Exclusive – First look at full color render of Eagle Force Captain Eagle

Debuting everywhere tomorrow, but with a special sneak peek here at GeneralsJoes, Fresh Monkey Fiction has revealed their first color 3D render of the upcoming Captain Eagle, commander of Eagle Force!

Looking to launch the Kickstarter this summer, Fresh Monkey Fiction is working to bring Eagle Force to the modern collector of 1:18 scale military figures, and it looks like they’re off to a really great start.

Check out the image below and keep watching Eagle Force Returns for the latest updates!  Big thanks to Fresh Monkey Fiction for letting me reveal this exciting news!


Eagle Force Stryker reveal emphasizes support for Adventure People

Zica Toys recently relaunched their Adventure People Kickstarter, and is making some great progress, already accumulating over $15,000 of their $25,000 goal. This fun looking Kickstarter includes some nostalgia based characters like Captain Action and Action Jackson, as well as some different variations of those figures.

Meanwhile, over on the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page, Fresh Monkey Fiction has revealed the first look at Stryker, one of the new characters from the upcoming Eagle Force line. One thing to note with this first reveal is that he’s using some Adventure People parts. Fresh Monkey Fiction noted that the success of the Adventure People Kickstarter could go a long way towards ensuring that Eagle Force has access to their library of tooling to spin out some great looking figures like this.

I think Stryker looks pretty great, and I know with the Adventure People’s new Kickstarter methodology, I’ll be pledging some support that way as well.

Keep watching the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page for the latest updates, and if you like what you see there, consider pledging towards the Adventure People Kickstarter, too!


Fresh Monkey Fiction now on Instagram – Eagle Force sneak peek!

The folks over at Fresh Monkey Fiction have opened up an Instagram account, and as one of their first actions, they’ve posted a great looking preview of Captain Eagle from the upcoming Eagle Force Kickstarter!

Check out Fresh Monkey Fiction on Instagram and check it out for yourself!


Mammoth 100th Episode of What’s on Joe Mind is online


Yeah, this is a big ‘un.  For our landmark 100th episode of What’s on Joe Mind, we wanted to pull out all the stops, but I don’t think any of us envisioned the result would be a close to five hour marathon of G.I. Joe talk!

All that being said, there is something here for everyone.  We talk to Bill and Craig from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys about the Eagle Force Returns and Captain Action Kickstarter…and we break a special bit of news about them as well!

Along the way, we invite Cobra Commander himself to read from the mailbag, take listener calls, and break down all the latest (as of a month ago) news!

As always, find the latest episode at Podbean, and it’s also embedded below.  Show Notes are after the break.

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JoeCon Recap – Eagle Force Reveals

Sort of lost in the shuffle of the whirlwind of G.I. Joe news over JoeCon weekend was that Fresh Monkey Fiction featured some incredible looking Eagle Force reveals in the form of turn around artwork!

Displayed at the Boss Fight Studio booth, we got our first look at Fireball AND Stryker, Jr, the new Eagle Force sniper.

As expected both new entries look pretty fantastic and right in line with the style of the rest of the Eagle Force offerings.

Check out the image gallery below featuring the artwork for all Eagle Force figures (as well as Captain Action) revealed so far.  The more I see of these the more excited I become!  Some of these designs are fantastic.

Along with the JoeCon reveals, the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page also posted the color turn arounds for Stryker, Jr. and Fireball:

And lastly, they posted a neat little sneak preview for their NEXT reveal:


Hmmm…  a pretty unique looking crossbow.  If only we knew of a character who came with one of those…



I am excite.

As always keep watching Eagle Force Returns on Facebook as well as EagleForceReturns.com for the latest updates.

Boss Fight Studio kicks off G.I. Joe Con 2015 with a bang

For the first day of JoeCon, Hasbro kept their cards understandably close to their vest pending their panel tomorrow, but independent toy company Boss Fight Studio set up their booth with a wealth of great looks at upcoming products they’re involved in.

Vitruvian HACKS

Boss Fight Studio’s first foray into their own toyline is in the midst of the pre-production process in China after a whirlwind Kickstarter, but they brought some amazing looking samples to their booth that are completely mind blowing, including a first look at the Skeleton!

Marauder Task Force

Along with Virtuvian HACKS Boss Fight Studio brought some of the early Marauder Task Force which they helped design and sculpt.

The Marauder Task Force figures look absolutely amazing, with high articulation and tons of customizable parts and pieces!

Eagle Force/Captain Action

Working alongside Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, Boss Fight Studios helped design Eagle Force figures for a thrilling upcoming Kickstarter.  For the first time ever, some of the below designs are being shown off.  Fireball is a brand new reveal at JoeCon, and the 3D sculpts and inputs are just fantastic.

Eagle Force Returns promises reveals at JoeCon

As we near summer, I get more and more excited about the upcoming Eagle Force and Captain Action Kickstarter, and each review from the Eagle Force Returns folks gets me even more amped up.

Over on their Facebook page, they’ve posted a really nice mock up of a postcard in the theme of the vintage cardback, and have also promised a pair of reveals at JoeCon 2015!

Two characters on the back of this cardback postcard are blurred out, Stryker, Jr and Fireball.

Back in the day, Fireball was a member of RIOT (though I believe in the midst of production his name was changed to Beta Man), and Stryker was a sharpshooter.  Going by the name “Stryker, Jr” it sounds like he may have an heir who is following in his footsteps.  Here are some original concepts for those two characters, from the always resourceful MegoMuseum.  The large card art for Stryker courtesy of Amazon.com.


Definitely some interesting source material there.  Check out the card backs below to see some great new concept artwork for Captain Eagle as well as the blurred out cardback for the reveals at JoeCon (once again, courtesy of the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page):

Now, it would seem to me that they’re definitely using the second Fireball concept above as their source for whatever new designs they’re doing.  A short while ago they posted the following image on their  Facebook page as well, which you may recognize as the mask that is flipped up on top of Fireball’s head above:


So some fun stuff to see for sure. Not only do we know Hasbro will be in attendance to reveal new product, but we should be hearing some Eagle Force news as well. Make sure you stay tuned here, too, as we’re going to post the What’s on Joe Mind interview with Bill and Craig from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, who will be revealing some terrific information about this upcoming Kickstarter!

Also keep watching EagleForceReturns.com and Eagle Force Returns on Facebook for more news and information.

Full sculpt detail revealed for Eagle Force Modern Captain Eagle

The year is young, and even with a slow year so far for G.I. Joe news, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on in the world of 4″ action figures.  Not the least of which is the return of Eagle Force!  The Kickstarter is not live yet, but we continue to see some great reveals from the guys at Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, and check out the latest image below.



Designed and sculpted by the talented team at Boss Fight Studio, this modern version of Captain Eagle is shaping up to be something pretty damned awesome.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m counting down the days until this Kickstarter goes live.

Keep watching EagleForceReturns.com or the Eagle Force Returns Facebook page for the latest information and details!

Eagle Force Soldier for upcoming Eagle Force resurgence revealed!

The next potential big thing in Kickstarter appears to be Eagle Force, and today we get another exciting reveal from the upcoming toy line.

Over at HISSTank.com they have shown off concept art of the Eagle Force Soldier, a good guy troop builder!  Fresh Monkey Fiction promises to have four different army builders available with the new campaign, and if they all look this cool, we could be in for a world of hurt (on our wallets).

With design work by Boss Fight Studio, this new Eagle Force iteration should have a strong fanbase to build from, and actually seems to be hitting a lot of G.I. Joe high notes.

In related news, Fresh Monkey Fiction also posted a panel from an upcoming comic story featuring some back story to Eagle Force’s big return. 

Should make for some interesting storylines to lead off 2015.

Check out the two images below.



Exclusive First Look at a grizzled Captain Eagle from the return of Eagle Force!

When the whispers first came of a return of 1980s Mego property Eagle Force, I was intrigued.  Debuting in the early 80’s the original Eagle Force was a die cast line of 2.5″ action figures that unfortunately hit retail just as Mego was going under, and as such, never had a chance to truly reach their potential.

There is some crossover appeal between Eagle Force and G.I. Joe, as various customs have appeared throughout the community celebrating those die cast figures.  But honestly, I hadn’t had an attachment to them as a child, so while I was intrigued, that’s about as far as it went.

Then the rumors started circulating that they would be 4″ military figures, and would feature modern construction and be highly articulated.  Okay, my “intrigue” just went full on into “anticipation”.

Finally, the word came out that not only would Eagle Force’s return feature a 4″ modern military aesthetic, but they would also be designed and sculpted by Boss Fight Studio?  Well, if there’s a stronger word than “anticipation” I now had it.  I’ve been eagerly camped out at the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page, just waiting for some new information to hit and now I’m very proud to say, thanks to the folks behind Fresh Monkey Fiction, I’ve been allowed to reveal the first ever look at Captain Eagle from the exciting Eagle Force return!


To say that he’s everything I hoped for would be a massive understatement.  This is a guy who has been through the ringer and has come back for more.  It’s immediately apparent that RIOT has made their presence known again, and Captain Eagle must come back into action to do battle for the safety of the world!

A joint venture between Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica Toys, with design and sculpting by Boss Fight Studio, the return of Eagle Force certainly looks like something to celebrate in 2015!  Do what I’ve been doing and set up shop at the Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page and at EagleForceReturns.com and keep those eyes peeled, because if this first piece of concept art is any indication, we are in for one hell of a ride next year.  The Kickstarter will be launching in Q2 of 2015, and I’m already starting to save my pennies.