Bonus Review – 25th Anniversary Sting Raider by Mike!

So, when awesome GeneralsJoes contributor Mike was working on the Convention Water Moccasin review for me, he noticed something…  my lazy rear end hadn’t posted a review for the original 25th Anniversary Sting Raider yet!  WTF?

Truth be told, that’s one of those rare Anniversary items that I do not currently own, which is why the review has not been posted.  But, Mike, being awesomeness personified, went up and did a review of it for me while working on the Con set!

Yes, he is the man.

Check out the review at my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just hit up that link below, and everyone say “thank you, Mike” for doing my work for me.

Thank you, Mike!

Toys “R” Us Sting Raider reviewed

GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger got his hands on the recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Sting Raider w/ Copperhead & Swamp Viper and has reviewed the vehicle for us right here!

Also, hit up the Rise of Cobra Review Page to see all the other reviews that have been posted.

Triple Play of TRU reviews posted at

The TRU Exclusives are indeed hitting hot and heavy over the past few weeks, and the Terror Drome is staying right on top of it, with three reviews posted for Arctic Threat Doc, Arctic Threat Shipwreck, and the Sting Raider w/ Copperhead and Swamp-Viper.  I will be posting my own review (courtesy of Mysterious Stranger) later today of the Sting Raider, but here are some mirrored images for the excellent reviews I linked above.

TRU “Arctic Threat” Doc

TRU “Arctic Threat” Shipwreck

TRU Sting Raider w/ Copperhead & Swamp Viper

Sting Raider w/ Copperhead and Swamp-Viper in stock at

It’s been on the site for a while, but just was recently listed as “In Stock” and available for purchase.  Hit up to grab yours before they’re gone!

Loose images of Pursuit of Cobra Target Mini-Vehicles emerge

We’ve seen other images already, but they were pretty low on detail…now has some loose images up which are looking at least a bit better and clearer.  Mirrored below are images for the following:

  • Cobra Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper
  • Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper
  • RAM w/ Sandstorm
  • Glider w/ Capt. Ace
  • Water Moccasin w/ Copperhead & Swamp-Viper

When Hasbro does good, they do really, really good, but when they do bad, it’s pretty bad.  And I gotta say that Glider and Water Moccasin, in my opinion, are pretty damn bad.  I mean, Capt. Ace with a moustache?  That’s Tripwire’s head anyway, so why the heck paint a fake moustache on there for a guy who’s not supposed to have one?  Or if you must paint one on there, why not just make this Slipstream?  I gotta tell you, too, I’m feeling pretty sorry for poor AVAC…he keeps getting saddled with terrible paint schemes and new specialties.  First he was a pretty bad ass red and silver, then he turns into pukey purple with the CLAW, and now he’s poop green and brown as a “Swamp-Viper”.  Enh.  Not high on my list.

The others, though, are impressive.  Love the Range-Viper and Whirlwind…that Elite-Viper in red is pretty damn cool, too, I gotta admit.  Hell, even Sandstorm with the basic Reactive Armor torso and desert camouflage pants is pretty bad ass, and he’ll fit in real nice with the Toys “R” Us Troop Builder packs.  Considering I haven’t loved any of the Target exclusive mini vehicles I’ve seen yet (except the SNAKE) these are looking really nice.  Check out the images yourself:

HasbroToyShop has new vehicles in stock and ready to go

Thanks to JoeBattleLines for pointing out that has the following vehicles in stock and ready to ship:

Don’t forget that “GIJoe10” saves 10% off your order!

Wal-Mart Exclusive 2-Packs sort of available online has posted the upcoming exclusive 2-packs up for sale on their online store, however they sold out very quickly.  Sometimes they have a tendancy to relist, though, so check out the links below to see if any of them are still available!

Very nice images and reviews for upcoming Wal-Mart 2 Packs

Courtesy of Broken Arrow and, Alyosha has posted some nice reviews over on HissTank for the upcoming Wal-Mart exclusive 2-Packs featuring Gung Ho vs. Copperhead, Tunnel Rat vs. Monkeywrench, and Shockblast vs. Night Creeper.  These are some awesome looking items, and should set aside the fears of many about classic themed stuff appearing in the Rise of COBRA line.  Check out the images below.