Playing catch up with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 2.0 reviews

I know my reviews have fallen somewhat behind, mostly because I’m devoting my time to the Darkness Falls Dio-Story, but I have officially caught up with my FSS 2.0 reviews!

Today, you can find ALL FIVE remaining figure reviews posted to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, and also hit up the links below.

  1. Keel Haul
  2. Bombardier
  3. Big Bear
  4. Dragonsky
  5. Grand Slam


GIJoe Collectors Club “Did you Know”? with Dragonsky

Yeah, I’m running a little behind here, as the Collectors Club revealed this a few days ago, but better late than never. ¬†They have posted another “Did You Know”? segment, this time featuring the Oktober Guard flamethrower specialist Dragonsky!

Along with outlining some facts about the character, they also revealed a snippet of his card art, which you can see below: