Loads of Scoop’s Dark Room updates at The Terror Drome

The folks over at the Terror Drome have been keeping hopping over the last few days!  With the recent release of Waves 5 & 6 of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra figures, they have been posting frequent updates to their Scoop’s Dark Room photo archive.

Some of the highlights are:

There are a bunch more images that I didn’t mirror here, and more in the hopper ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled over there!

GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews of Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6

Folks might accuse me of saving the best for last with this batch of reviews…  and they would be right.  While the three reviews posted yesterday were largely ambivilent, that does not mean that this entire wave is muddled in mediocrity.  In fact, one of the figures in this wave impressed me so much and so surprisingly, that I’ve found myself much more drawn to this character than I ever have been in the past.

Combine that with a pair of really impressive army builders and you have a wave that might have some duds, but also has some figures definitely worth adding to your Pursuit of Cobra collection.  Check out my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just click the links below to go there directly.

G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6 hits online and mass retail

I was going to post this news story anyway, after receiving notification from Big Bad Toy Store that my order for Wave 6 had shipped, but then I perused HissTank.com and saw that Wave 6 is also hitting brick and mortar Toys “R” Us stores!

A mirrored image is below.  It’s been a long time since G.I. Joe figures hit retail…go get ’em!

Big Bad Toy Store goof reveales more 2011 G.I. Joe product?

So, the listing has since been jettisoned to the archives of internet history, but an eagle-eyed reader on HissTank.com spotted the following information, listed as “G.I. Joe 2011 Series 3“.  The following names are listed among the product:

  • Snake Eyes Temple Guardian
  • Crazy Legs
  • Croc Master
  • Rock Viper
  • Viper
  • Iron Grenadier

Interestingly, none of these listings match up with earlier revealed listings from Diamond, which indicates the Diamond listings are for a later wave, or things are still very much in flux.  So at this point, who knows what’s coming?  I know one thing for sure…we’ll find out more on February 12th when the Hasbro Collector Event at Toy Fair rolls into New York City.  And I’ll be there to get the info.