GeneralsJoes Reviews 50th Anniversary Croc Master & Blowtorch

While I admit to not being all that excited about the unreleased concept art Blowtorch and Python Patrol Croc Master, I’m glad to see that many collectors who desired those two figures are being satisfied.

Do a pair of new paint deco’s make up for any shortcomings from 25th Anniversary era figure builds?  Check out my 50th Anniversary Review Page or click the links below to see for yourself!

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G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Croc Master

50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (23)50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (21)

There can be a lot of similarities found between my feelings for Croc Master and for Blowtorch as expressed above.  Croc Master was a somewhat mediocre 25th Anniversary figure (at least in my opinion) who suffered a bit from the aesthetic of the times.  I can only picture what a Pursuit of Cobra or 30th Anniversary Croc Master would look like and tear up a little.  He’s one of my favorite more obscure characters, and I’m just not sure that 25th Anniversary version does him justice.

He’s not a terrible figure by any means, I’d just love for him to be larger and more imposing.

50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (15)

All that being said, he was a figure that was never particularly difficult to find, and I believe was even on clearance, yet he was re-released in the exact same color scheme in the Pursuit of Cobra line (the same series as Blowtorch) for an unknown reason.  Then, infamously, like Blowtorch was slated for the Pursuit of Cobra line in a Python Patrol themed repaint, but never made it to retail.

50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (16)

Hasbro fixes that error by releasing both he and Blowtorch in this two pack and while fans are likely excited (these two were in hot demand for a while) I don’t feel particularly inspired.  The Croc Master figure uses all of the same parts as the 25th Anniversary version, which does have some unique touches like the bite marks on the arms and the great head sculpt with removable mouthpiece.  This new version in the red and gray Python Patrol paint scheme does look pretty cool (although it stands out a bit since all modern era Python Patrol repaints have been in the vintage yellow/gray/green style and not the red style).  Purely from a color standpoint, I do like this new paint scheme, I just wish it was applied over some newer, more detailed parts and pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the color scheme for this Croc Master figure.  The red is a great, dark shade, and actually does link up nicely to some of the red trim throughout other Python Patrol figures.  The deco on the legs is nearly a perfect match for some other figures as well, and in a group shot situation, Croc Master blends far better with the overall team than I thought he might initially.

50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (3)


50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (20)

Croc Master comes with some familiar gear including the croc, cobra, whip, capture net, and shotgun, as well as the case that contained a couple more snakes in the Rise of Cobra line.  They are some good accessories, but like Blowtorch, nothing we haven’t seen before and nothing that blows my socks off.

50th-Anniversary-Croc-Master (19)

From a collectiblity standpoint, I know what the draw was for this two pack, and I definitely understand why Hasbro did what it did.  However, as someone who has no real love for the original versions of these figures, I have no special desire to see them repainted either.  I never truly understood the fascination for the Pursuit of Cobra repaints, and suspect if they had hit retail as intended, they likely would have been the last to sell out.  Their unreleased status was their biggest draw.  It will be interesting to see the retail response to these now that they join the common “released” cast of characters.

If you squint really hard, you can almost see Python Patrol Croc Master

Better images will be available to subscribers of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter in the coming days or weeks, but for now you can hit up to see a very small image of the upcoming Python Patrol Croc Master running change.

You can see the thumbnail below, where he looks to have a red vest and the black and gray Python Patrol camouflage on his legs.  Kind of odd how they went with the red for him when they did the traditional colors on everyone else, but it’s still a cool look.  Keep your eyes on your mailboxes in the coming weeks for better images.

GeneralsJoes begins reviewing Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6

I was hoping to get them all posted today, but I think they will end up being a bit staggered.  I’m releasing three of the reviews today, and will finish off the six-pack of Wave 6 reviews tomorrow.  All reviews are linked via the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or can just be clicked below!


Release Imminent for G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5

I know thanks to JoeCon, most of the collector world is firmly focused on August for the potential debut of the incredible looking 30th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Renegades figures, but truth be told, we have two pretty neat waves dropping in before then!

With a fairly vague “April, 2011” release date, Wave 5 has now started showing up in Asia, which means release is coming shortly.  Very shortly.  In fact, at JoeCon, Hasbro specifically said sometime “after April 18th”.

While the auctions themselves have all been bought through, you can check out all the details on

Note – And yes, I realize that truth be told, this is actually “Wave 3” in more traditional wave markings.  But most collectors recognize this as Wave 5, so that’s how I’m labeling to avoid confusion.  Technically, though, this is the 3rd wave of 2011 figures.

Next two Pursuit of Cobra Assortments finally ironed out?

Over the past week we’ve received some conflicting information about upcoming releases from G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra, but it would appear that things have somewhat ironed out.  Several online retailers including Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, and Small Joes have received information from Hasbro that seems to finally confirm what waves 3 and 4 for 2011 will consist of.  This is how it shakes out:

2011 Wave 3 (AKA “Wave 5”)

  • Blowtorch
  • Cobra – The Enemy
  • Cobra Commander
  • General Hawk
  • Jungle B.A.T.
  • Steel Brigade

2011 Wave 4 (AKA “Wave 6”)

  • Snake Eyes Temple Guardian
  • Crazy Legs
  • Croc Master
  • Rock Viper
  • Viper
  • Iron Grenadier

To pre-order, make sure to visit Small Joes, Big Bad Toy Store (wave 3 and wave 4), or Entertainment Earth (wave “5” and wave “6”).  Now, just to get some pictures!  Keep your eyes peeled to next weekend as I visit New York City and attend the 2011 Toy Fair!

Big Bad Toy Store goof reveales more 2011 G.I. Joe product?

So, the listing has since been jettisoned to the archives of internet history, but an eagle-eyed reader on spotted the following information, listed as “G.I. Joe 2011 Series 3“.  The following names are listed among the product:

  • Snake Eyes Temple Guardian
  • Crazy Legs
  • Croc Master
  • Rock Viper
  • Viper
  • Iron Grenadier

Interestingly, none of these listings match up with earlier revealed listings from Diamond, which indicates the Diamond listings are for a later wave, or things are still very much in flux.  So at this point, who knows what’s coming?  I know one thing for sure…we’ll find out more on February 12th when the Hasbro Collector Event at Toy Fair rolls into New York City.  And I’ll be there to get the info.

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Forget Cobra Commander! reveals the real Cobra star of G.I. Joe: Cobra II, and it’s Croc-Master!  Appearing here in a special six page preview and looking remarkably similar to his Real American Hero version, we get a very cool look at Cobra’s sinister director of security…I love this new take.  Check out the gallery below.