Tickets are now available for Coil Con 9

I just posted my last recap for JoeCon 2018 this morning, and here we are with tickets for Coil Con 9 on sale now!  You can reserve/purchase tickets either through their Facebook Events Page, or via at EventBrite:

Coil Con 9 features an exciting exclusive set of figures, including Scarab, Sidewinder Commander and Sidewinder Infantry.  With fantastic package art by John Jett, some amazing presentation and very cool looking figures, this may be an event you want to try and make it to.  Check out the images of the artwork and the figure mock ups below.  Make sure you’re following Coil Con on Facebook for the latest info.

Coil Con 7 Exclusive Figure #2 Revealed – SuperCop!

Coil Con 7 is happening next month, and the crew behind is has offered up another one of their exclusive figures for GeneralsJoes to reveal!

Long time G.I. Joe Collectors should be very familiar with this character, a Funskool exclusive from several years back using Sgt. Slaughter parts, the infamous SuperCop became a cult sensation among G.I. Joe collectors.  Thanks to some ambitious online retailers at the time, many domestic collectors got an opportunity to add SuperCop to their collections.

For those of you who haven’t, though, here’s your chance to get an awesome looking modern version, plus it dovetails nicely with the Coil storyline the Coil Con folks have developed.

Check out the first preview of the figure below and keep watching Coil Con on Facebook for more updates.

GeneralsJoes Exclusive – Coil Con 7 Sidewinder Air Assault Revealed!

Exciting news this morning as we get our first real look at the exclusive figure for Coil Con 7 – Sidewinder Air Assault!

This great looking paratrooper figure continues building on the great mythology that they’ve developed over at Coil Con, focusing on the Coil side of things.

Check out the images of this great new figure below and if you want one, get your butt to Dayton, Ohio on October 9th!  Keep watching Coil Con on Facebook for any new updates!


Coil Con grows near and the figure reveals start…

Coil Con is coming!  Folks wondered if it would happen this year, and happily we recently received confirmation that there will be a Coil Con 7 in 2016!

Not only that, but the figure reveals have already started, though so far, just in silhouette…

Keep watching Coil Con on Facebook and stay tuned for Friday, we could get our first good look at the initial Coil Con exclusive that day!


Coil Con 6 comes August 16th…with a Super exclusive!

Somehow this summer, the coming of this year’s Coil Con snuck up on me.  Hitting the mean streets of Dayton, Ohio on August 16th, the Midwest Coil Club always puts on a heck of a show.

This year they’ll be producing an exciting exclusive two pack for the event, featuring a very SUPER member of the G.I. Joe team.  They just revealed him on their Facebook event page, and he’s pretty great.

Even if the exclusive figures aren’t your thing, there will be some great events this year from James Kavanaugh, Jr, the What’s on Joe Mind podcast, and an impressive array of dealers.  Check out the full details below.

COIL Con 6 will be taking place on August 16 at the Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairfield , 2800 Presidential Drive, Dayton, OH 45324. We do have a block of rooms set aside for a special convention rate — if it fills, we can get more so long as there is availability. Con rates are available on the nights of August 14 and 15 (Friday/Saturday nights).

Special events include, but not limited to:

Hourly doorprizes
Costume Contest
Charity Drive

Joe Declassified
WOJM: What’s on JOE Mind?? Live!
R.A.H.C. Guide Presents: A Modern Recap

A Theater debut of the fan film: “Scales of Injustice.”

Admission is $5 at the door and G.I. Joe costumes get in free.

*Please note: Arriving soley in a camo shirt and/or camo pants will not be considered a costume unless you are active military nor will (but not limited to) “Character X” in civilian clothes or Chuckles in only a Hawaiian Shirt. Staff will not adhere to a strict policy but please do not try to take advantage of a special circumstance. Thanks.

August 15 will feature a group tour of the National Air Force Museum ( at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton. Admission is always free at the museum.

Check in here if you are interested in the tour:

Coil Con V unloads a “Weaponsmith” this weekend in Indiana!

This weekend, the Midwest will be under assault by agents from the Cobra Coil, and now they look to be joined by the infamous Red Shadow arms dealer “Weaponsmith”! The world thought Weaponsmith was dead, but it looks like the world was wrong!

An obscure character seen in the pages of G.I. Joe: European Missions #9, Weaponsmith joins Shrike as part of an exclusive 2-Pack for Coil Con attendees only. Designed and constructed by Coil mastermind Jon Cremeans, this great addition to the Red Shadows army comes with a weaponized jetpack. The two pack of figures with the jetpack will be $60.

Coil Con V hits the Wyndham Indianapolis Hotel on September 13th! With tons of fans, some great dealers, and guests (including Erik from Boss Fight Studio) it promises to be a great event for the entire family.

Check out all the details on!

Coil Con V is right around the corner – September 13th, 2014!

COIL Con V is just six weeks away! To help prepare for the big day, we’ve enlisted the help of Justin and General’s Joes to help make the big reveals of our COIL Con Exclusives!

This year’s set will continue in the popular “COIL Strikes” theme, where we pit one COIL agent against an agent from one of its many rival factions. Last year’s set saw the COIL’s Naja Bhoot racing through the streets of Mumbai against special law enforcement agent Street Hawk, and 2012 had Zilant fighting against G.I Joe’s Dodger in the skies over Eastern Europe. This year, the COIL Strikes the United Kingdom… meet their newest agent, Shrike!


Shrike is the creation of veteran COIL designers Jay Hunger and Brian Kauffman and the first figure in the two-figure set which will be available only at COIL Con! Jay was also responsible for Sidewinder, the 2011 exclusive figure, and the 2012 figures. There will be 40 two-figure sets available at COIL Con V, and Justin has agreed to help us with the reveal of figure #2 as we get closer to the day of the show.

As mentioned earlier, COIL Con V will take place from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday, September 13. This year’s convention has moved indoors to the Indianapolis Wyndham hotel. For anyone thinking of making the trip in from out of town, it’s mere minutes from the Indianapolis airport and there are rooms available with a special Convention rate ($99/night) for Friday and Saturday night.

Be sure to check out the club’s site,, and the COIL Con Facebook page in the comng weeks for more information!

Coil Con IV Exclusive Box and details revealed!

That’s right G.I. Joe fans, Coil Con IV is on the way!  Coming this weekend in Kokomo, Indiana, one of the highlights of Coil Con has been the exclusives offered.  This year they’re diving back into 80’s lore and bringing Street Hawk back into the G.I. Joe fold.

Now, we’ve got boxed images of this year’s exclusives!

You can check out the images below, but also make sure you keep watching and the Coil Facebook Page for the latest and greatest information on Coil Con IV.  Wish I could be there.


Saturday, August 24th, 2013 at 9am:
Kokomo Toys
1244 E. Morgan Street
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
Just 30-40 minutes north of Indianapolis off of US 31

First Coil Con IV Exclusive Revealed – Street Hawk!

Coil Con IV explodes onto the scene August 24th, 2013 at Kokomo Toys in Kokomo, Indiana. As with the show last year, the regional G.I. Joe Collectors Club The Coil Club will be offering limited edition exclusives only available at the show.

Last year their two glider sets were extremely popular with convention attendees, and this year, they’re doing something that has some great G.I. Joe ties and that should thrill 80s fans in general.

Presenting the first Coil Con IV Exclusive… Street Hawk!

Yes, that’s right, Jesse Mach himself, along with his state of the art super-motorcycle. It would appear that his motorcycle is even more state of the art now, though, as it is represented by the Ashiko “Power Armor” bike. A very interesting choice, and the figure looks pretty fun as well. As for the ties to G.I. Joe, check the YoJoe International Archive to see how this connects back to a Real American Hero.

Check out all of the latest news about Coil Con IV on Facebook, and also at!