Figure Subscription Service 5.0 Gaucho Revealed

By far my favorite Action Force subteam is Z-Force, so I’m loving the fact that the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has been focusing on that particular branch to bring us characters that were once European exclusives.

The latest member of that team comes to us in the form of Gaucho!  Originally released with the Action Force Headquarters, Gaucho was a Gung Ho repaint back in the day, so it makes sense for him to be a Gung Ho repaint now as well, using the incredible 50th Anniversary Gung Ho as a base.

This figure looks like a great version of the Z-Force mechanic, and I’m excited to see how he looks with the other Z-Force operatives the Club has released previously.  Check out the preview on or the image mirrored below.

My only question at this point… what tattoo is he going to have?



EDIT – Looks like the emblem from the Mexican flag is what’s likely on his chest:




G.I. Joe Collectors Club 5.0 Battle Corps Cobra Viper revealed

To close off your work week, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals the FSS 5.0 version of their Battle Corps COBRA Viper!  Interestingly, the Club didn’t go for a straight redeco of their Iron Anvil Convention Figure, but instead leveraged a chunk of the Jungle Viper.  Honestly, I think I prefer the Iron Anvil build, but as a 90s lover, I’ll certainly take this, too!

Check it out at and the mirrored image below.


Check out the first five reveals in the gallery below as well!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 5 General Flagg reveal!

As the son of the original General Flagg made famous in the early days of the Marvel Comics, I always enjoyed the dynamic of what Flagg might do with the team in conjunction with General Hawk.  In fact, in my dio-stories, I sort of retired Hawk and moved him towards my “Renegades” offshoot team and had Flagg take over leadership of the team proper.

Once again I really love how my own vision of G.I. Joe and the Collectors Club vision dovetails, as Flagg was a pretty important player in my stories, even if his motives weren’t always on the up and up.  And I gotta say, I’m really loving this version of the figure.  I might even say it’s one of my favorite FSS 5.0 reveals to date, which is amazing, considering the relative simplicity of the design.  It’s good stuff.  Check out the review on and I’ve also mirrored the image below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 5.0 Darklon

Continuing on with their Figure Subscription Service 5.0 reveals, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has shown their first Photoshop mock up of Darklon tonight.  A somewhat more faithful vintage homage than the G.I. Joe Convention version from a few years back, I’m a bit iffy on the Photoshop work here, but generally the end product ends up looking better.

I do like that they’ve gotten the trademark weapon back in circulation, though.  Very cool.

Check it out at or embedded below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club first look at FSS 5.0 Ambush

Following up on their image of Charbroil yesterday, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has previewed their first Photoshop mock up for Ambush today.  With what looks to be General Mayhem’s head sculpt and some old school parts choices, the deco really brings this figure to life.

Check it out at or mirrored below.


Recap of the G.I. Joe Collectors Club panel from JoeCon 2016

First and foremost, exciting news… next year’s Convention site and dates have been decided already!  Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin June 15th – 17th 2017!

They also announced FSS 5.0, though there were no images available unfortunately…  the 12 figures are as follows!

  1. Ambush
  2. Charbroil (classic deco, masked head not removable)
  3. Darklon (a more current version, convention version is considered a “prequel” design)
  4. General Flagg (based on the 2nd Battle Corps version from the 90s)
  5. Battle Corps COBRA Viper (based on the Iron Anvil look – light infantry Viper)
  6. Salvo (more of a Pursuit of Cobra version, not 100% vintage accurate)
  7. Scoop (with the helmet from Sky Patrol Airborne)
  8. Raptor!!!!!!11!
  9. Sneak Peek (standard release, may end up changing the vest a little)
  10. Steel Raven (based on the female SKAR Infantry Officer)
  11. Shattered Glass Xamot (the Shattered Glass version is very reminiscent of the Sunbow business suit)
  12. Action Force Z-Force Gaucho (based on the 50th Anniversary Gung Ho)

Along with the Figure Subscription Service, the Club announced a special three pack of female Cobra Troopers to compliment the Cobra Officer.  The Cobra Trooper has a newly sculpted female masked head and removable helmet.

Heartwrencher and the 4 x 4 are still planned, but likely for a 2017 release.

That’s what we got!  Exciting stuff, and here’s to more years of the G.I. Joe Convention!


GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 4.0 Law & Order and Nunchuk

It’s been a little while since the first shipment of the latest Figure Subscription Service figures hit mailboxes, and while my review time was interrupted for a short bit due to Vitruvian HACKS, I have now completed reviews for the first two figures, Law & Order and Nunchuk.

As an added bonus, I’ve also worked up video reviews of them both as well, just to cover all bases.

You can check out links to these reviews on my G.I. Joe Collectors Club page, or via the direct links below.

GIJCC-FSS-4-Law-Order (6)

G.I. Joe Collectors Club Mike Power reveal and FSS 4.0 status

While Toy Fair news was pretty sparse in the way of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe line, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club started this week off on the right foot with a nice look at the upcoming 12″ Mike Power “Atomic Man” as well as a report that FSS 4.0 would start arriving “in the next week or so”!

Great news for those of us who subscribed.  The image of Mike Power can be found on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook page, and you can read the FSS update via their Twitter page here.


What’s to come from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club?

Well, it’s still a mystery, for the most part.  Folks are still suspecting that Fun Publications’ license with Hasbro will expire (and not be renewed) at the end of 2016.  So far we have neither seen nor heard anything to contradict this.

Over on the GIJoeClub Message Board, a thread has opened up with an inquiry into this, but still no information is imminent.

At this point the most succinct reply is to “Check the January newsletter” for more information on their membership plans.  This does continue to sound ominous, however, there is also a post on the forum there that mentions 2016 Club members being eligible to purchase FSS 5.0.  That, of course, begs the question… will there be an FSS 5.0 if the license expires in 2016?

Perhaps Fun Publications will just not be able to hold a convention, yet can still produce product?  Or if they launch FSS 5.0 within the 2016 calendar year, does that still fall within their license period?

Still many more questions than answers, though it sounds like once the January newsletter hits, we should get at least some information and some idea of what’s to come.

One thing is clear, and it was especially evident as I ran down my list of Top 10 figures for 2015, from a product standpoint, the Club going away would be unfortunate.  There was some great figures released through the FSS and Convention in 2015, and with the G.I. Joe fandom especially grasping for any crumbs, this seems like a bad time to take away whatever morsels we might get.

Stay tuned.


Ladies and gentlemen…we have a BILLY!

It’s been nearly 30 years since he first appeared in the Marvel Comics, a young member of the Cobra youth. He evolved quite a bit since his first appearance, attempting to assassinate his own father, Cobra Commander, losing limbs in a rocket attack from Scrap Iron, and eventually falling under the tutelage of Storm Shadow.

Throughout the years, Billy has become one of the most critical pieces of the G.I. Joe comic book mythology, yet he has never had his own action figure.

Until now.

The Collectors Club revealed their final FSS IV installment today, and it’s none other than Billy himself, for the first time ever. Representing his commando look from the Devils’ Due comics (YES) Billy looks pretty darn good. A very basic build with an exciting new head sculpt, but I think it works remarkably well. This will fill a big hole in comic fans’ collections.

Check out the mirrored image below, and don’t forget to hit up by midnight on July 15th to sign up for FSS IV!


Now that Billy has been revealed, check out the full line up below!