After a long hiatus, JoeCanuck Newsletter is alive and online once again!

It’s been a long time, but the national nightmare is over… the JoeCanuck newsletter has returned!

With the Canadian JoeCon coming up in August, things look like they’re rolling along again with the JoeCanuck newsletter, with a change in release schedule to quarterly, but the same exciting newsletter content!

Great articles about G.I. Joe: Renegades, G.I. Joe articulation formats, and an interview with Gary from What’s on Joe Mind, there’s a bunch of great stuff crammed inside one awesome PDF.  Check out the latest newsletter right here.

Also make sure you keep your eyes on for the most up to date information on the Canadian JoeCon, coming up August 10th and 11th.

More images from Canadian JoeCon – Close up of the Cobra Viper!!

Ask and ye shall receive!  Gary and Ed, both live from the Canadian JoeCon have come through with some more images of new PoC items, including a couple great close ups of the Cobra Viper with the red arm guards!

Awesome work, guys, thanks!!  And be sure to keep tuned to for the latest and greatest details from the Canadian JoeCon!!

Episode Four of “What’s on JOE Mind” Podcast now online!

Continuing the pace of weekly updates, myself and the other fine gentlemen (Beach-Head Mike excluded :shifty: ) have uploaded the latest installment of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast!  Special guest Mike Heddle joins us from the Canadian JoeCon and we talk about G.I. Joe: Renegades (and Hasbro’s less than stellar support of it), recent collecting news, and lots of other great things.

Check it out at the Podbean site, subscribe to it on iTunes, or hell, just listen to it via the embedded player below.

Enjoy, and as always we greatly value your feedback.  This is a show BY the fans FOR the fans.  Tell us what you want more of!


Latest issue of Canadian G.I. Joe Collectors Newsletter is online now!

Those awesome Joefans to the North just keep on coming out with these great online newsletters…  a ton of work and time goes into these things, and I feel a sense of disappointment in myself that I didn’t have a chance to submit a portion of my review for the latest Canadian JoeCon set from last year…but even so, there is some great content in there.

This month’s issue includes a Christmas Canuckleheads comic and as always, some great articles here, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it on the message boards.

As always, all past issues can be read here.

Content includes: “Main Page”, “Completing Your Holiday Wishlist or Daddy wants a new bandsaw”, “2010 CanJoecon CHROME Prototype “, “Meanwhile, Back In The Comics: Operation: Redesign!”, “Canuckleheads : Silent Night”

The content within is terrific for not just Canadian Joe fans, but for Joefans everywhere.  Check it out!

Latest JoeCanuck Collectors’ Newsletter online now

Just a couple of weeks removed from the latest Canadian JoeCon, the guys at have posted the latest and greatest collectors newsletter, which can be seen here.  With a terrific convention wrap up and the same great content you’ve come to expect, run, don’t walk, over to the site and check it out.

As always, previous issues are viewable at the top of this page as well.

Canadian Joe Con featured on Space TV

Canadian television station “Space” visited the Canadian JoeCon in Hamilton last weekend, and has put the clip online!  Featuring many “friends of GeneralsJoes” throughout and even interviewing some of them, the feature does a nice overview of the current state of the fandom as the movie release looms three short months away.  Get some great shots of the sales floor, some interesting insight, and hear the weakest “Yo Joe” I’ve ever heard in my life…  :shifty:

Seriously, check out the clip here!

Nice pictures of upcoming Rise of COBRA Night Raven from the Canadian Joe Con

Apparently Hasbro Canada brought some treasures with them when they visited the Canadian Joe Con this past weekend, one of which was a COBRA Night Raven from the upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA toyline.  cmderinchief grabbed some great pics and posted them on the Coil Club.  They’re mirrored below as well.

Images from this past weekends Canadian Joe Con

JoeCanuck message board member xhairs has posted a bunch of images of this past weekend’s Canadian JoeCon.  By all accounts it was a terrific weekend!  Check out all of xhair’s images here, and I’ve also mirrored a bunch of the Exclusive set pictures below.

Chrome-plated HISS mystery solved?

Over the past week, various sightings of a chrome-plated HISS Tank on Asian message board has prompted Joe fans to wonder what the heck it was.  Well, it would appear the mystery has been solved.  In a thread on, “THE Mike” put a post in the thread referencing a YouTube video.  That video is embedded below:

Mystery solved!  The chrome HISS Tank is a 2009 Canadian Joe Con Exclusive!  Lots of folks have expressed interest in it…plan on being in Hamilton, Ontario on May 2nd to get your very own.  An awesome looking piece…wish I could make it up there.  For all of the details on the Canadian Joe Con, click here.

Canadian JoeCon reveals 2 more exclusives!

Over at, more images and items have been revealed for exclusives slated to hit with the Canadian JoeCon!  Check out the thread on JoeCanuck here for all of the details on the 25th Anniversary exclusive Backstop with his personal tank the “Deadeye”!  Custom paint jobs and custom stickers highlight these two great looking exclusives.

The Canadian JoeCon explodes May 2nd with a veritable all star of guests, including Hasbro Canada, Mark Bellomo, and David Willis.  You can also check out the images below.