Images added to Discount Store Duke and Cobra Trooper Reviews

A couple of folks had questions about certain elements of the two reviews I mentioned above, so I took a couple extra pictures to show case some things.  People were inquiring about the look of Breaker using Duke’s body, so I whipped something up really quickly.  I did the best I could without cutting off his belt.  I also did a comparison image with recent Cobra Troopers that folks had been asking for.

Check out the two reviews to see the images at the links below, or the images are also mirrored in this story:


GeneralsJoes Reviews the Discount Store exclusive “Running Change” Cobra Trooper

Moving full steam ahead on the discount store exclusive reviews!  I’ve already covered Snake Eyes, Duke, and Shipwreck… today we tackle the Cobra Trooper!  Is this a comic deco?  Cartoon deco?  A little of both?  Read the review to find out!

Check out my 3oth Anniversary Review Page, or click the direct link below to take a look.

First carded image of Dollar Store Storm Shadow repaint

With the almost infamous Dollar Store G.I. Joe figures only being spotted sporadically throughout the United States at various Dollar General stores, there are a lot of questions about the mysterious repaints that Gyre Viper showed us quite a while ago.  Are these variants of current product?  A second wave?  A Family Dollar exclusive?

Most of these questions we do not know the answers to (but will hopefully find out at JoeCon next week!) but Gyre-Viper has now shared with GeneralsJoes a carded image of the upcoming Storm Shadow repaint.  Obviously taking a page from the T’Ginzu book, this great looking version of Storm Shadow is shown here in packaged form for the first time, revealing that these are being designed and packaged just like the first wave, with no real alterations.

For potential confidentiality reasons, Gyre-Viper will not be sharing the date stamp, or assortment number, considering these are as of yet unreleased items and things could have changed after he got his hands on this sample.  He does mention that the code names are exactly the same, and the back of the card is exactly the same (showing the original paint schemes, not the repaint colors) which seems to indicate that these are indeed variants or running changes, and are not a full fledged second wave of product.

Quite an interesting look at a series of figures that there seems to be more questions than answers about.  I really look forward to talking to Hasbro next week to see if we can get more details.

Speaking of Gyre-Viper and the Convention next week, if you’re going to be in New Orleans make sure you check out the Joe Declassified booth!  If you love unreleased product, pre-production product and just finding out some great hidden details about the entire history of G.I. Joe you won’t find a better place to do that than at the DeClassified booth.  With some awesome figures on display and some genuine fans of the hobby manning the booth it will be a fantastic opportunity to see some cool toys and talk to some cool people.

All of the information about the DeClass booth can be found right here on

Make sure you check it out!  Hopefully I’ll see you in New Orleans.


What’s on Joe Mind deals with a FANDOM IN CRISIS with Episode 57

Has a fandom ever been thrown into such turmoil in such a short period of time before?  Two weeks ago, new G.I. Joe toys were on the verge if being released, a movie was coming out in about a month, JoeCon was coming and things were GREAT.

Now, two weeks later, the film is pushed back to 2013, most of the toys have been delayed, and JoeCon’s quick sell out has created a riff in the fandom.  What’s on Joe Mind to the rescue!  We spend some time with voicemail messages in this episode, letting Joe fans vent their frustrations, as we take some time to vent our own.

Check out episode 57 on our Podbean Page, or via one of the embedded players below.  As always, Show Notes are after the jump.



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Dollar General G.I. Joe Update – There is NO RECALL

Last week quite a stir was created when Rescuer over on the JoeCustoms message boards mentioned that a Dollar General manager reported to him that the new G.I. Joe figures we were all searching for in stores had, in fact, been recalled.

I was a bit dubious about this, and I did some searching of my own, with thanks to a few friends of the site, and in all conversations I had with Dollar General folks or people connected to the chain, there had been no recall brought to their attention.

Well, Wednesday, Rescuer kindly returned to JoeCustoms to elaborate on his post, and he typed the following:

DG recall Update:

After a busy week at the fire station, I finally got to go to the local DG myself. I spoke with Linda, the Manager, (my wife’s friend is only an Asst Manager I found out) myself in regards to the recall that they received. They did receive a recall notice on a pallet that did contain GI Joe toys. HOWEVER, the recall was due to the pallet sustaining damage in transit, and several boxes of Joe toys were crushed, along with some Corps figures, large Power Rangers, and Batman figures. The recall was from their distribution warehouse, NOT Hasbro! The Joe toys were a few of the new sculpt o-ring figures, and the small Joe combat heroes. They were told not to put them on the shelf and return for replacements. There were NONE of the new Joe single cards in the recall! They unfortunately did not receive any more of the new figures in as of the last shipment delivery. I wanted to get this clarified for everyone that is still in search of these figures. KEEP LOOKING!! If anyone is able to, please forward this info to General’sJoes to update his site as well.

So that’s that.  There is NO RECALL for Dollar General stores.  Granted, these figures are quite hard to find at the moment, but I suspect they will get more common place as time goes on.  For the moment, though, no need to panic.

Thanks to Rescuer for following up and bringing this to my attention!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Dollar Store Exclusive Cobra Commander, Trooper & Storm Shadow

The figures currently available at Dollar General stores nationwide are causing quite a stir in the community.  Hot demand combined with low quantities, and amplified by rumors of a recall (which I believe are totally false, for the record) has all jettisoned these figures towards the top of many fans’ want list.

But how are they really?  Once you look past the insane demand, how successfully are these as G.I. Joe figures?

GeneralsJoes gets to the bottom of it!  I’ve started with the bad guys first and will review the good guys tomorrow.

First, I do have to say I hope you all accept my apologies…I am still in mid-move, so as a result, my review station isn’t quite as optimal as it has been in reviews past.  I’m forced to use the Flash a lot more as I’m having trouble finding consistent lighting sources.  The result is that some images are washed out a little more than I would prefer.  Also, most of my figures are packed in storage, which has greatly limited my ability to do comparison shots.  I’m hoping once I’m settled at the beginning of July, I can straighten things out again and get my reviews back to the level you all expect, but I appreciate your patience until that happens.

Check out the first three reviews on my 30th Anniversary Review page, or linked below!

Are we jumping the gun just a bit on the G.I. Joe toy recall hype?

I posted a few things on Twitter about this, but I wanted to talk about it a bit on the site here, too, just because I know not everyone follows me on Twitter.  Over the past few days I have been reading lots of anger and lots of hype about G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys and the likelihood of a widespread product recall from Hasbro.

To this I just have to say not so fast, my friends.

Let’s just think about this a bit and consider how realistic this scenario really is.

  1. Product recalls are an extremely expensive proposition and are generally only done in the case of danger or potential safety hazard
  2. Product recalls are, by and large, reported to the federal government, and end up on (specifically the CPSC portion of the site), and there is no indication that this has been done as of yet.
  3. According to many brick & mortar and online retailers, Hasbro sent them communications allowing them to break Street Date last week, prior to the reported date, most likely as a reaction to the movie delay.  Why would they then send communications just a few days later telling retailers that they are recalling their product?
  4. In the same vein, Hasbro issued a press release specifically stating that G.I. Joe is a consumer brand and that items would be available for sale.  Why would they then issue widespread product recalls two days later?
  5. Keep in mind within this two day window, there were also a couple of days of a three day holiday weekend.
  6. According to several online retailers, including Kokomo Toys, and Adam from Entertainment Earth, Hasbro has issued them no recall orders whatsoever.  A Twitter friend of mine named Kenny reports the same lack of a recall notice for Target, and another guy on Twitter, Caped_Crusader has been hitting Targets all morning and finding product on pegs or in stock rooms in every one.
  7. Many fans report contacting retailers and being told that product was being recalled or was not available for sale.  Do not forget, most of these phone calls occurred prior to the previously established street date.  If some stores did not receive that communication about street dates, isn’t it possible they were simply referring to the street date as a reason why product could not be sold?

The one outlier in all of this is the reports from Rescuer about Dollar General potentially recalling figures.  First of all, I’m sorry, but I simply cannot be convinced based off on one forum message from one person that this is an actual occurrence.  Normally I try to maintain benefit of the doubt, but until I hear this from more sources or see more evidence of this, I’m going to chalk this up to miscommunication, especially considering the fact that these are not even movie product.

Granted, I’m not saying this is impossible, I’m just saying the problem is likely being overblown.  Perhaps Hasbro is offering an olive branch to certain retaliers?  I don’t know, but I’m sorry I’m not taking this all that seriously based on a few scattered forum posts and a random Variety article.  Time will tell, but before freaking out, I think we need to at least wait for the street date to come and go and see where things go over the next couple of weeks.

Further sightings and confirmations of Discount Joes at Dollar Generals

And the flood begins!  My comments, emails and text messages have been flying this evening as more folks are reporting sightings of the new discount G.I. Joe figures at Dollar Generals across the country.

UPDATE – Some questions about price… reports are retail of $6.00 per figure.

Everywhere from Tennessee to Oklahoma and St. Louis, but the one common denominator is they’re being found in Dollar General stores specifically.  Big thanks to both Mike from Whats on Joe Mind and GeneralsJoes visitor Dustin for forwarding some images along as proof.  Mike even included his trademark bananas.  Check out the images below, and just as a reminder of what you can expect, make sure you read up on the Dollar Store figures with my exclusive reveal right here.

Carded images of recently revealed “Dollar Store” G.I. Joe figures

Topping off the frenzy he started earlier this week with the revelation of the “Dollar Store” assortment of vintage themed figures, Gyre-Viper has now posted carded images for these figures!  Check them all out on

Don’t forget to hit up the DeClass thread right here as well for the initial reveal, as well as some additional intel I was able to gather about these figures right here.  If you want to stay right on top of all of these reveals, make sure you’re following Gyre-Viper on Twitter.