New G.I. Joe: Battleground Event – Operation: Takedown starts tonight!

For folks who have been neck deep in G.I. Joe: Battleground like I have been, an exciting event is beginning tonight at 5:00pm Pacific Time! The Cobra Battle Simulator just ended, and we’re now being thrust into Destro’s secret armory to try and take down the Scottish arms dealer himself!

Full details, including the excellent card artwork can be seen below.

G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND continues its sizzling opening month debut with the new Operation: Takedown in-game event. Beginning today, Wednesday, July 17 at 5 pm PT through Wednesday, July 24 at 7 pm PT, players around the world can assault Destro’s armory in an attempt to take down Destro himself.Please see below for details on the event storyline and new characters images.

About the Operation: Takedown Event

For too long Destro has been allowed to operate his arms manufacturing with impunity. He has grown so wealthy and powerful from this operation that he’s made this armory into a lavish and deadly home base. Working from international intelligence reports, the JOES have formed a Strike Force led by the courageous Dusty and stalwart Gung-Ho to launch an assault on Destro’s armory! Join the JOES on this dangerous takedown operation of one of COBRA’S most powerful and ruthless leaders. Be careful though, Destro won’t go down without a fight, and he doesn’t like unannounced visitors.


Download G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices for free at: Mobage | G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND

Exclusive cards only available during this event can be seen below… don’t miss out!

Sideshow Collectibles Celebrates SDCC lead up with a peek at DESTRO!

Sideshow Collectibles has been having an online ComicCon lead up celebration, showcasing some of the items we can expect to see in San Diego next week, and their sneak peek today is the immortal Cobra Weapons Supplier…


Wow, this piece looks crazy impressive. The metal head sculpt is spectacular, and I like that they updated the look somewhat. I’m not sure how well the puffy red collar would work in the context of what Sideshow has done so far.

The only bummer to me about this is that my recent exposure to Hot Toys figures has sparked a renewed interest in high end 12″ items…and this Destro looks pretty boss. But of course if I get him, I’d want to get The Baroness, Bludd, Cobra Commander and Zartan…


At any rate, check out the update from Sideshow Collectibles right here, and be watching for SDCC updates next week, looks like we could get some interesting stuff to look forward to!



Big thanks to Kenny2274 on Twitter and Sideshow Collectibles for the heads up!

GeneralsJoes reviews the SDCC Exclusive “Shockwave” HISS Tank

In celebration of San Diego ComicCon, which is quickly approaching, I completed my review of the soon to be released SDCC Exclusive “Shockwave” HISS Tank!  Kindly supplied by Hunter PR and Hasbro, I was extremely fortunate enough to get my hands on this a couple of days early so you SDCC attendees know what you’re getting into and why you’re waiting in that six hour line!

Check out the review on my 25th Anniversary Page, and also at the direct link below.  I know this doesn’t really belong in the 25th Anniversary necessarily, I’m still struggling to find a place.

A very quick inside look at upcoming Sideshow Major Bludd and Destro?

We have to consider this more rumor material, just because there has been no official word from Sideshow Collectibles, only a snippet of art from the introduction to their new Production Peek video.

The production peek itself focuses on the Lord of the Rings product line, but if you squint and look closely at the rotating artwork used for the intro, a nice picture of some potential design ideas for Major Bludd and Destro are present there.  Destro looks like he has a pretty new look, complete with his red collar, but with a much better textured shirt.  Major Bludd looks like he comes with removable missiles for his backpack as well.

Keep in mind these may just be dead concepts, but it’s still a very cool look into the production process.  The video is embedded below, and I’ve also screen grabbed a few images for a better look.  Big thanks to the eagle eyes of the Flag Points Podcast Twitter account for noticing this!

Official press images for SDCC Exclusive Shockwave HISS and Jinx

Hasbro PR has made available the press images for upcoming San Diego ComicCon Exclusive “Shockwave” HISS Tank w/ Destro and Constructicon B.A.T. as well as Kim “Jinx” Arashikage in both her regular red uniform and in the variant white uniform.  Along with the press images, we get our first official looks at the box art for Shockwave and the card art for both Jinx figures.

Of note, according to GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Twitziller, the Jinx card art may represent the first time a 25th homage figure was released with “digital” explosion background.  Someone feel free to correct us if we’re wrong, but I can’t seem to remember another figure using that.

Check out the official images below, and if you want to see what I thought of the upcoming SDCC Jinx figures check out the main release review right here and the white uniform variant right here.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation perspective after new footage revealed

One of my most popular posts directly after the posting of the original G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer were my 10 questions or answers revealed from the trailer. It seemed to be a very well-trafficed post and I got some great feedback on it, so I figured I would revisit the idea now that we not only have a new theatrical trailer, but we also have some awesome, spoilery details revealed from some early footage screenings.

I will endeavor to write this post keeping spoilers to a minimum, but folks trying to keep 100% pure from potential revelations may want to avoid it. Really, though, I’m just using my own perspective, not much inside knowledge. So, upon these new details and trailers, what do we know now and what is still to find out?

Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below to read my thoughts.

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SyFy and Facebook sites are live for G.I. Joe: Special Ops

Maybe these went up yesterday along with the story by USA Today, but somehow I missed it?  Either that, or they just went live today and WOW!!  Spectactular.  If the concept art is any indication whatsoever of the kind of character design we’ll be getting, this game may already have knocked aside Avengers Alliance as my current addiction.

You can hit up the SyFy site and the Facebook Page to check out a wealth of concept art, and even sign up to play the Beta when it becomes available.  So cool!  Check out some mirrored images below from the SyFy gallery.

Guys.  TRUBBLE BUBBLES.  Low Light.  AGH!!

This looks SO COOL.  If this is truly a tactics game along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics, or G.I. Joe: Renegades Tactics, then I will be so in love with this.  Very cool.

Facebook and SyFy team up for G.I. Joe themed Social Media game

Oh shoot.  As if Avengers Alliance hasn’t been consuming enough of my life over the past month or so, it looks like there will be another social media game to add to my repertoire.

Big thanks as usual go out to GeneralsJoes friend and geek media expert Brian Truitt from USA Today who dives into the story of SyFy and Facebook teaming up for a new social media G.I. Joe game entitled G.I. Joe: Special Ops.  Man, does this sound like it has some serious potential.

You can read the full story over at USA Today, but let me cover some of the high points here:

  • An arena based game in an enclosed battlefield where you pick a squad of Joes or Cobras to do battle with
  • Character choices include Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Snake Eyes, Flint, Duke, and Firefly
  • Designs for the characters will be pulled from all different era’s of G.I. Joe history, including a very Resolute themed Destro (ummm AWESOMMME).
  • Release will be timed for the June 29th launch of G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Lots of classic themes for the older fans, but some new twists for the younger set as well

What made me smile the most about this whole story was this quote involving some dialogue with Derryl DePriest:

“The first Joe member DePriest is enlisting on his Special Opsteam? Stalker.

“I haven’t made sure he’s there in the first set, but now that you mention it, I’ll walk over to the team and make sure he’s in there so I can play with him up front!” he says.”

So yeah, Stalker.  Holy crap, this sounds like it has some potential.  I can feel some real elements here from the very cool G.I. Joe: Renegades turn-based game that was launched on The Hub’s site so long ago, and this feels like elements from Final Fantasy Tactics as well, which is a game I absolutely loved.  This could be very cool, but very bad for my at-work productivity.

The guys behind Avengers Alliance better get those next 4 chapters finished and uploaded before June 29th, before my attention gets diverted!!  Huge props again to Brian Truitt at USA Today.  I’ve mirrored some concept art included in the article below, but definitely check out the article itself for the full details.


San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Constructicon B.A.T. and Destro in hand images

It’s been a busy week for Gyre-Viper, and he’s not letting up, even on a Friday!

Over on he has posted images of the upcoming San Diego ComicCon exclusive Constructicon B.A.T. and Destro, the driver of the upcoming Shockwave HISS tank!  The HISS itself (initially revealed at Toy Fair, but not shown in the images below) looks like a very cool and fun variation of the regular Retaliation HISS Tank, and the two figures slated to come with it look like a lot of fun.

The B.A.T. has the color scheme from the Constructicons, which is an awesome touch.  Destro himself is a repaint of the City Strike Destro tweaked looking City Strike Destro using PoC Dusty and Techno-Viper parts, and just looks like an awesome figure.  Check out the mirrored images below and a huge thanks to Gyre-Viper for the heads up!

I mean, look at that.  IT’S SO GREEN.  And SO PURPLE.  GREEN AND PURPLE.

Tales from Castle Destro Volume I – Mercenary War

G.I. Joe community member Don Maue dropped us a line over the weekend to let us know that he has self-published a great piece of G.I. Joe fiction!  Here is the official press release, and the download link to check out “Tales from Castle Destro Volume 1”.  It’s a really good read!

Now available as a free e-book at

Tales from Castle Destro Volume I – Mercenary War

As the head of the Military Armaments Research Syndicate (MARS), Laird James McCullen Destro XXIII is the world’s foremost weapons developer. His private army of elite mercenaries, known as the Iron Grenadiers, is a force feared around the world. But when a mysterious enemy begins targeting MARS interests with impunity, it will take more than a fearsome reputation if the Iron Grenadiers are to survive.

Download the ebook here:

Sun Prairie, WI – March 10th, 2012 – What do you do when you’re disappointed by what you perceive as a distinct shortage of G.I. Joe fiction? Don Maue decided to try writing his own! In October of 2011, he started work on a short story dealing with Iron Grenadier characters. That short story quickly turned into the basis for a fan-fiction blog. Tales from Castle Destro Volume I – Mercenary War is a collection of the first twenty-two chapters published at Don’s blog.

Don Maue is an avid collector and customizer of G.I. Joe toys. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two children. This is his first e-book.

ISBN: 978-1-4658-4204-6

For more information, visit Don at his blog, Tales from Castle Destro (