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This thing. Huh.

The Tomahawk has been one of my all time favorite vehicles ever since it was first released. I was a lucky kid, and by and large, I got most of what I asked for during my formative Christmas years. The Tomahawk and Terror Drome were highlights of my 1986 Christmas season and I clung to that damn helicopter for over 20 years. My childhood version of this awesome aircraft finally met its end probably about 10 years ago when I accidentally tipped over a lamp in my garage, which in turn knocked the copter from its perch and smashed half of its rotors. I managed to salvage another Tomahawk from somewhere, and then when Hasbro released the newly tooled version, I finally felt contentment in my need for a fully engineered and capable dual-rotor transport copter.

So, do I really need another one?

Well, no, but let’s be brutally honest here… out of any of your items in your collection, how many do you truly NEED. Collecting is about wants, ain’t it?

So did I really WANT another one?

joecon-2015-tigerhawk (4)

Again, the answer to that question is probably no, especially at a Convention price point, but a funny thing happens when you end up in a congested line with a few hundred other collectors and see a new and sparkly item for the first time. Your lack of interest suddenly gets flopped around and all of a sudden you become VERY INTERESTED. VERY INTERESTED INDEED.

The Tiger Hawk helicopter obviously uses the same tooling as the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Eaglehawk from two years ago, but with a unique new Tiger Force deco. It is eerily reminiscent of the vintage deco to the point where one might believe this was a vehicle designed back in the 80s aliongside the Tiger Rat. It looks gorgeous. The yellow, black, and faded white are picture perfect vintage throwbacks, with just the right hints of faded red/orange to match the other Tiger Force vehicles.

joecon-2015-tigerhawk (2)

If I have any complaints about the deco it would be the infamous smiley face that these Tiger Force vehicles all have. The face here looks a bit too far up-turned like a goofy, toothy grin much more than the sneer that is supposed to inspire fear in the Cobra enemies.

Beyond that one odd deco choice, though, the Tiger Hawk is a pretty great looking updated Tiger Force vehicle. It’s got great color matching and style matching with the existing vehicles, and unlike other Convention exclusives, it actually presents something new. Where the Tiger Shark and Tiger Sting are mostly just redone duplicates of classic vehicles, the Tiger Hawk brings something pretty new to the table, you just need to be prepared to pay for it.

joecon-2015-tigerhawk (15)

I also enjoy how the Club leveraged the Tiger Hawk into a meaningful place within the confines of the Con set. Building the three pack around the helicopter makes sense, with the pilot (Skystriker) and two operatives (Alpine and Frostbite) dove-tailing into the vehicle placement nicely.

At the end of the day, buying the Tiger Hawk is a decision that you have to take seriously, as it’s one of the most expensive Convention vehicles we’ve seen to date. But if you’re a Tiger Force fan, it would be tough to consider your Tiger Force collection complete without this vehicle at the head of the table. It really is executed nicely and would fit in a modern or vintage collection quite well.

Amazon.com Cyber Monday “Lightning Deals” on Toys – Eaglehawk at 3:00pm Eastern

As they usually do on Cyber Monday, Amazon.com is firing up their Lightning Deals, and they feature a lot of toys in those deals today.

But what G.I. Joe fans want to keep their eyes open for is at 3:00pm Eastern when the G.I. Joe Eaglehawk hits the Lightning Deal.  That’s in just over an hour.  Amazon’s current price is about $32, so you’ve got to think the Lightning Deal will be for a decent chunk less.

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GeneralsJoes Review Double Shot! Eaglehawk and FSS 13th figure

Yes, the 13th figure in the Figure Subscription Service was released over a month ago now, but I’m still trying to avoid spoiling too much…at least in the subject of this post.  But let’s face it, if someone doesn’t know who the 13th figure is yet, they’re probably not on the Internet and aren’t reading this anyway!

So, we’re kicking off this Monday with two reviews that folks have been asking for.  One can be found in the 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Retaliation sections, or linked below.  The other can be found in the G.I. Joe Collectors Club review section.  I think you guys can figure out which goes where.

Big Bad Toy Store launches pre-order for G.I. Joe Eaglehawk

I think it’s safe to say that G.I. Joe fans everywhere have been waiting for this moment! After what seems like forever, pre-orders for the upcoming G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Assault Helicopter have appeared online, and first up to the gate is Big Bad Toy Store.

The price is currently listed at $44.99, though BBTS states that this price is subject to change. Release date estimate is July, 2013. Go get ’em, Joe fans!

In hand images of the upcoming G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter!

Well, this is a really good sign, eh?  Preproduction collector Gyre Viper has gotten a hold of an upcoming Eaglehawk Helicopter, and he’s posted a bunch of great pictures on JoeDeClassified.  Some fantastic images of both the Eaglehawk vehicle itself and Lift Ticket as well.

I’ve mirrored just a few images below, there are a bunch more at JoeDeClassified itself.  I guess this means the Eaglehawk is coming closer!

Updated G.I. Joe: Retaliation SuperPage posted

Okay, it’s late, and I’ve been at this for several hours…so I think this is pretty accurate, but I welcome any feedback and comments to the contrary.  Re-arranged the wave layouts to more accurately reflect what we now know.  Added the EagleHawk, and the new figures we saw today.  Lots and lots of pictures!

Not all of the pictures…for all of the pictures, you gotta roam over to the YoJoe Events Page and check out the hundreds and hundreds of images that have been uploaded there.  The SuperPage is just for a bit easier reference point.

Check out the latest SuperPage at the link below!

First images of G.I. Joe Eaglehawk/Tomahawk helicopter from Toy Fair 2013

Here we go!

The images have processed from the Tomahawk/Eaglehawk vehicle straight from the Hasbro showroom floor, and they are posted at the YoJoe.com Events page!  I am hitting up all other items revealed today and should be uploading them all promptly.

Yo Joe!