It’s G.I. Joe Kre-O Week at GeneralsJoes! First review – Mini Figures Wave 1

I’ve been thinking about how to structure and organize these reviews, and I decided that there really wasn’t enough detail to break the reviews of wave 1 down to individual figures.  They were much better tackled as a whole.  I’m sure folks will let me know if they’re not happy with that format.

Throughout the rest of this week I will endeavor to cover every G.I. Joe Kre-O set that’s been released so far!  It might be too tall an order, but I’m going to give it my best shot as we roll towards the theatrical release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

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Lucky #13… 13 days left and reason #13 why G.I. Joe: Retaliation will rock

Less than two weeks…is this even possible?  I think it’s really going to happen this time.  Twitziller thinks so, too, and he gives us the 13th reason why the film will be worth the wait.


I think Twitziller has been trying very hard to avoid throwing Rise of Cobra under the bus during this process, and I appreciate that.  Rise of Cobra was certainly far from perfect, but it had its fun moments as well.  Even the most ardent Rise of Cobra supporters, though, will agree that the costume design could have used a LOT of help.  I’m a huge fan of Sigma 6 as folks know, but that uniform design really should not have been considered for the first ever representation of G.I. Joe on a movie screen.  I didn’t mind the reactive armor look, but it just didn’t scream “G.I. Joe” in my eyes.  The combination of spandex and khaki pants on Snake Eyes really didn’t work either (not to mention the lips) and don’t even get me started on Cobra Commander.

I should say that I actually really loved the design of the Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander, but  as the first installment of the G.I. Joe franchise, they needed something more traditional.

Well, from all appearances, G.I. Joe: Retaliation has taken many of the complaints about costume design from the first film and completely scrubbed them from people’s minds.  The almost seamless transition of standard military combat uniform and state of the art layered body armor works extremely well in all cases.  These soldiers look like they’re soldiers, but they also look separate from more “normal” soldiers, much in the way you’d expect a real world G.I. Joe organization to look.  And, again…  Cobra Commander this time around is pretty much perfection.  The battle helmet is down perfectly, and his black leather trenchcoat offers just the right amount of sinister bad ass.  I didn’t even mention Snake Eyes, who looks infinitely better than he did in the first film as well.

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An embargo lifts, and the G.I. Joe: Retaliation set visit dam busts open

With the film premiere in Korea and Australia complete and things moving forward towards the UK and the United States, apparently the set visit reports, which were previously embargoed, have been green-lit and are ready for launch!  We have a bunch of various websites reporting on these visits and writing up different articles in regards to G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  Let’s go through them:

Screen Rant made their set visit before the film’s delay, now quite a while ago, and do a great job breaking down the visit and summarizing various interviews with cast and crew.  They visited Fort Pike, the NASA facility in New Orleans and write up a fantastic run down of various things we can expect based on their experiences.

Wow, the folks at Latino Review go all out for this set visit.  There’s a full blown video blog with El Mayimbe, Frosty (from Collider), and George from Arcade Sushi, and they break down the visit as well.  The links you see above are various different things that Latino Review brings to their site with the set visit, including tons of cast interviews, the video blog itself, and a whole lot more.  I think they really nailed this one.

Collider also posted the video blog recap that Latino-Review mentioned above, but dove into their set visit report, too, breaking down 25 (yes TWENTY-FIVE) things to know about the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation film.  Now, granted, they didn’t go as crazy as Twitziller with his 40 reasons to catch G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but 25 ain’t no slouch.  It’s a great article that you should definitely check out.  Also, as you can see above, they have posted a plethora of actor interviews straight from the set of the film.

You know what I love about these set visits?  Everyone is really doing something different.  Latino Review loads up on the interviews and does a video blog…  Collider runs with 25 things to know, and goes old school with some great G.I. Joe themed filecards, which each link to a different interview, up to eight in total.  A very unique way to present that.  I dig it.

IGN also made a visit, and does a terrific set visit report, too.  Rather than posting separate interviews with each cast member, they take some interview highlights and weave them into the content of the story itself, which is an effective tact, to be sure.  It’s very thorough and well presented.

As you all can see there are a ton of details here, a ton of links, and a veritable avalanche of G.I. Joe: Retaliation content.  Let it envelop you!  Two weeks to go!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Character Featurette Profile Recap

Okay, these featurettes have been flying hot and heavy over the past few days, so let’s catch a breath and get them all gathered up in one place shall we?

We’ve had “behind the scenes” we’ve had TV spots, and we’ve had the great 20 second character profiles.  All of them, when assembled, make for some very cool pre-film hype.  I can tell you, I’m flipping out over here right now.  Lots of great footage, I can’t even believe we’re almost within 2 weeks of this thing.

Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below to get a nice, well-organized rundown of all of the character profiles that have aired so far:

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Featurette (originally aired on WWE Raw) in HD

We originally saw this featurette recording from a smart phone camera as it aired on WWE Raw, but now IMDB has the video in HD quality, and it is awesome.  Yes, the same footage, yes the same music, but with some added behind the scenes stuff, this is a really great look at the film.

Between the character vignettes, the TV spots, and now this… wow.  G.I. Joe: Retaliation video overload.  Unfortunately the video is not embeddable (yet), but check it out at

Big thanks to John from JoeArmory for the heads up.

Now with an embed, thanks to nailbiter111 from Comic Book Movie.

Images added to Discount Store Duke and Cobra Trooper Reviews

A couple of folks had questions about certain elements of the two reviews I mentioned above, so I took a couple extra pictures to show case some things.  People were inquiring about the look of Breaker using Duke’s body, so I whipped something up really quickly.  I did the best I could without cutting off his belt.  I also did a comparison image with recent Cobra Troopers that folks had been asking for.

Check out the two reviews to see the images at the links below, or the images are also mirrored in this story:


Three new images from G.I. Joe: Retaliation surface at Collider has scored some exclusive images from G.I. Joe: Retaliation featuring Snake Eyes, Flint, Jinx, Roadblock, Duke, and Joe Colton.  The images look to take place throughout various parts of the film, with the Joes in varying states of distress.

Check out the images at Collider, or mirrored below.

I know we’ve seen the Colton and shirtless Flint ones before, but the image of the four characters walking through fire is definitely a new one.  If you look at Roadblock, too, it looks as if he’s holding that suitcase launching system that Firefly and Zartan have been using in so many of the TV Spots and trailers.


Three is the magic number? A THIRD G.I. Joe: Retaliation clip unveiled

Wow!  Lots of action from Paramount International today, most likely connected with the world premier of the film in Seoul, South Korea.  Like the first two clips, this one features a lot of footage that has been seen in previous trailers, but with just enough extra spice to make it interesting.

To me, it’s the little things that are grabbing me here.  The way Flint scoffs a little bit as Roadblock is talking shows me a lot of character early on.  This scene is also especially ominous considering how many of the G.I. Joe troops on this particular transport aren’t going to make it home.  A pretty grim way to start the film.

Check it out in the Paramount International YouTube page, or embedded below.

Paramount unleashes G.I. Joe Retaliation character profile videos with NEW FOOTAGE!

Okay, my mind is officially blown.  Is it March 29th yet?!?

These character profiles are only 20 seconds long each, and they are KILLER.  Action-packed with new footage, gunplay, and what looks like some serious parkour action.  Wow.  Very quick cuts, but a lot of gunfight awesomeness packed into 60 seconds worth of footage here.  Check out the three character profiles for Duke, Flint, and Lady Jaye below, or at the Paramount International YouTube channel.

GeneralsJoes reviews Discount Store “Running Change” Duke

Continuing on with the “running change” versions of those exclusive figures that came out last year is Duke!  This Duke is a dark gray instead of the green that we got last year.  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think they were going for a Sunbow version of Breaker homage.

Take a look for yourself and decide!  Hit up my 30th Anniversary Review Page, or go to the direct link below.