G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 26 Promos online

So, after sitting through about 5 hours of Hub programming on the DVR, it occurs to me that there may be some things about Renegades being done that won’t make me break down and cry…  but then, after watching these promos about a dozen times, I’m not so sure that is the case.

I went ahead and grabbed both the short promo and the extended one, just in case, though I don’t think the short one has anything that the extended one doesn’t.  Just for the sake of completion, though.

Check them both out below:

Short Promo


Extended Promo


And that, as they say, is a wrap.  At least from promo hunting.  Next stop…  trailer hunting for the Joe sequel.  Let’s see how that goes!

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode Twenty-Five added to Episode Guide

The beginning of the end is here.  Over the past several months we’ve seen these characters evolve, seen the story play out (some would say a bit too slowly) and we’ve been through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Ups as we saw the great growth of characters like Major Bludd, Zartan, and Destro…. ups as we got great cameos by Wild Bill, Barbecue, and Law & Order.  Downs as the Bio-Vipers made appearance after appearance, and downs as Ripcord turned out to be a lot less dead than previously believed.  The biggest down, of course, came with the announcement that Season One would be essentially the only season of G.I. Joe: Renegades before an ill-timed “hiatus” to give them a chance to retool for the movie sequel.

Through it all, I’ve been here, staying up way too late, and while many folks consider Friday and Saturday nights a time for letting loose and partying, I glued myself to the computer and encoded, then uploaded video.

I’ve had people actually ask if me I was sort of glad the series was ending, just because I wouldn’t have to spend several hours every episode posting a review.

Hell No.

I’d trade that time for G.I. Joe: Renegades continuing.  In a heartbeat.  This show got the short end of the stick, and it is a shame.

Enough of that.  Onward and upward.  As this universe ends, the G.I. Joe movie sequel begins, and hey, it could be worse…it could be 1995.  So, time to sit back and watch this stage of A Real American Hero fade into the ether, and see where things go from here.  Check the Episode Guide, or click the link below to go there directly.

GeneralsJoes Exclusive – A first look at the upcoming Cobra Black Dragon!

G.I. Joe fans who follow me on Twitter or who are subscribed to my YouTube Channel already knew this was coming, but time to let the cat out of the bag for the rest of you.  A few days ago I received a package I had been anticipating for a while now…something I was waiting for excitedly.  Something I can now share with the G.I. Joe community.

I’ve been doing reviews for a long time, and while I get them posted as soon as humanly possible, I don’t often get into the whole pre-production thing.  Well, when I got the opportunity to get this in my hands early, I couldn’t help but jump on it.  Being the crazed G.I. Joe: Renegades fan that I am, and being exceedingly excited for the upcoming Black Dragon, I’m psyched to be able to share my thoughts well before the intended August release date.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-production item, so certain things may change between now and release, but by and large I expect it to stay pretty close to what you see here.

So, without further adu…here is the first hands-on look at the upcoming Black Dragon Bravo series Helicopter!  You can check out the full review at the new 2011 G.I. Joe Review Page, or find it directly at the link below.  Enjoy!

Along with the regular review, I also went against my own better judgement and did up a quick video review as well.  Check it out if you are so inclined…please don’t judge me.  :shifty:

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 14 Promo #3 on YouTube!

Yes, there is another!  A third promo has appeared on The Hub for the upcoming 14th episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades featuring the long-awaited return of Zartan.  This time around, we get some shots of Zartan in his orange jumpsuit, running around and disguising himself as people.  Sweet!

Check out the third promo below.  I’ve also mirrored the previous two, so they’re all in one spot.

I am officially STOKED for Friday.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 11 Promo is online

I’m still working on getting the review and Episode Guide entry done for Episode 10, but to keep you busy until I get that wrapped up, I’ve uploaded the promo for next week’s episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades!

Episode 11 is entitled “The Enemy of my Enemy” and appears to place a focus back on Destro and Scrap Iron.  Check out the embedded video below!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled to the G.I. Joe: Renegades SuperSite for Episode Guide updates and more!

Very short snippet of footage from Episode 3 of G.I. Joe: Renegades

Combing The Hub this week as a new episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades is slated to air Friday night, fellow Renegades fanatic kennywr22 alerted me to a “3 Day Weekend” promo running throughout The Hub’s prime time programming featuring a VERY short bit of new footage from the upcoming episode.

Really, nothing is revealed.  It’s pretty much Roadblock kicking down a chain link fence, him and Tunnel Rat unloading on some unseen enemy, and a dude in glasses talking in a British accent.  Of course, Major Bludd is supposedly appearing this week…  could he have regained an eye and started wearing spectacles?  Somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, check out the embedded video below.  And for you Renegades haters, don’t worry, my Pursuit of Cobra figures are arriving tomorrow, so I’ll be giving them a healthy dose of love in the coming days as well.

G.I. Joe: Renegades has launched and GeneralsJoes has you covered!

Due to some holiday scheduling, I didn’t get a chance to peruse G.I. Joe: Renegades until later tonight, but now that I’ve had a chance to watch it and digest it…  I’m ready for more!

I will admit the first episode actually left me wanting a bit more, which I was surprised about.  There was certainly a healthy helping of action, twists, turns, and great character interaction, but it just felt incomplete.  Nothing to worry about, though, as Episode Two came on right afterwards and really helped finish off the two-parter in excellent fashion.

Plenty of characters, some great nods to the fans, and in my mind, the animation was great as well.  But of course, don’t take my word for it…  head on over to the GeneralsJoes Renegades SuperPage to check out the latest updates!  Straight out of the gate, I’ve reviewed Episode 1 and Episode 2 and posted full intel over on the G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode Guide.

There you’ll find a detailed episode synopsis and tons of video clips pulled from both inaugural episodes.

Enjoy, and trust me, more content is coming, I just gotta have time to wade through it all.  Yo Joe!

New TV Spot for Hubworld Exclusive Sneak Peek

I’ll admit, there isn’t a whole lot of new footage here, but when checking out The Hub this afternoon, there was an advertisement for the upcoming Hubworld “Sneak Peek” that airs this Friday starting at 3:30pm.  This special show features a behind the scenes look at the creation of G.I. Joe: Renegades and Transformers Prime.

Again, not a whole lot of new footage, but some interesting pencil drawings and other snippets that folks looking forward to Renegades might enjoy.  This has been added to the GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe Animation YouTube Channel.

Check out the embedded video below.

Along with this, I also added the IGN clip “Security Detail” to the channel as well.

GeneralsJoes supports Cobra Industries

Starting with the G.I. Joe Renegades: Tactics game launch today, and continuing on with the awesome above promotional video, it would seem as if The Hub has kicked things into gear now that we’re within 14 days of the premier of G.I. Joe: Renegades.  Awesome.

The ad above can be found on YouTube (via The Hub) and also on The Hub’s Facebook page as well.  LOVE this.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Tactics Game Online at Hubworld.com

Information comes via the lovehubworld Twitter account that a brand new G.I. Joe: Renegades flash-based game is now online at Hubworld.com!  Screenshots will be forthcoming, but for now, here is some information about the game:

About This Game
Brought to you by Hasbro
Framed for a crime they didn’t commit, the Joes are on the run! Battle your way through 20 different missions to find and defeat COBRA and restore G.I. Joe’s reputation. Choose the right strategies, weapons, and team for each mission. The chase is on!

How To Play
• Click soldiers to move them on the map. Click again to pick a weapon.
• Rescue innocent victims! Survive enemy ambushes! Complete all 20 missions to knock out the enemy!
• Use terrain, vehicles, buildings, and special attacks to beat COBRA.
• Earn medals to upgrade your units, weapons, and combat abilities.
• Each completed mission brings you closer to finding COBRA’s secret Weapons of Mass Destruction — and the proof of your innocence!”

An apparent tactical strategy game, there are dossier screens (many of them “classified”) and a pretty neat looking strategic element to the overall gameplay.  While I haven’t had a chance to fully dive into it yet, on the surface, it looks like a fun one, with some stuff to unlock.  I’ll be trying it after work, that’s for sure!  Or maybe even at work if I can get away with it.  ;)

Check out some screen shots below!