The British Invasion returns – Boss Fight Studios infiltrates Roll Out Roll Call!

Even when official news from Hasbro is sparse, the best thing about an online community is the way we can all come together and form our own regional groups and have our own individual conventions to celebrate our fandom.

Across the pond, Dave Tree has been putting together an excellent show combining his love of G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Star Wars, and this year he’s adding some elements from Masters of the Universe and more.  Roll Out Roll Call is in it’s fourth year, and as always you can find it in Southampton at the Jurys Inn.

This year along with celebrated guests (including a few key members of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast) a few of the founding members of Boss Fight Studios will be making an appearance!  As you may or may not know, Boss Fight Studios is made up of several ex Hasbro employees and freelancers who have spent much of their toy design careers neck-deep in the G.I. Joe world.  They’ll be at Roll Out Roll Call doing sketches, live sculpting, and many other exciting events.

Along with this, they will have a special exclusive Roll Out Roll Call 4 print!  Based on the artwork from Marvel Comics’ G.I. Joe #1, this excellent exclusive art print is available primarily at the show, with extras hopefully available for sale afterwards.  Be sure to like Boss Fight Studios on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and take a peek at their awesome exclusive art print below.  Also check out the Roll Out Roll Call page for all the latest and greatest information on the upcoming show.


Tons of FSS talk on What’s on Joe Mind Episode #81

G.I. Joe news over the past few weeks has been dominated by the Figure Subscription Service…whether it was the last shipments of FSS 1.0 or the exciting reveals of FSS 2.0, there’s been a bunch of talk about all of these figures, but a noticeable lack of that talk on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast.  Well, with Episode 81 we are changing that in a big way with a huge Figure Subscription Service special!  Not only are we talking FSS, but we brought in Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios (one of the design brainiacs behind the new head sculpts for FSS 2.0) to discuss past and future FSS offerings as well.

Check out the latest episode on or with the embedded players below.  Show Notes, as always, are after the jump.


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Boss Fight Studios shows off digital turn around of Big Bear’s head sculpt

It’s been a couple of days, but we have an exciting new FSS 2.0 reveal from the great guys at Boss Fight Studios!  This time around we get the digital sculpt turn around for Big Bear, showing an insane level of detail at such a small scale.  These guys are true artists in every sense of the word.

Check out Boss Fight Studios on Facebook, and see the image mirrored below.

Boss Fight Studios reveals line art and digital turn around for FSS 2.0 Keel Haul

Last week we were treated to several looks at head sculpts from upcoming FSS 2.0 figures courtesy of Boss Fight Studios, and it keeps on trucking this week as well!  Check them out over on Facebook and I’ve got the images mirrored below as well.

Boss Fight Studios reveals digital turn around for Toll Booth’s head sculpt

Along with the art that was shown at the beginning of the week, Boss Fight Studios has now revealed the digital model for the head sculpt as well, which is used as the point of reference for making the mold.  Some very cool detail work there, and you can see it at the Boss Fight Facebook page.

Check out the image below as well.

The folks at Boss Fight Studio debut turn around input for FSS 2.0 Tollbooth

As most of us hopefully know, there are many different stages in the toy production process, and many different kinds of artists are required to bring a concept into the 4″ plastic that you hold in your hand.  Independent toy design group Boss Fight Studios is in the unique (and awesome) position to have folks from different specialties working under their umbrella.  Not only do they have an incredible sculptor who produced some of the great looking head sculpts the Collectors Club has revealed so far, but they’ve got some great input and line artists as well.

The Boss Fight Studios Facebook page has posted one of these input turn arounds for the head sculpt from the upcoming FSS 2.0 Tollbooth!  This is a great inside look into the toy production process, as we see the reference that the sculptor gets, including some handwritten notes to go along with the great detailed artwork.

Boss Fight is made up of some ex-Hasbro designers who have worked on most of your favorite toy lines over the past several years, and I think they’re poised to do some amazing things in the toy world going forward.  Do yourselves a favor and “Like” their Facebook page (and follow them on Twitter while you’re at it).  I suspect they’ll be posting more of these great snippets for the FSS 2.0 and if they’ve got any other projects pending, they’ll be worth a look, too.