Yes the art for EA’s Rise of Cobra game is better than the game itself

Wow.  Now maybe someone remembers me talking about this already, but I don’t think I did.

With the launch of the first G.I. Joe film in 2009, Electronic Arts released a licensed game as companies are wont to do, and the game was pretty widely panned as these licensed games generally are. However, one cool thing about the game, in my opinion, was the designs of the characters.  They took the Rise of Cobra aesthetic and tweaked it a bit with more military elements to pretty good effect.

But, thanks to notpicard and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind who pointed this art site to me, there was a nice amount of unused concept art that completely and totally ROCKED.  Stuff that wasn’t used in the game.  Sure, a lot of it walked that line between current military realism and future technology, but I’ll be damned if every one of these concepts isn’t really bad ass.  I would kill to see some of this stuff in toy form.

You can find the gallery at and I’ve also mirrored many images below.  There are a ton of great pictures hosted at the site, you should definitely check it out.  Now I feel like I want to go home and play this game again!

Review posted for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA for X-Box 360

I’ve had my mitts on this game for over a week now, but haven’t had more than an hour or two per night to hack at it…wanting to wait until I got through a solid chunk of it, I’m just getting to the review today.

I know video game websites have been slamming this game left and right, but trust me when I say, I think Joe fans will find a LOT to love, especially folks who enjoyed the Rise of COBRA.  Characters from the film are pulled directly to your video game screen, plus a ton of cameos for characters that didn’t even get a sniff of screen time.  Recondo, Snow Job, Dusty, Stalker, Dataframe, Wild Bill, Lift Ticket, Shipwreck, Kamakura, Flash, Helix, the list goes on and on.  Firefly makes an appearence on the COBRA side, along with Night Creepers, Red Ninjas and other assorted baddies.  I honestly think that folks who are into G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA will really enjoy this game, in spite of some questionable graphics and sketchy game play.

Not sure I’d recommend dropping sixty bucks on it, but it’s a very fun game, regardless.  Check out the full review here.

Cool online flashgame at EA’s Rise of COBRA Website

Thanks to tkprime’s Twitter feed for letting us know that Electronic Arts has posted a cool little Flash game “Shuriken Shootout” on their website.  Click here to check it out!


Cobra infiltrates EA Headquarters!

In a shocking development, Electronic Arts, distributor of the recent G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, had their headquarters vandalized by the evil terrorist organization, Cobra!  Check out the vile and disturbing images below…

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game ON SALE NOW – almost half price!

For folks who think the new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA game looks like fun, but they’re not sure it’s worth the $60.00, according to, Dell has the PS3 and X-Box 360 versions of the game ON SALE NOW for $32.99!  This includes free shipping!  Sale ends tomorrow, so get going, post haste:

I can’t post a review of the game until tomorrow, but it’s pretty fun!  A mindless, very arcade-like shooter that ain’t deep and thought-provoking, but so far, it has been fun.  More details to come.

Electronic Arts debuts theme sets for X-Box 360 and Playstation 3


G.I. JOE and COBRA Themes and Picture Packs Now Available on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network

Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 fans will have to declare more than just their console allegiance today as EA and the G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra video game gives them yet another reason to pick sides: premium G.I. JOE and COBRA themes are now available for download on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network! Inspired by 45 years of G.I. JOE history, the premium Xbox LIVE themes feature memorable G.I. JOE and COBRA vehicles from past and present, while the premium PlayStation Network turns PS3 home screens into a virtual battleground with the G.I. JOE Accelerator Suit (G.I. JOE theme) and the COBRA Serpent Battle Armor (COBRA theme).  Also available for download on Xbox LIVE will be G.I. JOE and COBRA picture packs featuring members of the famous G.I. JOE and COBRA teams, along with G.I. JOE and COBRA logos.  While your console loyalty may have already been pledged, the question remains…G.I. JOE or COBRA: which side are you on?

The G.I. JOE Premium Xbox Theme, COBRA Premium Xbox Theme, G.I. JOE Picture Pack, and COBRA Picture pack are now available for download for 80MSP each on Xbox LIVE.  The Premium G.I. JOE PlayStation Theme and Premium COBRA PlayStation Theme are now available for download for $0.99 on the PlayStation Network.

G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra hits stores on August 4th, and will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable (PSP) as well as mobile phones.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game COBRA character montage

We’ve previously seen the G.I. Joe character montage in video form, but now IGN comes through from the other side of enemy lines…they’ve posted a brief one minute clip of COBRA agents Baroness, Firefly, and Storm Shadow as playable characters in the upcoming video game.  Check out the embedded video below!

Some cool character art and info tidbits at new EA Rise of COBRA site

So if anyone didn’t check out the Electronic Arts site, you really should.  Even if you’re not into video games at all, or if you think the Rise of COBRA game looks silly, there is still plenty to love on the video game themed website.  There’s all sorts of really cool character art, even for characters not yet seen in toy form and some cool bios and other tidbits.  I’ve mirrored a sampling of the art on the site in a small gallery below, but everyone should really check it out for themselves, even if you’re not a big video game person.

EA launches full fledged G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA website community


New Site Charges Fans With the Mission of Picking a Side in the Epic Struggle Between G.I. JOE and COBRA

Today G.I. JOE fans worldwide can head to the recently launched G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra The Game community web site to declare their allegiance in the epic battle of G.I. JOE and COBRA and set up a “base of operations” to get all the latest news and information on the upcoming video game.  Users can share battle strategies and talk about the game on the EA forums, visit the official G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra movie site, sign up for the G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra newsletter to get classified intelligence in real time, get their own G.I. JOE or COBRA badge to show their allegiance on Facebook and MySpace, and battle ninjas and defend their base from COBRA in G.I. JOE mini-games (coming soon).  Fans will also be able to declare their allegiance to G.I. JOE or COBRA by using the site’s faction switcher to customize their G.I. JOE experience while browsing.

G.I. JOE and COBRA operatives who choose to download certain “intel files” from the site will even be awarded with a secret access code to unlock additional top-secret G.I. JOE downloadable content!

The new G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra community web site is now live at

G.I. JOE The Rise of Cobra hits stores on August 4th, and will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable (PSP) as well as mobile phones.

Transcript from Hasbro G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Panel at SDCC

This won’t be a word for word transcript, but I’m going to try and relay as much information as possible into this one, easy-to-find post for folks who couldn’t check it out live…turns out, as I suspected, there’s not a whole lot of new information, because we’ve practically seen it all from overseas sources already, but there might be some tidbits here.  Click the “Read the Full Story” link below to get the whole rundown of the panel and Q & A Session.

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