GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary “Battle Below Zero” Set

Another day, another G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary review!  Just as first reports of this line being found at retail have hit, the reviews are moving full steam ahead.

Today I’ll be covering the “Battle Below Zero” vehicle set, which contains the Cobra Wolf w/ Ice Viper against the Ghost Hawk w/ Snake Eyes!  Check out my G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary Review Page, or just click the links below.


GeneralsJoes reviews the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Ghost Hawk II!

What’s that you say?  The Ghost Hawk II?!  Is that even out yet?

No, it has not yet been released officially, though I was able to acquire a nearly complete sample (minus the Duke pilot, which was pretty heartbreaking, I gotta tell you).  The good news is, the vehicle is on Pre-Order at Big Bad Toy Store, and honestly, I strongly believe it’s worth your consideration, especially at a very reasonable $24.99 price point.

It’s far from perfect, and actually I almost feel like I nitpick it a little bit too much in my review, but I’m trying to be as objective as possible.  It is a very fun, larger than expected plane that could potentially serve your G.I. Joe team well, if you can get over some minor detractions.  The links below will give you what you need!


The Alexx Shorts make a return with Pursuit of Cobra Alpha Vehicles

It’s been a while since I’ve featured any of the awesome “Alexx Shorts” here, but mostly just because there hasn’t been a whole lot of new product for him to talk about, or take pictures of.  But that has certainly changed recently…

When I saw his take on the two latest Alpha vehicles, the Ghost Hawk and the Doom Cycle, I just had to repost them here…even with a few months of down time he hasn’t lost his touch.  The original threads can be found at JoeBattleLines, I’ve also linked them below just above the image galleries.

Alexx Shorts – Ghost Hawk

Alexx Shorts – Doom Cycle leaks some Pursuit of Cobra vehicles early… maybe.

Reports are spotty, and some folks are saying that shipping dates don’t appear to be much earlier than we’ll see these at brick and mortar, but Mint Condition of reports that has posted a few PoC vehicles, including the elusive Alpha vehicles.  Granted, the Doom Cycle is currently listed as out of stock (though the Ghost Hawk appears to be available).

The listings are a bit bizarre, with the Cobra Mech being there, but the Joe one not, but regardless, if you choose “Site to Store” you can pick some items up with no shipping.  Direct links are below:

Give it a whirl, if you’re so inclined…

Pursuit of Cobra retooled Ghost Hawk images online

We’ve seen a few pictures already, but Troynos from has posted a load of updated images for the mysterious retooled Ghost Hawk that recently leaked.  The origin or the potential release date of this item are not currently known.  It’s entirely possible that this item may not even see release, but it’s at least cool to check out.  Those retooled engines and stabilizers are pretty awesome, I think.  A whole lot cooler than the original design in some ways.  I dig it.

Images reveal potential 2010 releases, or a sign of what “might have been”?

Over on, Gyre-Viper revealed some descriptions (which were then followed by actual images, mirrored below) of potential upcoming vehicles…and as usual, I’m pretty impressed.  Pretty impressed only because the apparent second wave of Rip Attack vehicles looks as uninspired as the first (especially those figures…  yuck), but the retooled and modified Ghost Hawk and that motorcycle that looks to be strongly Dreadnok related are both balls out!

The Ghost Hawk was pretty much defined by those crazy rear stabilizers, which have been tooled way down to a more streamlined exhaust engine…while that motorcycle is just pure sickness.  Love the blades, love the dual handlebar weaponry.  Hot damn that’s a freaking awesome looking little bike.  Kind of tough to tell what the deal with the driver is, but still looks great all the same.

Of course the real question is…will we see this at retail?  It’s obvious a drastic theme shift is going on at Hasbro with some scrambling to redefine the way we’ll see G.I. Joe in 2010, and it’ll be interesting to see if these make the cut.  There’s a lot of new tooling there, and obviously they’re pretty far along in the production process, so signs point to “yes”, but just something to watch for…maybe we’ll learn something more at Toy Fair in just under a month.  I’ll certainly be on pins and needles waiting for it.