Wal-Mart.com leaks some Pursuit of Cobra vehicles early… maybe.

Reports are spotty, and some folks are saying that shipping dates don’t appear to be much earlier than we’ll see these at brick and mortar, but Mint Condition of HissTank.com reports that Walmart.com has posted a few PoC vehicles, including the elusive Alpha vehicles.  Granted, the Doom Cycle is currently listed as out of stock (though the Ghost Hawk appears to be available).

The listings are a bit bizarre, with the Cobra Mech being there, but the Joe one not, but regardless, if you choose “Site to Store” you can pick some items up with no shipping.  Direct links are below:

Give it a whirl, if you’re so inclined…

Toy Fair Report Part 4 – Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits

Lastly, we got some looks at the new Mech Suits coming out for Pursuit of Cobra.  The Sigma 6 2.5” vehicles with some heavily tooled cockpits really mesh with the new age Joe universe perfectly, and both G.I. Joe and Cobra have ‘em. Retailing for $19.99, these should hit in August of 2010.

G.I. Joe and Cobra Mech Suits

  • G.I. Joe Steel Marauder w/ Kickstart – A new driver, and a familiar green and black color scheme give us a nicely military, yet futuristic tool of destruction for G.I. Joe.  I was in love with the Sigma 6 Iron Hammer, and I’m really digging this version as well.  Sign me up.
  • Cobra Deviant w/ Cyber-Viper – A fairly obscure vintage character gets a modern remake and he’s piloting a pretty neat, modified version of the G.I. Joe mech.  These two vehicles really can go toe-to-toe and they both look very cool.

And that was about it.  G.I. Joe had a fairly tame showing compared to Transformers, Marvel, and Star Wars, but us Joe fans are pretty used to that.  I know there wasn’t a whole lot of new coolness to see, but what we did see was pretty incredible.  The Pursuit of Cobra is taking G.I. Joe in an awesome direction…absolutely awesome.  And Resolute is just the perfect icing on the cake.  There wasn’t much seen there that I didn’t really like, and I have a feeling we’ll see a lot more in April/May at JoeCon.