GeneralsJoes wraps Kre-O week with Ninja Temple and Dragonfly!

Wow…somehow I did it.  I really didn’t think I’d be able to make this all happen, but I managed to get all of the G.I. Joe Kre-O sets reviewed in a single week.  Yeah, I’m patting myself on the back for that one, deal with it.  Check out the G.I. Joe Kre-O review page for all of the details on these terrific sets, or hit up the direct links below:

Also I was able to get the Battle Platform review updated with images of the RAM motorcycle.  I apologize for that little snafu, but all is right with the world.  Thanks to all the folks who gave me a heads up.

More offerings and very cool things in the works at Yetibrew Design

A couple of months ago, I revealed to the Joe community a great new custom parts service called Yetibrew Design, and showcased a “Dragonfly Upgrade Kit” that seemed to get some pretty good response.

Well, as the infomercial says, “That’s not all!”

Ian, proprietor of Yetibrew sends along word that his Dragonfly Upgrade Kit has spawned some cool new items, such as “…small (7 round) and large (19 round) rocket pods as well as a land mine dispenser with removable mines and a two part gatling gun assembly which is based on a gatling pod used on AH1 helicopters in Vietnam.”

He has also adapted a rocket pod for use with the awesome Pursuit of Cobra Ghost Hawk vehicle!  Images of these items can be seen below:

If you want to check out the Dragonfly parts, click here.

But…wait for it…  “that’s not all!”  Yetibrew has something else big in the wings that a lot of fans seemed to indicate a desire for.  Many fans have wondered why the HISS Tank has a clear glass canopy.  Well, Ian wants to change that.  He doesn’t have the actual model done yet, but he has sent along some beautiful renders for an armored canopy for your vintage HISS.  This thing looks awesome!  Check out the images for that below:

How freaking cool is that?  Man.  Seems like the sky is the limit with this stuff.  Bad ass.  Head over there and spend some money!  If we can show that this stuff is viable, there could be some even better stuff down the road.

The next generation of custom parts production is now!

Anyone who pays attention to the hobby at this point has heard about the wonders of 3D printing.  The idea that you can design something in CAD, and actually model it and print it in 3 Dimensions.  Previously restricted to very high end production processes, these 3D printers are becoming more common place.

With this in mind, GeneralsJoes is very proud to introduce the latest sponsor to the site Yetibrew Design, who works with Shapeways to produce manufactured 3 dimensional components for G.I. Joe vehicles!

Their first item is a “Dragonfly Upgrade” kit of sorts, which includes two fins for the side of the copter, as well as a replacement chin gun, both of which harken back to a bit more realistic “Huey Cobra” design aesthetic.  These items are hard plastic, clean cut, and fit very nicely into the vehicle they’re designed for.  No cutting, no trimming, no worries, just plug ’em in slap some paint on ’em and enjoy!

The coolest thing here, too, is that the proprietor of Yetibrew Design is also a fan, and wants to make items with a fan appeal.

Please check out his site at Yetibrew Design and take a peek at what he’s done so far, but best of all keep in mind everything that could be coming down the pipe.  Some great potential here.  I have a set of the Dragonfly parts in hand, and they are extremely well produced.  A full review is coming, but for now, enjoy the images of these great items:

More new “Dragonfly” images on

A few new images of the upcoming “Dragonfly” (keep in mind that name is NOT confirmed) have emerged over on  These new shots make the copter look a good deal smaller than I initially thought…almost too small.  It looks very RHINO chopper like.  I still think the vehicle itself looks pretty damn cool, but I’ll have to see what I think once I get it in hand.  The thing just looks tiny.  Read the thread for yourself here, or take a peek at the images below.

Mysterious new helicopter…is it an updated Dragonfly??

Over at as well as via samsallspark at The Terror Drome, images have popped up of a Wild Bill figure we’ve seen before, but this time around, he looks to come complete with a nicely detailed updated Dragonfly helicopter!  There isn’t a whole lot to see at the moment, but what I can see looks pretty bad ass.  Just as I’ve been hypothosizing for a long time, Hasbro seems to be taking queues from recent vehicle design like the RHINO and the 2.5″ Sigma 6 stuff and is working it into some nasty looking Joescale vehicles.  I really like this one a lot.  Image is below.