G.I. Joe coverage continues on BrainFreeze.be – Interviews and Analysis

Throughout the crazy week of G.I. Joe: Retaliation prep and reaction, pop culture fan site BrainFreeze has been posting some great updates to their G.I. Joe themed articles!  These include interviews with some collectors (including yours truly!) and a great look at the animated series, review sites, and more.

It is really cool to see a site like this putting so much effort into pushing and publicizing G.I. Joe!  I have posted links below to all five parts, you need to check them out, they are really entertaining reads and a great look at some folks within our hobby and some aspects that make our hobby great.

  1. Introduction – “Knowing is Half the Battle”
  2. “There is a place called Kokomo” – Interview with Kokomo Toys
  3. Interview with Gary “Gyre-Viper” Goggles
  4. Interview with Toy Reviewer yo go re from OAFE.net
  5. A look at the Sunbow animated series
  6. Interview with G.I. Joe “Specialist” Justin Bell (hey, that’s me!)

There are much more to come, but these six articles are pretty fun reads!  You should check them out.  A big thanks to Axel for taking the time to get this all together and to get it all translated!  A great effort.

Brain Freeze G.I. Joe Special #1 kicks off

BrainFreeze is a great Pop Culture site from Belgium that is taking a great opportunity to dive into the world of G.I. Joe.  They have talked to many G.I. Joe community members and kicked off a series of very promising G.I. Joe news and insight.

Part 1 has been posted right here!

Part 2 promises to launch today as well, and I’ll keep every posted as this continues.  A big thanks to Axel for taking on this large subject.