Marvel and Netflix announce second season of Daredevil

The reaction was so swift and intense, it was almost obvious that a second season of the landmark Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil would be in the offering.  However, with the two media giants planning four separate series, leading into the Defenders, it was a bit dubious as to how a second season might be approached.

Well, in 2016 we’ll find out.

According to Marvel, a second season of Daredevil is on the blocks for 2016, which will seemingly coincide with the first seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist (AKA Jessica Jones supposedly hits later this year).  This may make continuity a bit tricky, but it could also serve to add some nice depth to this shared universe before leading into The Defenders.  If it were any other company, I might be worried how they’d juggle this all, but Marvel Studios seems to have a very firm grasp on how their properties all play in the same sandbox, so I have little doubt that will extend to this Netflix partnership.

Another interesting item to note is that according to Variety, showrunner Steven DeNight will not be joining Daredevil in its second season, which will instead be led by Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez.  It should be noted that both Petrie and Ramirez were executive producers on the first season, so it will not be a very steep learning curve.

This is exciting news for sure.  I recently wrapped up the 13 episode first season of Daredevil, and I’ll be more than happy to digest another 13!


Marvel Studios news catch up extraveganza!

So while JoeCon was happening in Springfield last week, Marvel Studios was busy unleashing great new stuff upon the geek world.

As we all should know by now, Daredevil hit Netflix on Friday, and while I’ve only managed to catch two episodes so far, Marvel was kind enough to post the official red uniform! Check out the mirrored images below.

I am in full fledged GEEK OUT mode about this costume.  It retains the great red style of the comic, with just the right amount of cinematic updates.  I could see this guy co-existing in an Avengers universe.

Along with this,a series of clips from Avengers: Age of Ultron have been released as well, systematically blowing my mind.

Lastly, a brand spanking new Ant Man trailer was launched, and it’s about 175% better than the last one. Shrinking action, running with ants and Yellowjacket! This film just leaped up in my “must see” list. Great stuff.

I mean, seriously… can you believe this? Daredevil, Avengers, and Ant Man movie/TV news all in one weekend? What crazy world is this? It’s AwesomeWorld, that’s what.

As I recover from JoeCon, my non-G.I. Joe news will get gradually worked back in, but I’m still wanting to focus a lot of attention on the G.I. Joe side, since there’s still a lot to talk about there.

Confirmation of the red suit’s appearance in Netflix’s Daredevil

I think most of us felt pretty good about the fact that the red suit would make an appearance in the 10 episode stint of Netflix’s new Daredevil series, and in fact an Entertainment Weekly article more or less stated that fact.

However, until now there has really never been a direct confirmation by one of the folks involved with the show itself.

Today, both Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock, Daredevil) and Vincent D’onofrino did a Reddit AMA and Cox himself answered a question with the following statement:

I love both of the suits. Obviously it was great to involve the John Romita Jr. black ninja costume but the day I first put on the iconic costume is a day I will never forget.

I’d say that settles that.

Daredevil hits Netflix on April 10th.  I’ll be at JoeCon, so the first person to blow spoilers at me gets a gut punch.


Two new trailers for Netflix’s Daredevil

Praise continues to fly in unabated for the upcoming Netflix Daredevil series, like a dream come true for Daredevil fans everywhere.

Now, two additional trailers have been released, and on Youtube, Comic Book Resources has combined them both into a single four-minute adrenaline pumping supercut.

Check them out embedded below.  Is it April 10th yet?

Good heavens, everyone loves Daredevil – And look, a new TV Spot!

Ten days.

Ten long days until Daredevil hits Netflix and the world of the Marvel television universe is forever altered.

Today must have been embargo day, because various outlets are reporting out their Daredevil reviews, and amazingly, impressively, they are unanimously positive. Not just positive, but, like, Daredevil changes the dynamic of streaming television positive.

I think secretly I was hoping that Daredevil might set the Netflix world on fire, but I couldn’t be sure. It sounded like they had the right people involved…the right vibe. The right atmosphere. They chose the right era of Daredevil’s history and seemed to have a good grasp on the meat and potatoes of the character itself.

All that work is apparently paying off, as reviews all over the web today are singing the praises of the new show. I’ll post a few links below.

Also, a second TV Spot has been posted as well, with just a bit of new footage, but a whole new tone.

Good grief. JoeCon and Netflix’s Daredevil all in one weekend. If I’m alive by Monday it’ll be a damned miracle.


Another rave review for Netflix’s Daredevil

High praise coming from Televised Revolution, who reports that not only is Daredevil the best super hero themed television series they’ve seen, but it is also the best streaming service television series they’ve ever seen.

Hyperbole? I don’t know, but the person who wrote the review has, at least, seen the first episode, and I haven’t. They don’t come across as a raving comic fanboy or anything either, so it certainly appears to be a legitimate statement of Daredevil’s excellence.

Check out Televised Revolution for the full review and as for the rest of us, we’ll all find out starting April 10th!


Daredevil character posters create great cityscape

Joining the previously revealed Matt Murdock character poster, supporting characters, including Foggy Nelson and Wilson Fisk himself, now come together to form a fantastic group poster with all characters lining up against the dark backdrop of Hell’s Kitchen,

Check out the great (and massive) poster below.


New Daredevil TV spot with Karen Page, Stick, and Wilson Fisk

A mixture of old footage and new footage, but at this point, with less than 2 weeks until its debut, I will grasp and cling to every millisecond of new footage I can get.


Daredevil set visit reveals some gory new details about the Netflix series

If you’re eagerly consuming every small morsel of Daredevil news like I am, this article will feel like a nice sit-down meal in a fancy restaurant. visited the set of Daredevil and unleashed a long article outlining some back story for the series, and even reveals some little tasty tidbits of what we can expect.

For instance, while we’re all aware of how gritty and real world the series is, I’m not sure any of us foresaw Daredevil pushing a criminal from a rooftop or The Kingpin decapitating someone with a car door…sounds like this series is down and dirty, and I for one can’t wait to check it out.

Hit up for the whole write up.

There are no heroes or villains – Just different agendas on Netflix’s Daredevil