GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s G.I. Joe: Cobra Annual 2012

Many of us really saw it coming throughout the Cobra Civil War that Krake was destined to be the new Cobra Commander, but I still thought it was a very fun ride getting to the end result. But I think most folks were complaining a bit that we didn’t really know Krake’s history and what makes him tick.

No longer. The entirety of the 2012 G.I. Joe: Cobra annual is devoted to the backstory of Cobra agent Krake and how he becomes who he is. I was approaching the issue with some hesitation, just because I wasn’t entirely sure how much I cared. Turns out I did care.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra #8

What a great Wednesday for comics!  Not only did we get G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #173, but we also got the latest issue of Cobra, too, which was great.  Issue #7 had some dramatic events trying to close off the Cobra Civil War, and #8 takes it in a whole new direction.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s Cobra #7

A little behind the times with this review, and I was just going to let it slide, but upon a couple of re-reads, I felt like this particular issue deserved some attention.  The Cobra title has been so excellent from day one, and I remain surprised that it keeps up the very high caliber of story telling, even with an almost ever-changing cast of characters.

Costa does impressive work on a monthly basis, and I wanted to make sure to open folks’ eyes to that, even if it is a few weeks late.  Click the read the rest of this story link below to check out the full review.

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IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for January, 2012

January is always a great month to be a Joe comics fan, just because it seems like IDW always kicks things up a notch at the beginning of each new year.  This past year it was Infestation, followed up by the Cobra Civil War, and it looks like starting in January the new Cobra Commander will be kicking off 2012 with a bang.

Once again it looks like big things are in store for the IDW G.I. Joe universe, so click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the full Solicitation details.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra 5

If anyone really thought that recent issues had diverged a bit from the core of what made G.I. Joe: Cobra great, they get a firm reintroduction with this issue, in my opinion.  Now I will warn folks, where I avoided spoilers in the review for Issue #4, I tackle them in spades here, just because I cannot tell the tale of this issue without revealing some things.

Issue #4 put some great things in motion, but issue #5 takes that ball and really runs with it, picking up the pace, introducing some new players, and continuing to evolve the nature of the G.I. Joe mythology.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: Cobra 4

Hey, folks, it’s a two for one!

I honestly can’t quite remember the release schedule for these two issues…but I figured since I was on a review roll for IDW, I’d play a little “catch up” with the G.I. Joe: Cobra title, since these two issues in particular almost necessitate reading back to back.

Over the past few years, IDW’s Cobra series has been a landmark title.  It’s funny really, because it’s almost the polar opposite from the Real American Hero title.  Where I love Real American Hero for it’s bright colors, crisp 80’s style and over-the-top action, Cobra is dark, ethically muddled, and extremely introverted in comparison.  However, I manage to enjoy both titles for these very distinct and disparate reasons.

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IDW Soliciations for July, 2011

Hey, it’s IDW news day!  Hot on the heels of my Cobra Civil War #0 review, here are the G.I. Joe solicitations for July, 2011.  Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below for all the dirt.

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The Cobra Civil War begins in April!

Infestation is over, and April is just around the corner, which means IDW’s Cobra Civil War, kicking off with Issue #0, is about to launch.  We join with IDW to celebrate the oncoming bloodshed by offering a sneak peek preview at the upcoming Cobra Civil War #0 issue, which leads directly into G.I. Joe #1, Snake Eyes #1, and G.I. Joe: Cobra #1.  G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero continues its normal release schedule.

The details and the preview pages can be seen below!

G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0

In store date: April 13, 2011

Chuck Dixon, Mike Costa (w) • Javier Saltares, Antonio Fuso, Agustin Padilla (a) • Tom Feister, Fuso, Gabriele Dell’Otto  (c)

COBRA CIVIL WAR BEGINS HERE! The Commander is dead! Long live… Cobra Commander?! But the questions is, who will BE the NEXT Cobra Commander?! The role of Commander must be filled—now the most lethal and cunning Cobra operatives will COMPETE TO REIGN SUPREME. The winner—he who kills the most G.I. JOES—will take the reins of COBRA! Bonus: Ninja Force!!!!! Yeah, baby! 30 big pages of story at regular price! This is the place to jump on board and see what everyone’s been talking about!

*3 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1-to-1 basis

FC • 40 pages • $3.99

Bullet Points:

  • The next great G.I. Joe storyline begins here!
  • The hunt for the new Cobra Commander will run through all three new G.I. Joe series beginning with next month’s three debuts: G.I. Joe #1, Cobra #1, and Snake Eyes #1!

IDW G.I. Joe Solicitations for June, 2011

As Infestation prepares to wrap up this month, we look ahead to June as the Cobra Civil War kicks into gear.

June brings us a more streamlined slate of G.I. Joe books, sticking to the regular G.I. Joe title, G.I. Joe: Cobra, and Snake Eyes!  Of course, not to forget the awesome Real American Hero book.  Check out the full run of solicitations after the jump.

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IDW Solicitations for May, 2011

Well, here we go!  Yesterday I posted a review of G.I. Joe: Cobra #13, somewhat lamenting the end of that run, as we prepare to launch into another.  Well, IDW has released the solicitations for May, 2011, and the next run is now in sight.  Judging by the solicitations, it looks like it could be quite the run!

I am absolutely loving these Zack Howard covers, I’ll tell you that right now.  Totally cool.  A character totally out of left field, and another one who I’m not entirely sure about at all.

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