Canadian JoeCon is THIS WEEKEND in Toronto!

Hopefully those of you local to Toronto are already aware of this fact, but those of you who aren’t…

This weekend at the Sheraton in Toronto will be the Canadian JoeCon for 2012!  Featuring a fantastic convention exclusive series of figures, an exclusive comic, some awesome G.I. Joe seminars, and tons of dealers in the dealer room, this is a destination place for all Joe fans North (and South) of the border.  IDW artist Robert Atkins will be there, as will G.I. Joe authors Mark Bellomo and James Kavanaugh, Jr.  The guys from JoeDeclassified will also have a booth and a panel.

Check out all of the details at, but more importantly, BE THERE.

No second vehicle in the Canadian JoeCon exclusive set for 2012

The guys behind the scenes at the Canadian JoeCon have been working long and hard to get things ready for the 2012 Canadian JoeCon, but unfortunately some bad news to report today.  Due to cost considerations the proposed second vehicle for the Convention Set has been dropped.

Price quotes came out way above expectations, and for that reason, the convention set this year will not include a second vehicle.

The full details are below, courtesy of

“Due to unforeseen circumstances outside our control, we will be unable to offer the 2nd smaller vehicle for our 2012 Convention set by the convention date. As a result, sets will now cost $175. Those that have pre-ordered a con set will be given a $5.00 refund at the convention upon pick up of your set, or a full refund of your purchase should you wish to cancel your pre-order. The 2nd vehicle was originally projected to cost $5.00 to produce, and was a last minute addition to the set with no increase to the cost. Final costs came back MUCH higher however, and we had to pull it. We will elaborate more on this during the Staff Q&A at the convention, however we can not go into the details of it at the current time. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

– CJC Staff”

While this is a bummer, the set looks pretty impressive as it stands.

Robert Atkins to draw the cover for the Canadian JoeCon Comic!

One annual standard of the Canadian JoeCon is the excellent comic that goes along with it, and this year we get a great surprise with it!  IDW artist Robert Atkins will be drawing the cover for this year’s Canadian JoeCon comic!

The details are below:

Robert Atkins to illustrate the 2012 Canadian Joe Con Comic book cover! A limited amount of these comics will be available online and at the con itself. Don’t forget to email Robert Atkins today via our “GUESTS” link to the left and order your own art to be picked up at the con! Plan early to get into the con faster by booking your tickets at the link below! All purchased tickets via BrownPaperTickets will get you into Friday night for FREE!

Tickets will only be available online until July 10th.

August 10th and 11th at the Sheraton Toronto, and make sure you keep your eyes on for the latest details and information about the Canadian JoeCon!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys released in Canada!

Thanks to HissTank member Nighthawk who sends along the following message…

“Retaliation toys are being released today in Canada and there will be NO restock until closer to movie. 
Here’s some tidbits:
CC is the black version
Joe Trooper has the brown helmet and cape

Singles: $10.99 each
Dojo sets: $29.99 each
AWE Striker and Fangboat: $14.99 each
HISS and Ghosthawk: $21.99 each”

These were all apparently found at a Candian Toys “R” Us, so Canadian Joe Collectors, have at ’em!!

Canadian JoeCon Tickets are on sale now!

One of the top G.I. Joe events of the year has been announced for a while now, but advanced tickets are now on sale!  Please check out the announcement below:

“We’ve set up pre-sale tickets online for the 2012 CanJoeCon. No one likes Ticketmaster, so we’re using BROWNPAPERTICKETS.COM to take care of everything for us, and you! They’ll ship your tickets to you for FREE if you live in North America, and by pre-purchasing your admission tickets, you’re ensuring that you’ll get into the Canadian Joe Con quickly with minimum time in line! Check them out and order your tickets online now!

Tickets will only be available online until July 10th.

How cool is that?  Buy your tickets early and get ready for the 2012 Canadian Joe Con!  Taking place at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre on August 10th and 11th, it’s the “go to” event for Joe fans north of the border, and a huge event for the United States based fans as well.  Don’t miss it.

Keep your eyes on for all of the latest details.

Hey, Canadian Joe fans… answer your damn phones!

Because your American brothers are suddenly going to be your best friends.

That’s right, the day is nigh.  Over on, bandonov reports that he has found the Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle Armor and HISS Scout at “Winners” (which is the Canadian equivolent of  TJ Maxx).  For $9.99.

Yes, that’s right…  they are officially at Canadian retail.  Let the fury begin!

And for folks who aren’t sure what to think of Ashiko and the Cycle Armor, check out my review right here.

Detailed images of Canadian JoeCon exclusives

cmderinchief from JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club is in town for the Canadian Joe Convention this weekend and has shot through a bunch of very nice, detailed images of the Convention set.  The thread on JBL is here, or check out the images below!

Nightly News Recap – Canadian JoeCon Exclusive boxed set revealed

The guys at the JoeCanuck message board have finally revealed the full-scale boxed set for their upcoming Canadian Joe Con exclusives.  Great presentation, and some very creative ideas have all come together to give us a pretty nice looking set with a unique twist.

Click here to check it all out, and check out the image below:


Canadian JoeCon reveals 2 more exclusives!

Over at, more images and items have been revealed for exclusives slated to hit with the Canadian JoeCon!  Check out the thread on JoeCanuck here for all of the details on the 25th Anniversary exclusive Backstop with his personal tank the “Deadeye”!  Custom paint jobs and custom stickers highlight these two great looking exclusives.

The Canadian JoeCon explodes May 2nd with a veritable all star of guests, including Hasbro Canada, Mark Bellomo, and David Willis.  You can also check out the images below.