G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA auctions flood eBay

The floodgates are apparently starting to crack open as many more Rise of COBRA action figure auctions have started hitting eBay.  abee8088 and gotSWtoys are both loaded up with various carded and loose figures from the upcoming Rise of COBRA figure line, including Desert Convoy Duke, Trenchcoat Snake Eyes, TRU exclusive Firefly and Barbecue, Ice-Viper, Deep Six, and many others that we’ve already seen.

Check out both of those links above to see what these guys have for sale, and to see some more pics of these upcoming items!

M.A.R.S. Industries 3-Pack hits retail in Canada!

According to very reputable JoeCanuck forum member Storm Shadow, the M.A.R.S. Industries Officer and Trooper 3-Pack movie preview item has begun hitting retail in Canada!  It was found in a Wal-Mart in the Fairview Mall in Kitchener, Ontario.  Check out the thread here!

Also check out the galleries below for more pics of these figures:

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Silver and Gold plated Storm Shadow(s) on eBay

plate_stormshadowNo, they’re not official, but they are neat little items, even if they do appear to be knock-offs.  eBay seller shashentao has posted an auction for what appear to be vac-metallized “chrome” Storm Shadow figures in silver and gold.  These are not official items, but they are a pretty neat eye-catcher for anyone’s collection.

They appear to be fully poseable, though, being knock offs, there are always some questions about durability.

Click here to check out the auction.

IDW G.I. Joe titles hitting stores April 1, 2009

It almost seems as if we’re getting G.I. Joe titles hitting our local comic stores every week, and next Wednesday will be no different!  According to Graham Cracker Comics, both G.I. Joe #4 and G.I. Joe Rise of COBRA Prequel # 2 will be hitting shops this coming Wednesday, April 1st.

Tons of awesome Sideshow Snake Eyes pictures!

Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes figure is shipping now from various retailers, and JBL forum member sinchicken has inundated a thread with tons of nicely detailed pictures of this amazing 12″ action figure.  He has graciously agreed to let me host his images here on GeneralsJoes as well as a whole bunch more of them as well!  Check out the mammoth gallery of nearly 100 great pictures of the brand spanking-new full of awesome Sideshow Snake Eyes below…

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A great inside look into the production of IDW Comics

Any fan of the G.I. Joe comics, or even fans of comics in general need to bookmark this link.

It’s a sub-forum on Phil Kost’s site JoeReloaded.com, and it’s called the “Atkins Sketch Blog”.  Essentially it’s a spot for G.I. Joe comic artist Robert Atkins to show and talk about his pencils and the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into producing the art for the monthly book.  There is some awesome insight, some terrific pencils, and a fantastic peek “inside the head” of the current artist on the monthly G.I. Joe book.  With each issue (and each post in the above forum) I’m becoming a bigger and bigger Robert Atkins fan, so check out that link and keep going back, there’s always something cool in there to see.

Below is a little highlight of the cover art for Issue #4, and it’s only a tiny sample of the great stuff posted on the forums.  Check it out.


E! Online Video of The Pit, Night Raven, and Devastator

Big thanks to The Terror Drome for pointing out the following video from E! Online, which showcases a few Transformers and G.I. Joe toys, including the Night Raven and The Pit:

NYCC going full force

So, I’m feeling wishy washy.  Look, I know this is a G.I. Joe site, and I know most of the viewers really only care about that.  But I’ll be damned if I’m not getting sucked into these awesome 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe figures.  They’re the perfect marraige between the comic characters I love, the scale I’m a huge fan of, and the articulation I need.

What do you guys think?  You want to see more coverage of the Marvel stuff (though only the 3 3/4″!) here?  Here are a few galleries to get you going:


Marvelous News

Fred from JoeBattleLines and I were just talking about this…and man, if this doesn’t have some serious potential.  Imagine COBRA agents discovering Captain America frozen in ice, then teaming up with Hydra to unthaw him and turn him into their ultimate weapon?  Imagine SHIELD discovering the existence of COBRA and Hydra’s union, and deciding a specialized task force needed to be created to battle against them…a task force called G.I. Joe?

Imagine the infamous “Merc with a mouth” battling toe-to-toe against the most famous and skilled Arashikage ninja in the world…  Nick Fury and General Hawk standing back-to-back fighting off scientifically advanced terrorists.  The possibilities are almost endless.  I’m getting a bit pumped up.

Toy Fair in one week!

New classic 5-Packs in stock at BBTS

HissTank is reporting that online retailer (and GeneralsJoes sponsor :shifty: ) BigBadToyStore now has the new classic-themed 5-packs in stock.  Priced at $29.99, the G.I. Joe 5-Pack features Hawk, Snake Eyes, Lady Jaye, Flint, and Shipwreck all heavily inspired by their cartoon looks, with a nice allotment of new tooling and new accessories!  The COBRA 5-Pack has COBRA Commander, the Baroness, Storm Shadow, Zartan, and the COBRA Viper with the same dose of new gear and new parts.

Most notable in these packs are the fixed tooling on the COBRA Viper arms, the significantly improved Baroness figure, a short-sleeved old-school accurate Flint, plus many other long overdue changes.  Great looking new figures from Hasbro!

New G.I. Joe Posters on AintitCoolNews.com

Buzz about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA has been noticably silent over the past few months, but with the trailer debuting during the Super Bowl and Toy Fair only a couple of weeks away, that promises to change in a big way.  AintItCoolNews.com gets a jump on that today with 5 new posters featuring the characters from the film:

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic… err…  probably more like cautiously pessimistic about how the film is going to end up, but I’m at least giving it a shot.  I do like these posters, though.  A somewhat dark and gritty theme.  They don’t really “speak” to me, but I think they’re pretty cool looking, at any rate.  Hopefully cool enough to entice audiences into the theaters.  Time will tell.

Make sure to keep your eyes on GiJoeMovie.com as well, as I’m sure activity will intensify there after the trailer is revealed.