.


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 56 is online now

Did you ever want to go back in time?  Back to the simpler times…  back to the times before we found out G.I. Joe: Retaliation was delayed for nine months?

Now you can!  Hot on the heels of the biggest G.I. Joe story in years, we give you Episode 56 of What’s on Joe Mind where we discuss none of it!  In our defense, we have valid reasons for that, considering we recorded it before the news hit.  Regardless, there were still plenty of great things to discuss this episode, as we bring on Gary “Gyre-Viper” Head from the JoeDeclassified SpecOps Podcast to talk a little bit about the JoeDeClassified project and what convention attendees might expect to see at the booth.

Arune Singh from Marvel Comics joins us as well as we continue our pushed towards JoeCon and G.I. Joe: Retaliation… err… crap.  As always, hit up our Podbean Page, or just check out the embedded player below.  Show Notes as usual are after the jump.



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JoeDeClassified continues the barrage with the Mighty KWINN!

Yes, he is not a myth.  He is not a fairy tale.  Finally after almost 30 years, the engimatic Eskimo known only as Kwinn is finally on the precipice of release…and you can get your first look at in house pictures right now over on JoeDeclassified.com!

It seemed to take forever for Kwinn to finally get his plastic due in his most familiar jungle khaki look, but when he debuted a JoeCon last year it seemed to be worth the wait.  He was friggen perfect.  Then, suddenly he wasn’t.  Delays.  Nobody was entirely sure how or when the figure would see release.  There were rampant rumors of convention exclusives and even *gasp* cancellation.

Well, there is still no concrete word about the fate of Kwinn the Eskimo, but evidently the figure is in some stage of production, because Gyre-Viper has got some test shots, baby, and he’s posted them RIGHT HERE.  I am mirroring all of these images below because Kwinn deserves all the attention he gets.  A day like today I absolutely love the irony…on a day where we’re all waiting with baited breath to see the 21st Century iteration of G.I. Joe in trailer form, a dated 25 year old legend gets his time in the spotlight.

It is as it should be.  Hopefully we’ll all be able to get him at retail sooner rather than later, but until then, live vicariously through Gyre-Viper.

Some mysterious G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures still to come?

Wait, what?

Over on JoeDeclassified, Gyre-Viper has blown the lid off of some potential upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures!  But these aren’t your typical Retaliation figures, boys and girls…these have a very strong vintage feel and some awesome looking old school deco’s!  Are these some sort of exclusive?  Just some random love letter to the fans?

I’m not sure, but whatever they are, they are incredible.

Some of the images are mirrored below, but you absolutely must hit up JoeDeClassified.com to see the full details and all of these incredible images.


Follow Gyre Viper on Twitter for some great RAH and modern intel

Over the past few years, Gyre-Viper has become pretty well known throughout the community mostly for his early modern samples that he gets his hands on and then showcases for the rest of us.  However, one thing he hasn’t been getting much credit for lately is his ability to dig out some awesome stuff from the past.

Everyone’s work on the excellent JoeDeclassified Spec Ops podcast has brought some of those age old mysteries back to the forefront.  Meanwhile, Gyre-Viper has also been posting some great tidbits via his Twitter account.  Just this week we got some great pictures of concept art for Chuckles as well as a great inter-office communication which reveals that perhaps the Special Missions Brazil set in 1986 changed somewhere along the way.  It’s all good stuff, and I’m certain we’re going to get even more good stuff out of upcoming episode of JDSO.

Check out some of the mirrored images below, and follow Gyre-Viper on Twitter to see more of the great behind-the-scenes intel.  I promise more stuff is coming, and from what I hear, a question that’s been on fans’ minds for the past 25 years will be answered on an upcoming episode.  Can’t beat it.

Get ready for the JoeDeclassified Podcast with some old school concept art

While many folks look to Gyre-Viper because of his ability to track items down in China for upcoming new product, one of the best things about what he’s done for the fandom in my opinion is his ability to get access to the old school Real American Hero stuff.

As he prepares to launch the JoeDeclassified podcast, he shares some awesome concept art with me that has never been seen before.

No idea what these are or where they come from, but big thanks to Gyre Viper for sharing this awesome peek into the 80’s or 90’s with us!  Check out the mirrored images below.

Whats on Joe Mind Episode 14 now online

Well, the HasbroToyShop fiasco is behind us, SDCC has come and gone, and the guys from What’s on Joe Mind reflect on the weekend of apparent non-activity in their own unique way.  We also take some time to speak with Gary “Gyre-Viper” Head about our close knit community,  run through a great SK Omega update in preparation for next week’s interview, and have a G.I. Joe party for 2 hours.

Size doesn’t matter?  Ridiculous!  Check out the episode at Podbean.com, subscribe via iTunes, or listen via the embedded player below:

More polished Zarana samples on JoeDeclassified

I think most of us saw Gyre Viper’s Zarana samples from a few weeks ago, and I think we all thought they looked pretty good.  Well, he got his hands on some slightly more finished samples (on card at that!) and they look just that little bit better.

Instead of glossy, the figures look a bit more flat, and the normal release Zarana lacks the eye make up that was bugging folks.  Though she does still have the multi-colored hair.  He posted the images up on JoeDeclassified, and I’ve got ’em mirrored below as well:

Gyre Viper launches onslaught of Skystriker Images!

Without a doubt one of the most hotly anticipated releases in recent memory is the upcoming Skystriker.  And, as we should come to expect, Gyre-Viper got his hands on one and has posted a plethora of images over on JoeDeclassified.com.

Being the kind of guy he is, he’s also let me mirror them here on GeneralsJoes.  And let me just say…  ROCK.

Yeah, this thing looks impressive.  It’s got the size and the scale of the original, but with a healthy dose of retooled parts.  That cockpit looks freaking awesome with all of the updated controls, and I love the fact that we’re getting the black tailfins like the Sunbow model.

And maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m in love with that Ace, too!  I’m a big fan of the Skydive tooling, and with that vest and awesome helmet?  Great looking figure.  This will be a set to get your hands on.  Check out the JoeDeclassified thread here, and the images hosted below.