Sideshow Collectibles Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Review

It’s Sideshow Collectibles day!

Hot on the heels of Chad Lawless’ excellent Snake Eyes Polystone statue the always awesome Mysterious Stranger reminded me of another review (combination review at that!) that I hadn’t had a chance to get posted yet.

The Desert Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper are two similar offerings that Stranger elected to review in one joint review, and it’s another great one!

Check out this latest review right here and again a big thanks to those folks who choose to pitch in with reviews on the site.  I am endlessly grateful.

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Desert Sniper revealed!

We saw them featured in various pictures with the upcoming 12″ Dusty and the Cobra Desert Weapons Cache, and now, in the latest collectors’ newsletter the Cobra Desert Sniper has finally been revealed in a preview right here!

The figure will get a full blown reveal in the Sideshow Production Blog on November 9th, but until then, this sneak preview will have to do:

A big thanks to Mysterious Stranger and 788 for the intel!

Sideshow Collectibles Update from the latest Newsletter

Sideshow Collectibles has posted their latest newsletter, with all sorts of G.I. Joe related information.  Items of note are as follows:

  • Snake Eyes vs. The Red Ninjas Backstage Pass – Check out this great video showing the minds behind the design and creation of this incredible looking statue.  Yeah, I think most Joe fans are really fired up about the 12″ figures, but this looks very impressive as well, and it’s always neat to get the inside scoop straight from the source!
  • Sideshow Teaser for the next 12″ Joe – A nice shadowed image featuring the familiar profiles of Duke, Flint, Snake Eyes, and…  hmmmm?  I think most folks can probably make an educated guess based on what we know, and to me it looks like a certain masked Army Ranger.  Man, it kills me every time these are shown.  I love the looks of these figures, but just can’t swing the cash at the moment.  If that is Beachhead, it’ll be another knife in the gut, as I’m sure the figure looks amazing.

  • Sideshow Exclusive 12″ Flint – Sideshow reveals that the 12″ Flint is now limited to 650 pieces…but is already sold out.  For folks dying to get their hands on this version of the Joe Warrant Officer, hop on the wait list or you can also pre-order the normal version right here.
  • Cobra Sniper 12″ Figure – Last, but not least, the Cobra Sniper is on the verge of a sell out, with only 8 pieces left in stock.  He comes with a ton of great accessories and is a nice compliment to your slowly budding Cobra army.  Grab it now!

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper Reviewed!

Once again, GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger comes through with some very nice, well detailed reviews of recent Sideshow Collectible releases.  Knowing I don’t have the budget to get my hands on this stuff these days, he’s right on the ball, this time covering the Sideshow Cobra Officer and Cobra Sniper all in one shot.

Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below to check out his review!

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Sideshow news and notes – 12″ Firefly Backstage Pass

Sideshow Collectibles has sent in their latest newsletter, and revealed that they have a great, in depth “Backstage Pass” for their upcoming 12″ Firefly action figure.  Follow the links below for anything you need to know about the Cobra Saboteur!

Also, Sideshow notes that they currently still have Cobra Officers back in stock for a Second Chance opportunity!  Also interesting to note is that the 12″ Cobra Sniper and Cobra Commander are both in stock as well.

Sideshow Collectibles Cobra Sniper released

HissTank forum member VIPER E7 reports that he has received his Cobra Sniper in the mail from Sideshow Collectibles.  He was even cool enough to supply some nice images, which I’ve mirrored below.

These items are still in stock at Sideshow Collectibles, click here to snag one for yourself!

Surprise Sideshow Collectibles Pre-Order: The COBRA Sniper!!

I don’t think anyone saw this coming…  Sideshow Collectibles sprang a nice surprise during their Halloween Spooktacular event…a brand new G.I. Joe themed pre-order!

The COBRA Sniper is an absolutely awesome looking dark hued COBRA Trooper with his trademark Drugonov sniper rifle and a brand new look.  Black uniform with very cool silver highlights and the Officer’s crest on his helmet makes for one cool ass looking new COBRA specialist.  To pre-order click the banner below!


A few images are mirrored below, but many more are available at Sideshow Collectibles!