GeneralsJoes reviews the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Membership Cross Country

Hot of the heels of an especially great Convention exclusive set, we now have an equally great membership incentive figure!  Available carded at the Convention itself (and through the Club store), the free membership figure started arriving last week.

Well, I got mine, and you can check out the review at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review page, or also linked below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club Pre-Orders open for Cross Country and HAVOC

Exciting news for folks looking forward to snagging everyone’s favorite redneck G.I. Joe and his trusty halftrack!  The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted pre-orders in the Club Store for Cross Country and his HAVOC mk 2!

Check out the G.I. Joe Club Store to pick these bad boys up!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club showcases final HAVOC MK II sample and price

As we churn closer to JoeCon and to the spring release date, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted final sample images of the upcoming HAVOC MK II and also revealed the price – $42 + shipping!

That actually seems like a great price to me, as I’ve heard some folks hypothesize that it would be closer to $65.  Hit up to see the full details, and I’ve mirrored one of the images below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club posts final sample image of Cross Country

While we’ve already seen a heavily Photoshopped image of the upcoming 2014 Membership figure, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has now posted an image of the final production sample of the upcoming Cross Country figure. You can check out the image over on!

You MUST be a member by March 16th in order to get this figure, and trust me, past years are selling for big bucks right now. It’s only $44 for the year, and it comes with the free figure, plus 12 issues of a really fun newsletter to boot.

Check out the Cross Country image below, and hit up for the latest Club news and announcements.


Boss Fight Studio reveals sculpt input for GIJCC Cross Country

Okay, I can tell that the relationship between Boss Fight Studio and the G.I. Joe Collectors Club is going to be a benefit for everyone.  The 2014 G.I. Joe Collectors Club 2014 incentive figure Cross Country was just revealed for the first time last night, and already Boss Fight Studio has posted a terrific sculpt input for the figure.

These sculpt inputs are early design drawings that give an introductory look at what the ultimate sculpt will look like, and in many cases showcase how the new parts will function with existing parts, etc…  that’s clearly the case here as we get a terrific look at the new head, vest, and wrench, and also see a mock up for what other parts were involved.

Great stuff.  Hit up the Boss Fight Studio on Facebook and like the hell out of their page, I suspect we will see much more of this going forward.  Check out the mirrored image below.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals 2014 Incentive figures… and more?!

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has launched their new forum-based website tonight with a couple of blockbuster announcements!

First and foremost, the membership incentive figures for 2014 have been revealed…  Cross Country and the 50th Anniversary Man of Action!

Cross Country follows the recent tradition of filling major vacancies in the vintage roster left over by Hasbro’s modern era efforts, and he continues that tradition pretty damn well.  I’m not a huge fan of Cross Country in general, but it’s tough to find complaint with this figure’s new head, new vest, and new wrench accessory.  A really impressive looking update.

But wait…  wait…  that’s not all.  Along with the Cross Country figure, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club is offering a vehicle add on!  The HAVOC Mk II is a repaint of the Pursuit of Cobra Snow Cat in HAVOC colors.  How’s that for a curve ball?!

The 12″ incentive figure has had uniform extras for a while now, but this is a first for the 3 3/4″ side.  Very cool.  Be sure to hit up the brand spanking new and keep hitting it, as I’m sure most GIJCC reveals will be launching there first.  You can also check out the mirrored images of Cross Country, the HAVOC, the Man of Action, and his uniform set below.