What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition – Canadian JoeCon 2012!

I know there’s been a lull in new episodes over the past few weeks, but part of the reason for that is Gary went to Canada!  Now hear the fruit of those labors with Whats on Joe Mind coverage straight from the Canadian JoeCon!  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen with the embedded players below.

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For the second year in a row, WOJM goes north to cover the Canadian Joe Con.  Join WOJM co-host Gary, Noted Author James Kavanaugh, Pluv John from JoeCustoms.com, and the voice of the CJC Ryan aka Scramble as the report directly from the floor of the 2012 Canadian JoeCon.  Ryan reviews the set with Gary and gives insider info on their creation and background.  After the review, we go forward in time as WOJM got a chance to drop a recorder in front of the Canadian JoeCon staff to get the lowdown on the 2012 event and the future of the convention.  Before wrapping up, we go back to the sales floor with our traveling co-hosts to find out what they got and any last minute shout outs before heading back home.  If you liked what you heard, we encourage you to attend next year.  We promise it won’t be a time you forget!

Canadian JoeCon is THIS WEEKEND in Toronto!

Hopefully those of you local to Toronto are already aware of this fact, but those of you who aren’t…

This weekend at the Sheraton in Toronto will be the Canadian JoeCon for 2012!  Featuring a fantastic convention exclusive series of figures, an exclusive comic, some awesome G.I. Joe seminars, and tons of dealers in the dealer room, this is a destination place for all Joe fans North (and South) of the border.  IDW artist Robert Atkins will be there, as will G.I. Joe authors Mark Bellomo and James Kavanaugh, Jr.  The guys from JoeDeclassified will also have a booth and a panel.

Check out all of the details at CanadianJoeCon.com, but more importantly, BE THERE.

JoeDeclassified invades the Canadian JoeCon!

Not content to merely represent the hidden world of G.I. Joe at the official G.I. Joe Convention on an annual basis, this year, the guys from JoeDeclassified will be going north of the border!  Yes, apparently their parole has been lifted and homeland security is letting them leave the country.

Not only will JoeDeclassified have a great booth at the Canadian JoeCon, but for the first time ever, they will be holding a seminar at the show discussing many of the hidden gems of the G.I. Joe universe.  Secrets will be revealed from the past 30 years, both in the booth and at the seminar.  There will be items shown in the panel that are not on display at the booth, and there will be items in the booth that will not be seen at the seminar, so going to both will be the best way to see everything that JoeDeclassified has to offer.

Many people have personally sent Gyre-Viper select pieces from their collections and the oldest 3 3/4″ prototype known to be in existence will be present at the show.  This is a must see.  These are all items that will be publicly unveiled at some point, but for the immediate future, the Canadian JoeCon is the only way to see all of this in living color.  History may be getting re-written 30 years after the fact, make sure you are present to hear and see all about it!

Below I have mirrored some images, which will serve as “teasers” for product being shown at Canadian JoeCon.  Don’t miss out!  For all of the latest info, keep checking CanadianJoeCon.com and a huge thanks to Mike for inviting JoeDeclassified to take part.  Obviously big thanks also go to JoeDeClassified.com themselves to keep up to date on all these great pieces of history throughout the G.I. Joe line.

Fantastic Robert Atkins cover to the Canadian JoeCon comic revealed!

And wow is it looking GOOD.  Knowing the guys behind the Canadian JoeCon like I do, I’m sure they are absolutely giddy about having a guy like Atkins draw their hand-made characters, and deservedly so.  A fantastic cover.  LOVE Atkin’s Black Ice.  The cover was colored by Simon Gough, and you can check it out at JoeCanuck.com.

The final cover can be seen below:

Now, not only do we get to see this fantastic cover, but as has become custom, Robert Atkins took to his terrific blog and gave us some fantastic in progress shots of creating this cover.  Hit up the links below to check out Robert Atkins talking about creating this fantastic cover:

Soooo good.

What’s on Joe Mind nears retirement age with Episode 64

Retirement?  Did someone say retirement… as I am in the midst of several 10 – 12 hour days in a row at work that word sounds awful nice right about now…

But enough about real life!  Thrust yourself back into your imaginary G.I. Joe filled existence with What’s on Joe Mind Episode 64.  We are joined this week by podcasting experts Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite from the Open Your Toys Podcast where we discuss the critical issues of the day like how to fill your entertainment center with San Diego ComicCon exclusives, whether a gimp suit equals a “vinyl toy”, and where to find the best french-speaking poutine.  It’s a live one, folks.

As always, hit up the full show notes after the jump, check out our Podbean Page, or listen to the embedded player below.



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No second vehicle in the Canadian JoeCon exclusive set for 2012

The guys behind the scenes at the Canadian JoeCon have been working long and hard to get things ready for the 2012 Canadian JoeCon, but unfortunately some bad news to report today.  Due to cost considerations the proposed second vehicle for the Convention Set has been dropped.

Price quotes came out way above expectations, and for that reason, the convention set this year will not include a second vehicle.

The full details are below, courtesy of JoeCanuck.com:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances outside our control, we will be unable to offer the 2nd smaller vehicle for our 2012 Convention set by the convention date. As a result, sets will now cost $175. Those that have pre-ordered a con set will be given a $5.00 refund at the convention upon pick up of your set, or a full refund of your purchase should you wish to cancel your pre-order. The 2nd vehicle was originally projected to cost $5.00 to produce, and was a last minute addition to the set with no increase to the cost. Final costs came back MUCH higher however, and we had to pull it. We will elaborate more on this during the Staff Q&A at the convention, however we can not go into the details of it at the current time. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

– CJC Staff”

While this is a bummer, the set looks pretty impressive as it stands.

Canadian JoeCon Updates look forward…and back

With it being the ten year anniversary of the original Canadian JoeCon, Mike has stated that they would be dipping back into the past somewhat.  We’ve already seen the awesome reveal for JoeCanuck, and next we see…

Black Ice!

WOW.  Black Ice was a revolutionary entry into the JoeCanuck history books, really putting the Canadian JoeCon on the map and turning it into something more official.  Check out the modern update to this revolutionary Canadian Cobra character below.  An awesome Wednesday surprise.

As if that weren’t enough, the fantastic artist for past installments of the Canadian JoeCon Comic Book, Jason Loo, brings us a pair of exciting preview pages for this year’s issue!  He debuted these on Twitter, so make sure you’re following him there to stay up to date on all of the Canadian JoeCon comic news.  Those images are mirrored below.  It’s amazing to me how much you can see that Jason Loo has grown over the years, with his absolute best work appearing right here.  I love the mix of artistic style and realism…a very cool transition of pages, and really sells me on these characters.

Good stuff, wish I could be there.  Don’t forget to hit up CanadianJoeCon.com for attendance information and details.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 63 – Canadian JoeCon, Hero Project, JoeBurg ahoy!

Wow, I think it’s safe to say this episode was packed.  We had a bunch of stuff to talk about, so we brought on The Mike from the Canadian JoeCon, the guys from the JoBurg Podcast, but we also really wanted to pay some close attention to the guys from Go Go Dynamo, who are behind The Hero Project and also were the lifeblood behind a little 8″ toy line you might have heard of… Sigma 6.

As many episodes of these podcasts that I’ve done, it surprises me that we can continue to talk to folks who I consider personal heroes.  Wayne and Tuck from Go Go Dynamo are absolute revolutionaries in design and art, and I considered it a true privilege to talk to them for an hour or so.  Cast whatever stones towards Sigma 6 that you might want to, but listening to their absolutely brilliant insight behind toy design, the G.I. Joe universe in 2005 and how that whole thing translates to The Hero Project was one of the most interesting and captivating 60 minutes I’ve ever spent on the show.  Truly awesome stuff.

Please consider supporting The Hero Project on Kickstarter, and once you’re done, come on back and hit up our Podbean Page to listen to the latest episode, especially because we also talk a ton about the awesome Canadian JoeCon and keep the JoBurg guys up way past their bed time.  Things get pretty wacky!

Check out the embedded player below, and the Show Notes after the jump.



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Canadian JoeCon reveals modern era JoeCanuck!

The Canadian JoeCon started out several years ago as the “Canadian JoeMeet” and involved a mere fraction of the people that attend today.  But even when it first started, a custom figure got things rolling, and back then, that figure was JoeCanuck.

The original JoeCanuck was a vintage style o-ring figure with a customized head…now the folks North of the border are giving us an updated JoeCanuck figure in a modern era style!  JoeCanuck doesn’t need to mess with long-sleeved winter coats, he rocks the Canadian winters in a short-sleeved shirt.

I think this is actually my favorite figure of this year’s Canadian JoeCon so far.  Love seeing some Rise of Cobra/30th Anniversary/G.I. Joe: Renegades parts, and the color combination is excellent. Great stuff!  Check out JoeCanuck.com for the official reveal, and I’ve mirrored an image below.

Make sure to keep your eyes on CanadianJoeCon.com for the latest information!

The Canadian JoeCon reveals ANOTHER exclusive – the HATE Scout!

The Canadian JoeCon started a fury a couple of years back when they launched the HATE Tank, a chromed version of the infamous Cobra HISS.  Well, history is repeating itself, as the JoeCanuck guys just revealed the HATE Scout!

Apparently a partner to the HATE Tank, the Scout has the same reflective armor capabilities as its bigger brother, and looks just as cool.

Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching CanadianJoeCon.com for info on the show.