Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Sniper revealed!

We saw them featured in various pictures with the upcoming 12″ Dusty and the Cobra Desert Weapons Cache, and now, in the latest collectors’ newsletter the Cobra Desert Sniper has finally been revealed in a preview right here!

The figure will get a full blown reveal in the Sideshow Production Blog on November 9th, but until then, this sneak preview will have to do:

A big thanks to Mysterious Stranger and 788 for the intel!

Sideshow Desert Weapons Cache now available for pre-order

The Sideshow Collectibles Newsletter has launched, and with it, the pre-order for the Desert Weapons Cache w/ Sandstorm is now available for pre-order!  Anyone who has ordered Dusty needs this!  It even comes with his coyote sidekick from the ’91 version of the figure.  Sweet!

Images can be seen on the pre-order page, and I’ve mirrored a nice image below as well.  These environments tend to sell out quick, don’t miss it!

Sideshow Collectibles Desert Weapons Cache w/ Sandstorm revealed!

We caught a glimpse of it during the announcement of the 12″ Dusty figure, and now it has been officially announced by Sideshow Collectibles.  To go along with the Recon at Waypoint, Sideshow is releasing a new environment, the Desert Weapons Cache w/ Sandstorm.

Of course, what has really caught my eye is the desert themed Cobra Trooper in the set as well.  Very cool.

Check it out right here.

Sideshow Collectibles Dusty figure available for pre-order NOW

Well, it’s October 7th, the new Sideshow newsletter has hit, which means the brand spanking new 12″ Dusty figure is available for pre-order right this very minute!  Check out the links below to get on the pre-order list before this damn cool looking figure is sold out.

Check out the mini gallery below!

Full Gallery online for Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Dusty

So yeah, remember when I posted the news item about the upcoming Dusty figure a couple of days ago?  Remember how I said it was a shame they were wasting time on this character rather than some of the more iconic characters?

Yeah, I’m a moron.  This figure is nasty.

All decked out in full desert camouflage, looking very much like his classic self but with some awesome modern elements it really captures every element of Dusty.  I love that they included his beret, the FAMAS is gorgeous, and the little diorama teaser is excellent, too.  The diorama itself is less exciting than what appear to be desert themed Cobra Troopers and even a little shot of Sandstorm!  Beauty.

I swore long ago that I would not be pulled into the Sideshow line, I simply don’t have the funds for it, but they’re making it pretty damned hard.  If they can make a fringe character like Dusty (and a character that I don’t really have an affinity for) so appealing…well, that really says something about their production values Very impressive.

Check out a few mirrored images below, and check out the full Gallery at the Sideshow Production Blog.

Information on the figure is as follows:

“Remember that the Exclusive Dusty 12-inch Figure will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, October 7th, which is typically published between 6PM and 7PM (Pacific Time). For those of you who can’t wait to see the full reveal of this G.I. Joe collectible, we’re posting the product gallery and info a bit early (see below).

The Exclusive Dusty 12-inch Figure, which will include an AC58 Anti-Armor Rifle Grenade accessory, will be priced at $129.99. Additionally, a Regular Edition, without Rifle Grenade, will be priced at $129.99 and available for Pre-Order. Both versions of Dusty 12-inch Figure will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and will have the FLEXPay option available as a payment choice when placing your Pre-Order. Make sure you log into your newsletter account on October 7th to secure this piece for your collection.[Sign Up for the Sideshow Newsletter][Newsletter Login]

Plus, be on the look-out for upcoming 1/6 scale G.I. Joe collectibles to display with our Dusty 12-inch Figure!”

Sideshow’s newest 12″ figure revealed – Dusty!

In various production videos we’ve seen some concept art for an upcoming Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Dusty, and now he has been officially announced!

Personally, not a big fan.  Sure, Dusty has his place in the G.I. Joe mythology, but come on…what about  Destro?  Zartan?  Crimson Guard?  Sideshow’s been doing some great military figures, but it seems like that’s all they’ve been doing.  Duke, Flint, Beachhead, and  Firefly are all awesome, certainly…but I’m really looking forward to seeing how Sideshow tackles some of the more…  “eclectic” folks in the G.I. Joe universe.  Not to mention the fact that I don’t really see Dusty as being a core character that needs 12″ figure treatment before so many others.

Ah, well…I’m sure the end result will still be very cool, just wish we could see some of the more iconic characters tackled.  Check out a preview image below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Dusty

Finally getting my hands on Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 means I can start getting those reviews out there.  As cool as Wave 1 is, Wave 2 certainly looks to match it nearly every step of the way, and this figure is a perfect example why.

Dusty is fantastic.  Check out the Pursuit of Cobra review page, or just check out the review itself right here.

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 hitting US retail. No that is not a typo!

Big thanks to “williamzombie” of for letting folks know that he stumbled upon Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 at his local Target.  The thread report is right here, and he provided pictorial proof, which I’ve mirrored below.

Yeesh!  And here I just made a 300 mile trek two days ago and couldn’t even find wave ONE.

Good to know they’ll be out there for someone, though, I’ll stick to e-tailers.

Diamond Release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2

Thanks to SNAKE EYES of for revealing the release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 as revealed by Diamond Distribution.  But to me, the best news is this crazy high resolution images provided.  Nice!

Good grief I’m in love with the Pursuit of Cobra.  These are all exceedingly awesome looking figures.  Every freaking one of them.  I do hope Jungle-Viper looks okay without his monstrous backpack suit thing, because I’d love to use him as a more generic Cobra jungle operative…and yes, I understand Snake Eyes has “Tornado Action” and that figure looks pretty wonky, but I love it all, anyway.

Check out the mirrored images below.

The release information is as follows:

Pursuit Of Cobra WAVE 2: The evil schemes of Cobra are thwarted throughout the world by the noble soldiers of G.I. Joe, and their battles can be replayed time and again with the G.I. Joe action figures! Each figure stands 3 3/4″ tall and comes with accessories. Fans can choose from Zartan (Version 2)*, Recondo, Destro (Version 2), Jungle Viper, Snake Eyes (Version 2), Dusty, and many more. Blister card packaging.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE BRAVO VEHICLES WAVE 2: Stage your own battles between the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra with the all-new G.I. Joe Bravo Vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure height! Choose from the Vamp 4×4 with Double Clutch, or the Cobra Fury with Alley Viper.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE ALPHA VEHICLES WAVE 2: Take your Joe and Cobra forces into battle with these 1- and 2-man vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure, each with its own exclusive pilot/driver! Collectors can choose from the A.W.E. Striker, which comes with Nightfox, or the Cobra Ice Cutter, which comes with Snow Serpent.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

New Pursuit of Cobra Dusty and Night Fox images

Keep in mind that I really don’t like desert figures.  I never really have.  Yet, for some reason, the figure that I was most drawn to with those unreleased Target sets was Sandstorm…for some reason I just thought he was awesome.  Whether it was the story with Zartan, or the desert camouflage and reactive armor combination…I’m not sure why, but that figure really drew me in.

And now, The Pursuit of Cobra keeps up the trend.  Dusty, coming in Wave 2, is one of the cooler Joe figures I’ve seen in recent memory.  Night Fox as well, who is slated to come with the upcoming AWE Striker, is another fantastic looking desert themed figure.  Combine that with the HISS v.5 I already have, and suddenly I have a veritable desert arsenal, and they’re all cool!

Gyre-Viper from, of course, doesn’t help much when he keeps posting great pictures…I love some of the gear swaps he shows off in this thread, and I’ve mirrored just a few of the awesome images below.