A new batch of eBay auctions sheds some light on upcoming G.I. Joe product

EDIT – Added images of the G.I. Joe HISS tank the CHIMERA.

I was a bit lax on reporting the first burst of overseas eBay auctions that appeared on the scene a couple of weeks ago, but this time I wanted to try and at least stay a little on top of it, mostly because this offers us our first real in hand look at some of these figures.  They are currently found on eBay, but as with all pre-production items, caveat emptor.

Keep in mind, deco’s will be changing (no the final Storm Shadow is not going to be missing his gray camouflage) but this is still a nice look at some of this upcoming product.

And I’ve learned a couple things here.

1 – The Cobra Basilisk looks a LOT cooler than I initially anticipated. That slight paint brush “wear and tear” look on the surface adds a ton of great dimensions to that vehicle. I surprised myself with how much difference that made in my mind. It shifted this item straight from “somewhat dull Snowcat repaint” to a new and interesting looking Cobra take on that vehicle. It’s pretty nice.

2 – I still love the Cobra Elite Horseman. I first fell in love with this figure during the Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary line, when he was in red, and he looks pretty darn nice here in blue as well.

3 – Initial samples of Chuckles were missing the floral deco, which had some fans worried. Well, worry no more, they’re back here. Not only are they back here, but this could cause those non-floral deco versions sold a couple of weeks ago to get a little more desirable…

4 – I believe these are our first looks at Gung Ho and Storm Shadow, two of the few truly “new” tooled figures we’re getting. Both look nice, but Gung Ho, of course, truly shines. Looking forward to getting this one in hand, I just hope from a plastic material perspective he feels a bit more solid than Destro from the 50th Anniversary.

5 – Steeler looks awesome. Both Steeler and Grunt seem like they’re pulling from the Pursuit of Cobra line of design, where figures like Kickstart and Double Clutch had this flat green look. I love it, and it’s neat to see that we now have three of the Original 13 (Steeler, Grunt, and Clutch) in this somewhat modernized look. Heck, we could throw PoC Snake Eyes and 30th Anniversary Stalker in that boat as well. Building a nice little modern team of the original guys.

I still haven’t quite decided how this line should be “branded”. I’m sure they’re using the same format as the 50th Anniversary line last year, but for obvious reasons, these can’t be considered 50th Anniversary figures. I’ve gotta work this out in my head.

Check out the images below, the fact that we’re getting new G.I. Joe items at retail is starting to feel like more of a reality…

Also, there are two different Air Vipers in the gallery.  I believe that one of them on the auction pages is the original, and the one with the colors on the vest is from the upcoming release…

eBay hackers gain access to user accounts – change those passwords!

It’s been all over the web, so I figure most of my readers are aware of it already, but Jack passed it along to me, so I figured I’d spread the word as well.  If you have an eBay account, you’ll want to change those passwords.  Their security systems were apparently illegally accessed within the past week or two, and the depth of the infiltration is currently unknown.

Of course, the process for changing your password isn’t real simple either.  Check out CNet.com for a nice tutorial on how to do just that.


Fantastic array of signed G.I. Joe product from the man himself… Larry Hama!

I would imagine anyone checking out the site here is familiar with Mark Bellomo, notorious G.I. Joe and 80’s toy book author (and great friend of GeneralsJoes).  Well, tonight, Mark has surprised the toy collecting community with a veritable arsenal of eBay auctions featuring many items from his personal collection.

But the really remarkable items featured in these auctions are a number of items from the personal collection of Larry Hama, all signed by him!  Mark promises more items to come, so keep watching his eBay page for these really unique items and more items to come.

Again keep watching Mark Bellomo’s eBay page as more and more of these auctions emerge.  A truly great opportunity to grab some unique piece of G.I. Joe history.

Potential variant or running change G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Commander?

Thanks to GeneralsJoes Twitter buddy Twitziller who reports that a strange version of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Cobra Commander has emerged on eBay.  This particular figure is in various shades of black instead of blue, but otherwise appears to be the same figure as the single packed version.

This could lead to some hypothesis that there are other G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures that we have yet to see…perhaps this is part of some store exclusive set or later release this year?  Check out the eBay auction here, and the mirrored image is below.

Very nice lot of Anniversary figures on eBay

Throughout my time on the web, I’ve met some guys who take the G.I. Joe hobby VERY seriously.  I appreciate those folks who work long and hard to enrich the hobby and add to it, I think the community is much better for it.

But every once in a while it’s fun to see someone kind of mock themselves.  A long time Joe fan who runs Broca Blutch is needing some cash for college, so he asked me to let folks know he is selling nearly his entire G.I. Joe collection on eBay now.

Normally, if folks ask me to do this, I don’t bother.  But the guys over a Broca Blutch are unique:

  1. They do not hesitate to berate and make fun of themselves as G.I. Joe collectors.
  2. They’re buddies with a self-proclaimed “rebel blog” called Smash the State, who all pretty much hate my guts.  So any time I can show that I’m the bigger person, I’ll take advantage of it.

So, anyway, check out the auction.  Bid it up real high.  Whether your pay or not is up to you…  :shifty:

Collectors Clamor for Classic Toys in “Birthday Bids” Auction to Benefit Toy Industry Foundation

In celebration of the various anniversaries and birthdays of some of the top toy brands in the world, the Toy Industry Foundation has launched several benefit auctions to support children in need.  These auctions will be sold through eBay at givingworks.ebay.com (search for Toy Industry Foundation).  In celebration of G.I. Joe’s 45th Anniversary, an exclusive golf bag and movie poster signed by the director, producer, and cast of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.

For the full Press Release, click the “Read the rest of this entry” link below.  Let’s step up, G.I. Joe fans, this is for a great cause!

Continue reading

So about those overseas auctions…

The past few days I’ve had a bit of a crisis of conscience.

Reading the latest round of Hasbro Q & A’s was a bit of a wakeup call as they repeatedly mentioned the overseas sellers, leaking photos early, selling potentially stolen product, and generally making life difficult for the folks in Pawtucket.  I will say, right up front, that I somewhat disagree with Hasbro’s notion that these early leaked photos do some harm.  Sure, in some cases there is misinformation, and of course, lots of things can change in the course of toy production.  However, I think this constant stream of leaked images actually helps keep the Joe brand vibrant and in the minds of us collectors with short term memory loss and attention deficit disorder.

Look at it this way…the last official images Hasbro showed us was during Toy Fair, 2009.  That was in February, now over three months ago.  By all intents and purposes, we won’t see any other official images until San Diego ComicCon, which is in late July.  That would mean from February – July there was NOTHING.  No images, no press releases, no talk, nothing.  How many short-minded Joe fans would have moved on to other things without the realization that there was actually some cool product coming down the pipeline?  How many disillusioned Joe fans would have already gone on to Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Marvel or whatever, without knowing that there were some great vintage-style figures and vehicles on the way?  Not to mention the folks who like the movie stuff…we would have no idea about the awesome Headquarters for Heroes exclusives, the Wal-Mart 2-Packs, or the cool as hell upcoming Dragonhawkfly (or whichever it is).  I think these leaks are critical to keeping the G.I. Joe line “fresh” in the collector mindset.  Sure, some items may be labelled incorrectly…sure, some weapons might not actually be right, and some paint apps may change.  Or hell, some figures or vehicles might not hit release as planned.  But the important thing is, the fandom is talking about something.  Spring is a notoriously slow time of year, and I think the fact that there are new leaked images to talk about and new things to discuss leading up to the big summer convention season is vitally important.  Without those leaks, where would the fandom be by the time SDCC crawled along?  Would a lot of fans have forgotten and moved on?  I think that’s a big possibility.

But there is a critical line there…and it’s a line I’m afraid to say I have crossed repeatedly over the past couple of weeks.  Thankfully a good friend of mine whose opinion I trust and value confronted me on it over the weekend, and you know what?  He was right.

I think these leaked images are important,  and I think they generate conversation and interest.  However, I think I’ve gone a bit overboard in my “endorsement” of online auctions from overseas sellers.  In reading some past posts I’ve made, it almost seems as if I’m recommending that people buy from these black-market eBay stores, and I really regret coming across that way.  We are in a pretty critical economic climate, and for every $14.99 Alley-Viper that a Joe collector buys from Asia could potentially subtract COBRA Island 7-Packs that are bought legally, which could have disastrous ramifications for Hasbro sales.  Not only could that hurt the Joe line in general, but it could tell Hasbro that we’re not interested in these vintage-themed 7-Packs, which is the exact opposite of what I’m seeing in the fandom.

So from here on, I’m drawing a line…it’s a thin line, but I’m drawing it.  While I will continue to report on and show images from these overseas auctions in the interest of generating interest and conversation in the fandom, I will not endorse, nor report on black market items or auctions for items that we know will appear at mass retail in the coming months.  This “stance” will probably not make a whole lot of difference, but simply from my own philosophical standpoint and to clear my own conscience that is the direction I’m going.

I know that everyone reading this shares my desire to see the G.I. Joe line succeed and move forward, so hopefully  we can all keep that in mind as we search the latest overseas auction to see what we want to buy just to own it a couple of months ahead of time.  I’m eager to hear everyone’s thoughts on this…am I going overboard?  Should I do more?  Leave me a comment and let’s talk it over.

Rise of COBRA Destro repaint revealed

We’ve all seen (and drooled over) the Rise of COBRA Destro figure that first appeared on eBay a while ago, but now it would appear that a much darker blue and red repaint may be coming out as well.

Check out the image below, courtesy of sicdunbine:


Nice loose pics of unreleased Ground Blast Heavy Duty on JoeBattleLines

With the recent influx of previously impossible-to-find Groundblast Heavy Duty figures on eBay, one was destined to get into someone’s hands who doesn’t mind cracking open a hundred dollar toy to take some pictures.  Big props to “Felix” of the Sigma 6 Central forums for stepping up, opening the box and getting some great pictures out there for folks!

Check out the thread here, and the images mirrored below.

UPDATE – Tons of new pictures of potential upcoming items from Unitedwell923!

Apparently “The Doctor” and Accelerator Suit Duke were only the tip of the iceberg…a wealth of new photos for potential upcoming product has been dug out from the unitewell923 archives…expect this stuff to hit auction in the near future.

Check out the load of images below, including some nice gems like a Python Patrol Tele-Viper, an arctic Snake Eyes, and what looks to be an updated Rise of COBRA Baroness!  Thanks again to HissCommander from The Terror Drome!