Sideshow Collectibles FREE G.I. Joe action figure with purchase!

For anyone who has been on the fence about buying a G.I. Joe figure from Sideshow Collectibles, this just might put you over the edge.  Until the end of the month, Sideshow Collectibles is offering a free “mystery figure” to any collector who orders an in stock participating G.I. Joe item.

That’s right…buy any participating in stock G.I. Joe item, and you get a free item included!  Participating items are listed below, I’d love to hear what folks are receiving:

Sixth Scale Figures


Rock n Roll

Crimson Guard

Exclusive Crimson Guard

General Hawk

Black Dragon Ninja

Exclusive Black Dragon Ninja


Pit Command Center

Urban Threat – Condition Red!

Recovery at Serpent Temple

Arashikage Temple


Cobra Commander Diorama

Exclusive Cobra Commander Diorama

Flint Vs. Zartan Diorama

Exclusive Flint Vs. Zartan Diorama

Terms & Conditions  (Click here)

Free G.I. Joe Figure Giveaway Terms And Conditions!

The FREE ‘G.I. Joe Mystery Figure’ is selected by Sideshow and is available to collectors who place a qualifying order for an IN STOCK G.I. Joe Collectible from October 16th – 31st, 2012 at 11:59PM (Pacific Time), or while supplies last. Gift Cards, Rewards, discounts (unless otherwise notated), FLEXPay, coupons and gift certificates CANNOT be used in conjunction with this promotion, even if checkout allows it, and can only be applied to new orders, and can only be used once per customer/account. The free mystery item cannot be exchanged for an alternate choice and it cannot be returned for credit or cash value. Please read below for detailed participation information!

How To Redeem:
The option to add the Mystery Gift will appear on the check-out pages of qualified In-Stock orders. Upon check-out, customers must select the ‘Yes’ box if they would like to receive the FREE ‘Mystery Gift’ or the ‘No’ box if they would like to decline the offer.

Receiving Your Promotional item:
While every effort will be made to ship both items together, it may not be possible to pack your FREE item with your purchased collectible. Your FREE ‘Mystery Gift’ may arrive after your product purchase has shipped. Additional shipping fees will apply on your FREE ‘Mystery Gift’ if it is shipped separately.

International Participation Welcome!
International collectors (including EU regions) will be responsible for VAT, duties or import fees on the shipment of the promotional item. Due to customs requirements, the promotional item will need to be assigned a value of at least US$1.[Request a Ship Quote here]. Once you select the ‘Yes’ box and submit your order, you accept responsibility for all fees incurred on the entire shipment.

Weeping in the toy aisles? Don’t forget about Sideshow Collectibles!

I know there has been an obvious G.I. Joe vacuum at retail, but don’t forget…all is not lost in G.I. Joe toy land.  Those great folks over at Sideshow Collectibles still have tons of G.I. Joe products in stock and ready to ship!

Excellent figures like the Crimson Guard, General Hawk, Cobra Viper, Zartan, Rock n Roll, and many other great dioramas and statues are in stock at Sideshow Collectibles, so satisfy your G.I. Joe itch with some 12″ goodness.

Click the banner below to see what they’ve got in stock and use some of that “mad money” for some really cool conversation pieces for your G.I. Joe collection.

G.I. Joe items IN STOCK NOW!

GeneralsJoes guest review – Sideshow Collectibles General Hawk

As usual, I owe Mysterious Stranger a big thanks (and a beer in New Orleans if he’s there)…  Chris is always right on top of the latest Sideshow Collectibles items in a way I only wish I could be, and he donates his time and effort into getting these reviews done for GeneralsJoes.

Next up in line is an excellent review of the 12″ General Hawk!

Check out his great review and images right here.  Thanks again, Chris, you rock!

General Hawk 12-inch Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Viper and Hawk still in stock!

Yes, you read correctly…in my mind, this is one of the best Sideshow Collectibles figures that has been produced…how do they possibly still have some in stock?!

I don’t know, but if you’re on the fence, you may want to pick it up while you can and avoid the Wait List.  Click the banner below to add to your 12″ army!

Cobra Viper 12-inch Figure

While you’re at it, the 12″ General Hawk figure is also still available and in stock now!  Hit up the banner below to grab that one.

General Hawk 12-inch Figure

These figures have been selling out fast, I’m amazed that these two (which are both very cool looking figures) are still in stock!  Jump on them while you have the chance.  While you’re at it, think about the woodland Ninja Viper figure as well.  Originally an SDCC Exclusive, you can pick this up right now directly from the Sideshow Collectibles store.

Cobra Ninja Viper 12-inch Figure - Attendee Edition SDCC Exclusive

This concludes the pimp post of the day.

GeneralsJoes starts the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Reviews

I know it’s been a while…I’ve been juggling several reviews at once, and now I’m finally at a point where I can start posting some of ’em!  I’m running through half of Wave 5 today, I’ll finish up Wave 5 tomorrow, and hope to get rolling on the Con stuff (as well as another couple little surprises) maybe next week.

Don’t hold me to that, though.  :shifty:

Anyway…hit up my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to check out the newest reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, or just hit the links below:


Loads of Scoop’s Dark Room updates at The Terror Drome

The folks over at the Terror Drome have been keeping hopping over the last few days!  With the recent release of Waves 5 & 6 of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra figures, they have been posting frequent updates to their Scoop’s Dark Room photo archive.

Some of the highlights are:

There are a bunch more images that I didn’t mirror here, and more in the hopper ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled over there!

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Images on

Been a busy couple of  weeks for Gyre Viper over at JoeDeclassified!  We got Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6 images, then the Skystriker w/ Ace, and now we’ve got Wave 5 of the Pursuit of Cobra figures!

There has been debate online about which wave is better, 5 or 6, and to me its hit or miss, but there are some sure fire winners in both.  Wave 5 gives us an awesome update to the Steel Brigade, a great looking General Hawk, and an impressive looking Cobra Trooper.  Gyre Viper has also graciously allowed me to host these images on GeneralsJoes, so you can either hit up JoeDeclassified or see the mirrored images below.

Sideshow Collectibles unveils more images of The Pit!

Right on schedule, the Sideshow Collectibles site has revealed more images of their upcoming 12″ figure Diorama set, The Pit Command Center!  Featuring some awesome metallic detailing, gorgeous translucent monitors, and a great old school aesthetic, this set looks to be a fantastic compliment to your 12″ figures.

Checkout Sideshow’s Production Blog to get more images of the set, and prepare your wallet for March 31st, when the pre-order goes live.

Yo Joe!

Shipwreck confirmed for Episode 16 of G.I. Joe: Renegades

Well, as if the episode title, “Shipwrecked” wasn’t quite enough of a clue, has posted a snippet of an episode synopsis, where ole Shippy himself gets name dropped as well as the long absent General Hawk.

“Sea captain Shipwreck helps the Joes transport a bio-viper canister to Abernathy in Washington.”

As one of the few guys who actually couldn’t stand Shipwreck in the Sunbow cartoon, anything will be an improvement for me.  I’ll be looking forward to where they go with this one.  The episode is slated to Air April 15th, and is followed up by a pair of pretty cool sounding episodes, Castle Destro, and Union of the Snake.  Going just by titles alone, it sounds like things could be heating up.