Fwooshcast Year in Review Podcast features What’s on Joe Mind flavor!

Yes, we’re two weeks into 2012 and the “Best Of” 2011 lists are still going strong!  The latest one is courtesy of the Fwooshcast, a personal favorite podcast of mine, mostly because of one of the hosts Craig, who I have known for years, and who guest hosted on What’s on Joe Mind for a number of weeks.

So obviously, when he asked us to submit something for their 2011 “Year in Review” episode, we didn’t hesitate to comply.

Check out the latest episode of the Fwooshcast right here!

More cool G.I. Joe artwork at CG Hub

A few days ago, thanks to Greg and notpicard, I shared some Rise of Cobra concept art via CG Hub…well, again, thanks to notpicard, who dug a little deeper, we’ve found some other G.I. Joe related artwork from various sources.

Stuff from the 25th Anniversary, G.I. Joe: Resolute, and the Pursuit of Cobra.  Pretty neat stuff here.  The users are Wesley Burt and Jarreau Wimberly, and they have some very cool art posted apparently used for Hasbro product.

Keep in mind a lot of the art there is just fan art, but there are some things certainly done for Hasbro proper.  Check out the mirrored images below.

Confirmed – GIJCC Cobra Commander will have the mailer box and letter

We weren’t 100% certain on this fact, but the Facebook Page for the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has confirmed that their version of the canceled mail away Cobra Commander will indeed come shipped with his original mailer box and the letter from General Hawk!

Check out their post on Facebook, and don’t forget to swing by the G.I. Joe Club store to pre-order the figure!

SMALLJOES.com – * GI JOE: Pursuit of Cobra + Lanard rarities *

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Hi folks, another short newsletter for you while we await the arrival
of the GI JOE: Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 items.  It looks like the Bravo
vehicles have already started shipping from Hasbro’s warehouse so
we may expect those in about 7-10 days.  Get your orders in!

Sometime after August 4th it appears that we erroneously removed the
wave 2 figure sets of 6 pre-order from the site.  The pre-order has
been added back to the site so those of you wanting the set of 6 can
now get it at $46.99.


GI JOE: Resolute 7-figure sets are now in stock.  $69.99 for both sets
ordered together.


The latest GI JOE comics are always in stock!  Recently added are
GI JOE #21 and Larry Hama’s GI JOE: A Real American Hero #157.  Lastly,
don’t miss Hearts and Minds #3 featuring the Interrogator and Deep Six.


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GeneralsJoes reviews the Pursuit of Cobra Alley-Viper

I made my displeasure known that I was not able to get my hands on a PoC Alley-Viper during that short window that pre-orders were actually open at HasbroToyShop and BigBadToyStore, and my buddy Gyre-Viper was listening.  Not a couple of weeks later, a crispy new packaged Alley-Viper was waiting in my mailbox.  After having a somewhat crappy summer vacation, this was the perfect pick-me-up, and I figured it was a perfect way to kick off the GeneralsJoes July Review-A-Rama!

A big thanks as always to Gyre-Viper who helps support the Joe brand, and is an even better buddy than he is a Joe fan.  Thanks, man.

Check out the slightly revamped Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just hit up the review itself right here.

Another flurry of Pursuit of Cobra images – PoC Beachhead

Taking no break since JoeCon, Gyre-Viper continues his Pursuit of Cobra onslaught, this time paying some attention to the incredible Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead.  Even as an unpainted test shot, the detail is amazing, and the accessories are simply mind-blowing.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this excellent looking figure.  Check out the mirrored images below.

JoeCon 2010 Recap – Friday (2010 Product Reveal)

To many folks the Friday product reveal was fairly unexciting, and didn’t show much new information that we had not seen before.  We did get confirmation that Ashiko with the motorcycle armor and the HISS Scout were still in the pipeline, only now slated to come out in early 2011.

Also, eagle eyed viewers caught a nice glimpse of the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit in the Jungle Diorama that Hasbro had on the Convention floor on Friday.  The awesome thing about these dioramas is that these are the actual dioramas that Hasbro used to take pictures for the package backs for the Pursuit of Cobra figures!

But, even though the true fun would be shown on Saturday, there was some very nice product on hand that made for some great images.  I think in this particular case, pictures speak louder than words.  Click the “Read the rest of this entry link” below to check out all the pics!

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Great Googly Moogly! Upcoming Pursuit of Cobra vehicles will blow your mind!

You know, I just got my G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter in the mail and was going to sit down and lavish some praise upon the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra HISS Tank, while at the same time lamenting the fact that I can’t show images for copyright purposes…and then the already immortal Gyre-Viper over at HissTank.com goes and not only blasts a ton of HISS pics, but also got his mitts on something nobody has laid eyes on before!  It looks to be a Bravo sized miltary type Jeep for the G.I. Joe side, quite possibly to go up against the HISS in the initial wave of Bravo vehicles for the Pursuit of Cobra line.

When I saw these images, two words came immediately to mind, but I try and keep my site somewhat family friendly, so I won’t repeat them here.  Needless to say, I’m impressed.  Back when this new blog format site fired up, I opined that there could be some really great stuff coming on the vehicle front for G.I. Joe…and while my math was a little bit off, I’m pleased to see that what I hypothosized is finally coming to pass.  From first glance, you can immediately see the strong influence of the Sigma 6 2.5″ vehicle “style” only finally done up in the crowd-pleasing 3 3/4″ scale.  The modular weapons, the sleek, aerodynamic armor plating, the intricate pseudo-futuristic detailing.  These are vehicles worthy of the G.I. Joe name, and for a guy who’s not really into vehicles all that much, I am giddy looking at these images.  Good Lord these look cool.  Many images are mirrored below.

Also, a few notes about the HISS, courtesy of the always informative G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter:

  • There are three modes, high-speed, stealth, and moving turret attack mode
  • Pressing a button will cause the HISS to “spring up” like a cobra
  • Moving treads and the top cannon rotates 360 degrees
  • Handgrips under the chassis for Joes to grab onto (inspired by the Pyramid of Darkness cartoon)
  • Two opening cockpits, one in front and one that flips down in the back
  • Cockpit is opaque, not clear, HISS driver uses cameras to see
  • Both cannons rotate independently, but also have a feature that spins them both simultaneously
  • Customizable sticker sheets to create a fleet of HISS Tanks with unique identifiers

There is also some terrific concept art and design images, but you’ll have to get your hands on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter for that.  To join the club, click here!

First news leak on upcoming G.I. Joe Animated Series

With credit to Steevey Maximus over on HissTank.com who reports that a Transformers podcast Moonbase2 spoke with legendary voice actor Michael Bell and asked him about upcoming audition work.  To my pleasant surprise, Mr. Bell responded that he had actually auditioned for the role of General Hawk in an upcoming G.I. Joe animated series!

Slated to run for twenty-six episodes, the series appears to be in the very early stages, and will possibly air late next year to correspond with the Pursuit of Cobra.  No other details are known as of yet, but you can bet that I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

For folks who aren’t aware, Michael Bell played Duke in the original Sunbow animated series.

Pursuit of Cobra Snow Job images online

A lot of various Pursuit of Cobra figures have started trickling out, but perhaps the one that has slipped most under the radar is Snow Job.  Whether it’s due to the somewhat generic arctic look of the figure, or whether he’s just not quite as exciting as others like Zartan or Ripcord, I’m not sure, but for whatever reason, he hasn’t seen as much focus.

Well, Terror Drome member Outbackk bucks that trend and has posted some very nice images of the figure, as well as revealing the fact that the goggles and hat are not removable.  A pity.  This figure is really cool, and his accessories are absolutely amazing, but in a way, I can see why folks aren’t quite so excited about him.  On the surface he’s very much like the Rise of Cobra Arctic Snake Eyes…  but those ski’s and that sniper rifle almost sell me on their own.  Check out the images for yourself.