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Dial Tone’s reveal gave us our first clue that perhaps the Collectors Club wasn’t going to just be diving back into the 80s to give us our Tiger Force inspiration…and it made me hopeful that this set might be a bit more interesting than I originally thought.

As I mentioned with Wreckage, Tiger Force was reconceived in 2003 as a Toys “R” Us multi pack, pulling inspiration from classic domestic Tiger Force as well as the much more exciting blue and orange International deco. Dial Tone was included in that multi-pack and was the beneficiary of some awesome updated colors. Going whole hog into the great blue and orange UK Tiger Force color scheme, Dial Tone was one of the most appealing figures in that Toys “R” Us set, and while the Collectors Club certainly seemed to be using that figure for inspiration, they stuck with the yellow and black, and unfortunately missed the boat considerably, at least in my opinion.

joecon-2015-dial-tone (5)

The convention Dial Tone retains none of the striking flair of the Toys “R” Us set, borrowing its sense of style, but none of its color, much to its detriment.

Dial Tone here uses the same torso (with permanently affixed Buzzer webgear minus the skull buckle) and arms as the annual exclusive from several years ago. He does have some bulked up legs that add some mass to the figure, but essentially bears a striking resemblance to the same annual exclusive we got in mailboxes back then. I’m not a big fan of the torso and webgear choice, but I actually don’t mind the Airborne arms, they remain probably some of the best arms produced in the 25th Anniversary era, and the thicker legs keep the figure looking at least relatively modern.

However, Dial Tone struggles mightily when it comes to color scheme. The Collectors Club used the Toys “R” Us version as a template, but swapped the colors to more resemble the vintage style, and the brown is significantly duller than the blue original, and the yellow simply is not as striking or appealing as the orange was in 2003. I understand the Club’s desire to make the figure blend in more with the vintage aesthetic, but in this case I think Dial Tone suffers for this decision and the end result is a boring mish-mash of color and design elements.

joecon-2015-dial-tone (10)

Combine this with the kneepads, which are trying to go for tiger stripe but end up just going zig-zag, and the figure just doesn’t do it for me. The Club managed to take a colorful and pleasant 2003 figure and turn it into a somewhat bland and generic 2015 Convention exclusive.


joecon-2015-dial-tone (2)

Dial Tone has his familiar communication backpack, this time in black, as well as his machine gun. Adding to that, he now comes with the familiar metal briefcase with folding computer screen and removable submachine gun that the Club has used quite frequently in recent years. This time around the case is done in a nice olive drab green, matching the Tiger Force aesthetics.

joecon-2015-dial-tone (6)

I understand what the Collectors Club was trying to do, and I’m glad they looked for inspiration in other places than just the 80s rendition of Tiger Force. Unfortunately, Dial Tone’s design just didn’t translate well here, either in a conversion to modern parts, or with the deco changes. The result is a figure that just doesn’t look good, and ends up really standing out in a crowd.

G.I. Joe Convention 2015 Tiger Force Dial Tone revealed

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has started the weekend off with a bang, revealing another of their upcoming Tiger Force themed convention figures.

Joining Wreckage is Dial-Tone.  Mostly carrying forward one of the previous Dial Tone figures, the Club adds a new pair of legs and tweaks the Tiger Force deco a bit.

Gotta say, I’m not sure I’m wild about the results here.  I always thought the neatest part of the Toys “R” Us Tiger Force set was the UK-themed blue…the Club took that template, but stuck with the vintage colors.  Maybe once I see the whole group I’ll think different.

Keep watching GIJoeCon.com and check out the mirrored image below.


GeneralsJoes Reviews the 2011 GIJCC Convention Set!

The day has finally come!  Well, mostly, anyway.  I won’t bother getting into the various reasons why this review was so delayed, but the important thing is that I’ve got it posted…well, for the most part.

Generally even when I don’t make it to the Convention I make arrangements for someone to pick up the exclusives for me.  Well, I let that slip through the cracks a bit this year, and it bit me in the ass, so I am currently Stinger-less, Motor-Viper-less, Cobra Commander-less, Water Moccasin-less, and Tele-Viper Officer-less.  I just can’t squirrel up the extra funds to try and get this stuff on the secondary market.

Thankfully, GeneralsJoes contributor “Beachhead” Mike came through on the Water Moccasin, and Gary “Gyre Viper” Goggles hooked me up with the awesome 2-Pack, so I am able to include those reviews here, but it is essentially the boxed set, the 2-Pack, and the Water Moccasin until I can get my hands on the other stuff.   Hopefully you’ll still find the review helpful!  Check it out as always at the GIJCC Exclusives Review Page, or just click the link directly below:

GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Exclusive 25th Anniversary Dial Tone

Yeah, I’m running way behind on reviews, though I am simultaneously working on Wave 5, the 2011 Convention Set, and this Dial Tone as well…once the floodgates open, they’ll start flying out!

I have updated my 25th Anniversary Reviews Page (and put it on the GIJCC Reviews Page as well) or you can check out the review itself at the link below:

I know the reviews have been a bit sparse, but I am about 75% done with 6 or 7 different reviews, and they should all come pouring out within the next week or so.


What’s on JOE Mind Podcast Episode #3 online

G.I. Joe oriented podcasts have been few and far between, but recent newcomer “What’s on JOE Mind” continues their weekly installments!  Just posted to day, episode 3 of What’s on JOE Mind has now been posted.

You can find it at Podbean, on iTunes, and also offer feedback on JoeDeclassified.com.

Yours truly joins Gary, Chuck, and Greg to talk about new G.I. Joe news, the Canadian Joe Convention, and we also talk to G.I. Joe superstar James Kavanaugh, Jr. about his recently released RAHC Guide.  Check it out!

GIJCC Exclusive Dial Tones arriving now!

Time to check those mailboxes!  HissTank member airdevon lets us all know that the club exclusive Dial Tone figures are hitting mailboxes now!

Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these bad boys…

GIJCC Incentive Dial Tone figures start shipping in May

I’ve seen lots of folks asking about this around the web, so I figured I should put this post out there.  Over on the GIJCC Collector Club message boards, David Lane (who posts as The Commander) has confirmed that Dial Tone figures will be shipping in May.  The exact quote is as follows:

“Hi Guys, All membership figures ship in late spring (starting in the month of May).”

So there you have it.

Two more days to get your GIJCC Dial Tone!

I know some confusion is out there regarding the GIJCC Dial Tone, but rest assured, it is NOT sold out.  The only portion sold out are the loose samples that the Club allocated to folks above and beyond what they have available for potential members.  Anyone who joins the Club by March 16th is assured to receive their exclusive Dial Tone figure!

Click here to join, and check out the filecard image below.

Big news day from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club

Being on the road for most of the day, I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the two big news stories that the Collectors’ Club dropped today in regards to the upcoming G.I. Joe convention at the end of the month.

Big story #1 – Voice actress Morgan Lofting, better known as The Baroness will be appearing in Orlando as a guest of the Collectors’ Club!  Very cool.  By far one of the most distinctive voices in the original Sunbow cartoon, this is a great coup by the GIJCC and she should make for some very interesting discussion.

Big story #2 – Rare toy alert!  Apparently the Collectors’ Club incentive figure for 2011 will give fans an even bigger incentive to attend the Convention.  A very limited run of 600 Dial Tone figures will be available at JoeCon MINT ON CARD.  Normally sold in a sealed baggie as part of the Club’s promotion, some select figures will be carded and for sale at JoeCon.  Attendees will also have the chance to get these signed by Dial Tone’s voice actor Hank Garrett.

Two very cool bits of news.  If you want to read the full press releases, click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below.

Continue reading

First guest announced for the 2011 G.I. Joe Con

And it’s a good one!  For whatever reason, over the years, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club hasn’t sought to invite any of the Sunbow voice actors.  Or perhaps they have, they just haven’t landed any.  Well, this year they did, and it’s quite an appropriate one!

Hank Garrett will be landing in Orlando to attend the G.I. Joe Convention!  He’s starred in scores of films and television series, but we all know him as…  Dial Tone!  Quite the appropriate choice, considering the free membership figure and his inclusion in the Special Missions Brazil boxed set.

Keep your eyes peeled for more on GIJoeCon.com, and to get on-the-spot updates like this one, follow the G.I. Joe Con on Twitter.