GeneralsJoes goes back in time and reviews pre-production City Strike Scarlett

First and foremost, big thanks to Glumby who so kindly gave me access to this very rare and highly sought after pre-production piece!  As we all know there isn’t enough G.I. Joe: Retaliation product for me to push forward on these daily reviews for the next 24 days, so I’m getting a little creative here.

Initially I had asked for the figure so I could do a comparison shot for my FSS Jinx review, but since I had it…  again, thanks to Glumby for the assist!

You can check out the review in my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page (in the “pre-production section) or at the direct link below:

City Strike Scarlett is the next subject of Mike Thompson’s art blog!

Ohhhh yeah!!  Ever since Mike mentioned this piece on What’s on Joe Mind last week I’ve been dying to see it up close and personal…and here it is!

This time around he not only posted the progress piece for Scarlett on his awesome WordPress blog, but also posted the stylesheet and some set photos that Hasbro sent him for reference.  Probably one of the most in depth and process-oriented pieces you’ll see about package artwork for the G.I. Joe line.

I cannot recommend hitting his site enough.  He has been very open and accessible to the Joe fandom and is an awesome artist to boot.  I’ve mirrored one of the City Strike Scarlett images below, but be sure to hit up MikeTArtworks.WordPress.Com to see the full skinny.  Some awesome stuff there for fans of the art, especially for City Strike Scarlett, a figure that was never released at  retail.

Another reason to love G.I. Joe: Renegades Scarlett!

Somehow I missed this the first time around, but then was checking out pics at other sites…  and lookee here at this shot from HissTank:

Check out the accessories!  City Strike Scarlett’s awesome mask, tonfa swords, and waist sheath.  SCORE.  As if I didn’t love Renegades Scarlett enough…  nice one, Hasbro.

New images of unproduced Pursuit of Cobra figures make me a sad panda

I’m a bit conflicted on this one.  On the one hand, I love the fact that The Terror Drome has gotten their hands on a nice allotment of unproduced Pursuit of Cobra figures, then made some very in depth updates to their image galleries.  But on the other hand, the more I see these detailed images, the sadder I get over the fact that some of this stuff won’t hit retail, especially a figure as nice as “City Strike” Scarlett.

Sure, the base figure is simply Resolute Scarlett, painted up in darker colors and with an updated Rachel Nichols head.  But what kills me here is the gear.  Even though the major piece of equipment with Scarlett, the flight pack, is one we’ve seen a couple of times already, adding that oxygen mask, that sword/sheath combination, and those incredible bladed tonfa swords makes for a whole new look for the Joe covert ops specialist.  She fits in so well with the Pursuit of Cobra City Strike theme…  a damn shame that she’s destined for the scrap heap, but even if you can’t have her, you can enjoy the terrific images.  I’ve mirrored them below, but you really should check out The Terror Drome directly.

Along with Scarlett, they’ve also posted a pretty slick set of images for the unreleased Jungle Assault Cobra Commander.  Even though he comes with the same fishbowl head sculpt, the addition of the jacket adds some nice bulk to the figure,  I really like the gray color variations, and that crazy robotic bug is too cool for words.  Sure, if this guy hit retail, he probably wouldn’t have been among my favorites, but he’s got such a unique look, I find myself really loving the figure and accessories, and hoping that some day I can get my hands on him as well.

You can see some mirrored images below, but also check out the gallery at The Terror Drome.

These figures weren’t the only showcases either…  awesome new images of City Strike Beachhead, Jungle Assault Duke (Tatum and non-Tatum), as well as Quick Kick are also there as well.  I just wanted to showcase two of my personal favorites.

A big kudos to The Terror Drome for getting images of these out to the fans.  A great look into what “could have been”.