G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 19 added to Episode Guide

Episode 19, The Anaconda Strain, aired tonight on The Hub, and it was one heck of an awesome fast-paced 30 minutes of television!  Guest stars galore, some great action, and an extremely captivating story.

Even realizing that the end is near, I find myself really enjoying these last few episodes…can’t wait to see how things wrap up.

Check out my Episode Guide, or just click the link below.  Once you’re there, you may want to check out the character menus, too…some new faces there as of tonight!

Adventure Team sets are IN STOCK NOW at the GI Joe Club

Last week we saw that Adventure Team figures are hitting mailboxes with a furver, and now the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club reports that the figure sets are in stock now at GIJoeClub.com/shop.

If you haven’t gotten ’em yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

Gyre-Viper isn’t done yet… more Adventure Team images online

If you were wondering why only images of the Land Adventurer and ATV were posted, wonder no longer.  Gyre-Viper has lambasted HissTank with over 100 images of the Adventure Team figures, which are looking pretty damn awesome, by the way.

The Venus Flytrap is amazing!  Not quite sure how I feel about Venom’s paint-a-tie, but I guess if the Club couldn’t get access to the SDCC Destro, there wasn’t much choice.

Check out the healthy sampling of mirrored images below to make up your own mind.

Don’t forget, you can still order these from GIJoeClub.com!

A little something for the 12″ fans…

I know I don’t talk about the 12″ Joes much on this page, mostly because honestly they don’t interest me a whole lot.  But that changed with the last JoeCon in Providence.  Unfortunately it didn’t change quite fast enough.

We all know about the upcoming 3 3/4″ Adventure Team figures, and how they’re tying the AT guys into the Real American Hero realm with the introduction of Dr. Venom (finally!!) into action figure form.  Well, the Collectors’ Club is doing something similar in the 12″ scale as well.

In Providence this year, they introduced everyone to the first (at least I believe it’s the first) bad guy 12″ figure, the “Henchman”.  I was sorely tempted to pick this guy up, but in the end, I held off, and I’m kind of regretting it now, because he’s been sold out of the Club store, and will likely be tough to get a hold of.  Strongly based on the nameless and  faceless “bad guys” from the 70’s James Bond movies, this mysterious “Henchman” serves an organization…  but it’s an organization that all Joe fans should be intimately familiar with.

Take a good look at the picture of the Henchman above…and look at the logo.  The logo resembles the planet Mars.  Yes, the Henchman here is an agent of MARS.  A very cool tie in to Destro and the MARS organization, and now the Joe universes are all tied together nicely.

As a further explanation of the story, GIJCC staff member Lanny also did a pretty cool movie based on the comic that came with the 12″ set this year.  Check that out below.

I really love how the Club is weaving a cool new story tying all of these universes together…  now I wonder where Sigma 6 fits in.

Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – The Answers!

I’ve had several requests for the answers to the various clues I posted throughout the week, leading to the inevitable rescue of The Pit command center.  Here are the answers:

  1. Glow-in-the-dark Heavy Water from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. – Most folks got this one right.  The image was posted in the review, which was found either in the Exclusives section or the GIJCC Review Section.
  2. Venomous Maximus – I think most folks got this one right as well.  This could also be found in my reviews section, in the Valor Vs. Venom archive.
  3. Weasel – This one seemed to give a lot of folks some trouble.  Throughout the Marvel book, Kwinn was constantly telling Dr. Venom he had the “Spirit of the Weasel”.  I gave the clue as “Search GeneralsJoes.com for the answer”.  I simply made sure that if you went to the “Search Box” in the upper right hand section of the page and entered “Weasel” you would get the right entry, with the image there.
  4. Sigma 6 Adventure Team Dusty – Come on, you guys knew I’d have to sneak a Sigma 6 figure in here somewhere, right?  It only made sense to me to make it an Adventure Team figure, since they featured prominently in the story.  :)  Dusty was featured in the “Sigma 6 Celebration” that I did a ways back, and there is still a link up in the top menu bar leading to his review, where the image was placed.
  5. “Fallen from a Dead Man’s Hand” – I kind of knew this would be a real tough one, so I made sure to post my “Top 10” article before hand, since it featured the image with Dr. Venom’s death.  For this clue, I also indicated that you should “search GeneralsJoes” for the answer, so I found an appropriate page (for the Adventure Team pre-order, naturally) and placed the fallen from a dead man’s hand phrase on that article, so it would be easily found in the search box.

And that’s really all there is to it.

This was an exceptionally fun contest, I hope everyone really enjoyed it!  Here’s hoping I can do another one sometime, though I’ll be honest, this one took me a looong time to come up with.  Sometimes I have a hard time thinking outside the box.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  And while we’re on the subject of Dr. Venom, get your butts over to GIJoeClub.com and pre-order this bad boy!  He looks great.

Congratulations, Robert Cacy… you TOOK BACK THE PIT!

Well, the contest was a blast and it sounds like fun was had by all, but unfortunately there could be only one winner, and it was Robert Cacy!

He got his entry in a scant 60 seconds before the next person in line, and I received quite a volume of entries within the first 30 minutes.  I just want to thank everyone for participating, this contest was a lot of fun to put on, and I’m thrilled that so many readers seemed to enjoy it as well.

Robert, I will be in touch to get shipping information.

Thank you all very much, and a big thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for helping sponsor the contest.

Yo Joe!

GeneralsJoes Top Ten moments in Dr. Venom’s Cobra Career

As I conclude this week focusing some attention on Dr. Venom, I thought it only appropriate to do up a post about Dr. Venom’s short, but illustrious career with the Cobra organization.  I know Gary “cmderinchief” already posted his views, but I’ve got my own unique take!  Below are what I consider Dr. Venom’s “Top Ten” moments in his short, but storied history.  Click the “Read the rest of this Entry” link below to check out the full blown rundown!

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You can take back The Pit… TODAY!

Just a reminder that today is the final day for the  GeneralsJoes “Take Back The Pit” contest.  Observant and persistent readers should have four images now, and the fifth one will be posted today at some point.

The first person to email me (at justin@generalsjoes.com) all five images will win a G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Pit Playset!

Full details are right here.

Don’t forget, too, that Dr. Venom is currently available for pre-order at the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club online store.  We’ve been waiting for this figure for twenty-five years, don’t miss it now!

Best of luck!

GeneralsJoes interviews Marvel G.I. Joe artist Mike Vosberg

I figured with all of the attention Dr. Venom is getting on the site this week, it would be neat for me to spend a few minutes talking to one of the most influential folks behind the character of Dr. Venom.  Mike Vosberg was the artist on the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic way back in those days, and the look was the immortal Cobra scientist was born from his hands.  But trust me, you know Mike Vosberg from a lot of other things beyond just G.I. Joe.  He was the man who drew the comic pages for the Tales from the Crypt TV series, and he has also done storyboarding for countless Hollywood projects.

For these few minutes, though, I talked to him about G.I. Joe, and about Dr. Venom specifically.  Some of his answers are interesting…and for anyone who thinks Grand Moff Tarkin is a good head for a Venom custom, turns out there’s a reason for that!  Click the “Read the rest of this Entry” link below to read the full interview, and a huge thanks to Larry Hama and Mike Vosberg for setting up this interview!

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