GeneralsJoes Sideshow September continues … Black Dragon and Ninja Viper!

As I said yesterday, Mysterious Stranger is officially pulling out all of the stops.  Fresh off his great guest review of the 12″ Crimson Guard, we know see the Black Dragon and Ninja Viper 12″ figures!  Being essentially re-decoes of the same figure, Stranger elected to combine both into a single review, but the pictures and words are still great.  Check out my Sideshow Reviews section or hit up the link below.

Black Dragon appearance in upcoming Resident Evil film?

I know the design for the Black Dragon helicopter is based on the concept for the V-22 Osprey, which was a dual-propellor aircraft being conceived for the American military that never really evolved to the point that the government anticipated.  But I was under the impression that while it was inspired by the Osprey, it wasn’t necessarily a direct representation of it.

Well, I was cruising Super Hero Hype looking at the new Avengers action figures, which are totally going to help contribute to my bankruptcy in 2012, and I saw this image for the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution:

Now is it just me, or are those pretty much clones of the Black Dragon helicopters?  Those slanted vents on the wings (which don’t seem to be present on the Osprey) and the sleek, aerodynamic designs…not to mention the bombs coming from the under-wing containers, just like the Cobra aircraft.

Probably a coincidence, but a pretty damn cool one, I think.  I always love seeing these cross-platform connections.  Check out more about Resident Evil: Retribution over on Super Hero Hype.

G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary attacks US shores

It wasn’t all that long ago that I reported a rumor stating that the 30th Anniversary toys would be hitting domestically on or around August 16th.  Well, it’s the 21st, and while the target date of the 16th wasn’t quite right (my bad) we are starting to see the first signs of a full scale G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary invasion.

First and foremost, from, Lord Norin reports that he found a Black Dragon VTOL and VAMP Mark II at a local Wal-Mart!  Not only have they hit, but they are retailing for around $20.  In that same thread, many other reports of the same thing.  HissTank member umanumanamo was even cool enough to share some images and a review of the incredibly awesome Steel Brigade Delta figure.

Also, Corey Stinson from reports that Hasbro has informed him his initial allotment of 30th Anniversary figures is processing, and he expects to get them within a week or so.

Last, but not least, over at Fighting 118th, soia339 received a carded Hazard Viper from Asia, and has posted several very nice images of that as well.

So rejoice Joe fans.  The well has been dry for a little while, but we’re starting to see a trickle.  It only gets better from here!