The Alexx Shorts make a return with Pursuit of Cobra Alpha Vehicles

It’s been a while since I’ve featured any of the awesome “Alexx Shorts” here, but mostly just because there hasn’t been a whole lot of new product for him to talk about, or take pictures of.  But that has certainly changed recently…

When I saw his take on the two latest Alpha vehicles, the Ghost Hawk and the Doom Cycle, I just had to repost them here…even with a few months of down time he hasn’t lost his touch.  The original threads can be found at JoeBattleLines, I’ve also linked them below just above the image galleries.

Alexx Shorts – Ghost Hawk

Alexx Shorts – Doom Cycle leaks some Pursuit of Cobra vehicles early… maybe.

Reports are spotty, and some folks are saying that shipping dates don’t appear to be much earlier than we’ll see these at brick and mortar, but Mint Condition of reports that has posted a few PoC vehicles, including the elusive Alpha vehicles.  Granted, the Doom Cycle is currently listed as out of stock (though the Ghost Hawk appears to be available).

The listings are a bit bizarre, with the Cobra Mech being there, but the Joe one not, but regardless, if you choose “Site to Store” you can pick some items up with no shipping.  Direct links are below:

Give it a whirl, if you’re so inclined…

In hand images of upcoming Pursuit of Cobra Doom Cycle

Well, ole Gyre-Viper comes through again over on and has gotten his hands on the upcoming  Doom Cycle, an Alpha Class vehicle slated to be released with the Pursuit of Cobra toyline this fall.

While this isn’t necessarily a military behemoth that will be backing up your Alley-Vipers, it’s a pretty neat Dreadnok inspired chopper.  The driver, Storm Rider is a mixture of Shipwreck and a new head, and captures the spirit of the Dreadnoks pretty well (especially with that cool looking nail gun) though I have heard some complaints that they made him a new character instead of re-using a classically inspired character.

Anyway…check out the mirrored images below.

Also included in the gallery are some shots of a Battle Corps inspired HISS test shot.  That’s some brightness right there!