Jumping back and forth a hassle for the Concept Case survey? Try this tool.

Twitter friend of GeneralsJoes Twitziller has provided an awesome service to folks who are pounding through the Concept Case survey I posted this morning!  I’ve been hearing folks complain a bit about having to check an image, go back to the Survey, navigate through the gallery…

Well, Twitziller designed an entire Excel Spreadsheet with embedded mouse-over images, and sent it along for GeneralsJoes readers!  This will hopefully make it even easier for folks to compare images and document the rankings before answering the survey questions.

A huge thanks to Twitziller and check out the Spreadsheet below.  Use the Download link to grab it for yourself!

[gview file=”http://generalsjoes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Poll-Reference-Sheet.xlsx”]

GeneralsJoes reviews the Dollar Store Duke, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes

I started these reviews with the bad guys yesterday, and today I finish off my reviews of the already infamous Dollar Store Joes with a look at the G.I. Joe side of the house.  Like the Cobra figures, these guys use a ton of existing parts, not a huge array of paint apps, but a whole ton of creativity.

Check out the reviews on my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below.

Guest Article from Twitziller – Fewer Poses May Require Hand Support

When I saw GeneralsJoes friend Twitziller post about an experiment using specialized magnets to post and display his G.I. Joe figures, I knew immediately that I wanted to showcase this information on GeneralsJoes.

An ingenious idea, and I’m very happy that he has taken the time to write this guest article for the site.  Big thanks to Twitziller, if you don’t already follow him on Twitter, you definitely should, he’s funny and he supplies some great G.I. Joe conversation.  Check this great article out below.

Fewer Poses May Require Hand Support

Stand by Me

G.I. Joe fan loves to display their figures and, since 1983, we’ve been able to do so with the assistance of Hasbro’s display stands. First available in the Battle Gear Accessory Packs of the 1980s ARAH line, the first stand was a simple rounded rectangle of plastic featuring one peg that fit tightly into the peg hole in the heel of almost every figure. This stand then became a standard accessory for single-packed figures from the early 1990s through the early 2000s, before being retired during the “New-Sculpt Era”…

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Chuck from What’s on Joe Mind Video Reviews some G.I. Joe stuff

Folks who listen to the What’s on Joe Mind Podcast have obviously heard all of us interact with Chuck, and the fact that he does YouTube video reviews…I know I’ve been joking with him about it, but he does cover some G.I. Joe items, and hey, he’s a funny guy, so I’ll give him some free pub here.

Some of his more recent G.I. Joe reviews involve Pursuit of Cobra and 30th Anniversary figures.

First and foremost, he reviewed the 30th Anniversary Law & Order:

He also has covered the Cobra Viper as well, which is a very nice figure:

You guys should check ’em out, especially if you’re a fan of the podcast.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 45 featuring GI Joe: Initiate and Buzz Dixon is online!

Yes, it went up a little late, but those cross-Atlantic plane trips will do that to ya!  Recently returned from a whirlwind voyage to Southampton for Roll Out Roll Call 3, Gary has posted Episode 45 of What’s on Joe Mind for your Thursday morning listening enjoyment!  In this episode we interview Frederic Doss, the only man known to have been killed by both Cobra and the Decepticons on the big screen (yes, he was victimized in both G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and the first Michael Bay Transformers film), and a key mastermind behind the development of upcoming fanfilm, G.I. Joe: Initiate.

We’re also joined by a very special guest, Will Bell, recently returned from Afghanistan, who spends some time with us, just shooting the breeze about G.I. Joe.  As if that wasn’t enough, an informative interview with Buzz Dixon rounds out this action packed episode.

Hit up our Podbean Page, or check it out via the embedded player below.

Show Notes

WOW! Episode 45 is here! Better late than never, right? So yeah, its a week late, but we gave ya over 3 hours of RORC3 coverage, so that made up for something didn’t it? Apologies in advance. With travel and all, it made it difficult getting this out in a timely manner. We’ll make it up to you, trust us! In this episode we are joined by TWO very special guests. First, just joining us as a guest host and hanging out is US Marine, fan of the show and a REAL American Hero, Will Bell (no relation to Justin). Siting in the interview chair this week is Frederic Doss to talk to us about his upcoming fanfilm GI Joe: Initiate and his roles in BOTH the live action Joe and Transformer films. From the mailbag, Chuck is asked about the obscure South African wrestler Col. DeBeers joining the ranks of Cobra, Gary is asked why he hates Transformers so much, and was there ever a time anyone on the cast has ever lost interest in Joe and *gasp* STOPPED collecting. In the news, Hasbro responds to the latest issues with Fun Pub and the guys celebrate the conclusion of a long running show joke. Also covered in the news is the lack of new Joe broadcasting on the hub and a mystery Joe wave was found in the WalMart computers that has the look of being cancelled. After the break you will hear a pre-recorded interview with Sunbow writer Buzz Dixon as we talk to him about the toon and find out some stuff about the most dangerous man in the world AND what would have happened to Cobra Commander in season 3 if the series didn’t get lost to DIC. We thank Will for joining us and wish him continued success in his rehab and thank him for her service to our country. If you agree, kindly drop a comment in on this episode to let Will know how much you appreciate him as well!!

Frederic Doss from G.I. Joe: Initiate

Buzz Dixon

News and Intel

Wal-Mart Product listing reveals 30th Anniversary “what might have been”…

We all heard plenty about Kwinn and this “mystery” wave that he was slated to be a part of at the tail end of the 30th Anniversary line.  Well, with thanks to Viper Commando from HissTank.com we now have a bit more information about this mystery wave that unfortunately never came to be.

He reports that while digging into the Wal-Mart computer system for 30th Anniversary inventory, he stumbled upon the following series of figures:


He hypothosizes that perhaps this was a final wave of 30th Anniversary figures, and it certainly seems to fit that theme.  And of course, the revelation of this series of figures is causing folks to proclaim that this would have been the best wave evah!!1 but such is the nature of fandom at large.

What I find most interesting is with all of the complaints I’ve seen online about the Crimson Guard and Night Viper, folks are absolutely positive that this wave would have been amazing…we’ve obviously seen Kwinn and we know what to expect there.  Data-Viper as well.  So really the only unknown here is “Modern Flint”.  I would have absolutely loved to have seen a Modern Flint in the 30th Anniversary/Pursuit of Cobra style, but considering he’s a main character in Retaliation, I’m sure we may see a similar theme down the road.

Word from Hasbro is still that we will get Kwinn out there somehow, some way, so here’s hoping that the bulk of this wave will see the light of day.  Certainly interesting to see this come to pass, and thanks to Viper Commander for the info.

GeneralsJoes, RealAmericanHero.com, and Terror Drome team for “Best of” 2011

Frustration from the glut of merchandise clogging retail pegs and blocking the release of subsequent waves of highly-anticipated figures seemed to be the theme of 2011. When new G.I. Joe figures finally made their way into our collections, the countless accessories, innovations in articulation, and intricately-detailed sculpts made the class of 2011 among the best we’ve ever seen in the 25th Anniversary-style era. Hasbro surprised with the release of the Sky Striker as part of the 30th Anniversary line, disappointed with the cancellation of the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, and energized with the trailer for the live-action movie sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Not to be outdone, licensees such as IDW Publishing and Sideshow Collectibles continued to impress with their offerings of G.I. Joe merchandise, an indication of the strength of the G.I. Joe brand. In retrospect of 2011, A Real American Hero, Generals Joes and The Terror Drome team up to bring you the best of G.I. Joe 2011.

Click the Read the Rest of this Story link below for the full details.

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Fwooshcast Year in Review Podcast features What’s on Joe Mind flavor!

Yes, we’re two weeks into 2012 and the “Best Of” 2011 lists are still going strong!  The latest one is courtesy of the Fwooshcast, a personal favorite podcast of mine, mostly because of one of the hosts Craig, who I have known for years, and who guest hosted on What’s on Joe Mind for a number of weeks.

So obviously, when he asked us to submit something for their 2011 “Year in Review” episode, we didn’t hesitate to comply.

Check out the latest episode of the Fwooshcast right here!

Top Ten Design and Articulation Enhancements in G.I. Joe history

This has been kicking around in my head for a long time…probably ever since the announcement of the death of the o-ring format.  Certainly many fans hold that treasured construction close to their heart, but I am literally stunned at how fast and furiously the movement has been to the new “modern era” style.  Even five years ago, if the figure wasn’t an “o-ring” it was immediately cast aside as inferior, and now here we are in 2010, and the fandom at large as moved far away from the o-ring format, and has happily embraced something totally different.

With the (albeit remote) possibility out there that G.I. Joe: Retaliation may re-invent the wheel yet again, I really got thinking…over the past 28 years, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero has undergone a number of format changes and face lifts.  Which were the best or most impactful?

Now for this list, I’m not counting the o-ring.  That was a standard from day one.  I’m specifically talking about enhancements.  A change or progression that moved the toyline along and continued to revolutionize the industry.  So, let’s get to it.

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Big Bad Toy Store has their Dreadnoks and Marauders 7-Packs!

The moment many fans have been waiting for!  The Big Bad Toy Store exclusive Dreadnoks and Slaughter Marauder 7-Packs are in stock now!  Using some existing tooling, but also a heck of a lot of new tooling, these great new 7-packs give Joe fans a lot of the classic characters they’ve been waiting for, and still some new twists.

I’ve been lucky enough to have these in hand for a while now, and they are worth every penny.  Check out the links below to BUY EM UP!

If you want to educate yourself on the merits of the figures before plunking down the change, I’ve reviewed them both on my 30th Anniversary Review Page as well!