So Toys “R” Us has this computer listing for a Spec Ops Tomahawk and…wait…WHAT?

That was kind of my reaction when this news floated across the Internet this morning, courtesy of HissTank member Master Chief.  His eagle eyes dug into some SKU listings of G.I. Joe product, which I am mirroring below:

 786245 Movie 3.75″ figures $9.99
788551 Movie Delta Vehicle $21.99
786216 Ninja Showdown Set $24.99
786253 Ninja Mask $9.99
786274 Movie Alpha Vehicle $13.99
788535 Blade of Justice $16.99
788640 10″ Kata Battler $21.99
788713 Movie Bravo Vehicle $15.99
788772 Snake Eyes Ninja Set $27.99
788802 Battle Kata Weapon $15.99
863851 Ninja Chucks $9.99
867591 Ninja Command Blaster $29.99

828516 Micro Force Blind Bag $3.99
828613 Micro Force Starter Set $7.99

Now for the interesting items (all are Hasbro items):
655875 Ninja Army Special Ops $3.99
913370 Special Ops Starter Pack $4.99
835442 Special Ops Vehicles $24.99
913230 Special Ops Tomahawk $42.99

As Master Chief says, a lot of this is stuff that we already know, but what is this “Special Ops” stuff?  Sure, it’s the name of the online Facebook game, but I’m not sure that particular corner of the G.I. Joe marketing bracket has really been lucrative enough to garner it’s own branch of toys.

Based on price point above it almost seems like some of these pieces are gaming related.  They don’t appear to be Micro Force, since there’s a separate listing above for Micro Force already.  A low price point on the Ninja Army and the Starter Pack is very interesting…  although perhaps the Starter Pack and the Starter Set could be considered different?

Of course what’s drawing the most attention (as it should) is that listing for a Special Ops Tomahawk.  That certainly sent the G.I. Joe world on its ear today, understandably so.  The Joe design team has mentioned a few times that another classic vehicle was being planned for this year, similarly to the Skystriker, but I’m not sure anyone would have guessed the Tomahawk was a possible subject.  I know I wouldn’t have.  The tooling and expense required for a vehicle like that doesn’t seem feasible under a reasonable MSRP.  But, really, we’ve seen G.I. Joe reuse names a ton over the years…this could be something entirely unrelated.

Regardless of what it is, things are certainly looking a little more exciting for Toy Fair next week.  You can bet I’ll be in attendance to get all of the pics and information that I can!

Thanks again to Master Chief on HissTank for sparking this interesting speculation!

G.I. Joe: Special Ops Open BETA now on

I’m not 100% sure if it’s totally Facebook-free, but the SyFy game, G.I. Joe: Special Ops is now being hosted on  It is still the Open BETA, but the game has been updated and upgraded, and you no longer have to hit up Facebook to get at it.

Check it out over on and let’s hope they’ve fixed some of the lag and bugginess of previous versions of the Beta.

Trailer online for G.I. Joe: Special Ops online and Facebook game

During the Hasbro presentation at GIJoeCon this past weekend we were treated to a special trailer for the upcoming online game G.I. Joe: Special Ops!  Over on their Facebook page, SyFy Games did the same thing so the rest of you guys can check it out as well.

Hit up G.I. Joe: Special Ops on Facebook, or take a peek at the embedded video below.

G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game Beta is LIVE!

Yes, that’s right, folks!  We have an online G.I. Joe game to play.

Just on a whim, I hit up the G.I. Joe: Special Ops site this morning and clicked “Play Beta” and guess what?

The game started, that’s what!  It loaded up through Facebook, so I’m not sure if the non-Facebook version is available yet or not, but it looks like at least for Facebook users, you can try out the Beta of G.I. Joe: Special Ops RIGHT NOW.

Keep in mind, a Beta version of the game will potentially have some technical glitches, so don’t think this is the finished version.  Go out there and kick the tires, though.

Stop reading, and hit it up!

On the plus side… SyFy game G.I. Joe: Special Ops still posting updates

I’ve heard some folks ask out loud that if G.I. Joe: Retaliation was being pushed back until next March, what did that mean for the G.I. Joe: Special Ops game that has been announced to launch in June?

Apparently things are still on track over at as they have just posted another update, this time featuring legendary G.I. Joe and Cobra stalwarts Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!  Once again, fans of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra will be thrilled as this version of Snake Eyes looks to be ripped right from the store pegs and Storm Shadow is chock full of classicy goodness as well.

Check out the latest images below, and keep watching for the latest intel.

Lady Jaye and Cobra Viper added to G.I. Joe Special Ops roster

Quickly becoming one of my favorite things to check up on, the G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game has added two more familiar faces to the roster today with Lady Jaye and the Cobra Viper.  Taking elements from various continuities, G.I. Joe: Special Ops seems like it’s trying to sample the best from everything.  Lady Jaye wears a tactical vest and is an established hard ass, yet she totes around javelins, and wears her hair long sort of like Adrianne Palicki.

The Cobra Viper looks a lot like the Viper we all know and love, but with a distinctly Sideshow Collectibles twist.  Thjey seem to be bringing a lot of very cool elements together. Now we just have to see how the game plays!  Check out the SyFy G.I. Joe: Special Ops website, and also check out the mirrored images below.

More awesome roster additions to the G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game!

Woooah, buddy!  Just doing some random checking today, and what do I see?  The SyFy website for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game has updated with some incredibly cool new character art!

Some big names have been added to the rosters including Cobra Commander, Serpentor, Scarlett, and Sci-Fi!  I love that we’re getting a decidedly IDW flavor for both Cobra Commander and Serpentor, with Sci-Fi obviously having his very cool 30th Anniversary elements included.  Great, great looking stuff.

Check out the ever growing Special Ops gallery below for all of the great character art to date, including today’s additions!  I’m getting very fired up for this game to hit.

G.I. Joe: Special Ops website updates with new characters and gear!

As if G.I. Joe: Retaliation wasn’t enough, we’ve got the upcoming social media G.I. Joe: Special Ops online game that is looking more out of this world with every reveal!  Today we’re introduced to the Special Ops version of Roadblock, Lifeline, Buzzer, Dr. Mindbender, the Cobra Stun and G.I. Joe: Wolverine, and things are looking awesome.  Very much a vintage aesthetic, with some neat 30th Anniversary twists.

Lifeline is clearly based on the way the 30th Anniversary figure looks, with those unique differences from the classic version.  Roadblock, on the other hand, is looking like his old school Tiger Force version.  Pretty awesome.

Check out the latest details at the Special Ops website on, and I’ve mirrored some nice images below.  I mean, doesn’t it seem like we’ve been waiting for some kind of game like this forever?  When have we gotten such character and vehicle-accurate renders for any kind of video game?  I’m getting pretty excited to check this out, just in case you couldn’t tell.  I’ve mirrored darn near every image we’ve seen so far, check out the most recent ones on the end.

SyFy and Facebook sites are live for G.I. Joe: Special Ops

Maybe these went up yesterday along with the story by USA Today, but somehow I missed it?  Either that, or they just went live today and WOW!!  Spectactular.  If the concept art is any indication whatsoever of the kind of character design we’ll be getting, this game may already have knocked aside Avengers Alliance as my current addiction.

You can hit up the SyFy site and the Facebook Page to check out a wealth of concept art, and even sign up to play the Beta when it becomes available.  So cool!  Check out some mirrored images below from the SyFy gallery.

Guys.  TRUBBLE BUBBLES.  Low Light.  AGH!!

This looks SO COOL.  If this is truly a tactics game along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics, or G.I. Joe: Renegades Tactics, then I will be so in love with this.  Very cool.

Facebook and SyFy team up for G.I. Joe themed Social Media game

Oh shoot.  As if Avengers Alliance hasn’t been consuming enough of my life over the past month or so, it looks like there will be another social media game to add to my repertoire.

Big thanks as usual go out to GeneralsJoes friend and geek media expert Brian Truitt from USA Today who dives into the story of SyFy and Facebook teaming up for a new social media G.I. Joe game entitled G.I. Joe: Special Ops.  Man, does this sound like it has some serious potential.

You can read the full story over at USA Today, but let me cover some of the high points here:

  • An arena based game in an enclosed battlefield where you pick a squad of Joes or Cobras to do battle with
  • Character choices include Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Snake Eyes, Flint, Duke, and Firefly
  • Designs for the characters will be pulled from all different era’s of G.I. Joe history, including a very Resolute themed Destro (ummm AWESOMMME).
  • Release will be timed for the June 29th launch of G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Lots of classic themes for the older fans, but some new twists for the younger set as well

What made me smile the most about this whole story was this quote involving some dialogue with Derryl DePriest:

“The first Joe member DePriest is enlisting on his Special Opsteam? Stalker.

“I haven’t made sure he’s there in the first set, but now that you mention it, I’ll walk over to the team and make sure he’s in there so I can play with him up front!” he says.”

So yeah, Stalker.  Holy crap, this sounds like it has some potential.  I can feel some real elements here from the very cool G.I. Joe: Renegades turn-based game that was launched on The Hub’s site so long ago, and this feels like elements from Final Fantasy Tactics as well, which is a game I absolutely loved.  This could be very cool, but very bad for my at-work productivity.

The guys behind Avengers Alliance better get those next 4 chapters finished and uploaded before June 29th, before my attention gets diverted!!  Huge props again to Brian Truitt at USA Today.  I’ve mirrored some concept art included in the article below, but definitely check out the article itself for the full details.