Coil Con IV Exclusive Box and details revealed!

That’s right G.I. Joe fans, Coil Con IV is on the way!  Coming this weekend in Kokomo, Indiana, one of the highlights of Coil Con has been the exclusives offered.  This year they’re diving back into 80’s lore and bringing Street Hawk back into the G.I. Joe fold.

Now, we’ve got boxed images of this year’s exclusives!

You can check out the images below, but also make sure you keep watching and the Coil Facebook Page for the latest and greatest information on Coil Con IV.  Wish I could be there.


Saturday, August 24th, 2013 at 9am:
Kokomo Toys
1244 E. Morgan Street
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
Just 30-40 minutes north of Indianapolis off of US 31

First Coil Con IV Exclusive Revealed – Street Hawk!

Coil Con IV explodes onto the scene August 24th, 2013 at Kokomo Toys in Kokomo, Indiana. As with the show last year, the regional G.I. Joe Collectors Club The Coil Club will be offering limited edition exclusives only available at the show.

Last year their two glider sets were extremely popular with convention attendees, and this year, they’re doing something that has some great G.I. Joe ties and that should thrill 80s fans in general.

Presenting the first Coil Con IV Exclusive… Street Hawk!

Yes, that’s right, Jesse Mach himself, along with his state of the art super-motorcycle. It would appear that his motorcycle is even more state of the art now, though, as it is represented by the Ashiko “Power Armor” bike. A very interesting choice, and the figure looks pretty fun as well. As for the ties to G.I. Joe, check the YoJoe International Archive to see how this connects back to a Real American Hero.

Check out all of the latest news about Coil Con IV on Facebook, and also at!

What’s on Joe Mind Coil Con 2012 Recap

Anyone who has been going through What’s on Joe Mind withdrawls should have their appetite satisfied this morning with TWO new installments uploaded to our Podbean page!  Gary, Mike, and WOJM stalwart Greg all pitched in to bring us a live episode straight from the site of Coil Con itself.

But wait, that’s not all… we also get whirlwind guest appearances by Fred Doss, Director of and Beachhead from G.I. Joe: Initiate, Robert Atkins, artist from IDW, Todd from Kokomo Toys and Jay Hunger from!  Check out the embedded players below, and Show Notes are after the jump.



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Coil Club reveals second 2012 Coil Con Exclusive – DODGER!

Easily my favorite BattleForce: 2000 character, Dodger has the dubious distinction of being the only member of that ill-fated team to escape the burning oil refinaries of Benzheen.  It always fascinated me to think how that kind of event changes someone in the military, to the point where I made him a key member of my G.I. Joe: Renegades team in my dio-story universe.

As cool a character as Dodger has the potential to be, though, Hasbro has neglected to give him any love in many years.  The guys behind the 2012 Coil Con are changing that, though.  Facing him off against Zilant, the Coil Club now announces Night Force Dodger.

Like Zilant, there is some very creative parts use here, with a modified Renegades Cobra Trooper head sculpt and some great Pursuit of Cobra parts mixed in.  Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching for the latest details on the Convention, hitting Kokomo Toys September 8th!